Spiritual Enlightenment – The Most SHOCKING Truth You’ll Ever Hear

– This is Julien, and I’m here in… (crowd chattering) Can you guess? Amsterdam. And in this video we’re
going to get spiritual, we’re going to go deep,
we’re gonna get nuanced on what it means to realize
abundance, to be enough to be enlightened. Enjoy. (energetic rock music) (crowd cheering) (energetic rock music) (crowd chattering) – The whole process of letting
go isn’t just doing nothing; it’s letting go of trying to find yourself in the external. It’s letting go of attaching your self worth to
all of these external things. People’s opinions, success, my goal, my achievements, money, status, validation. Like we try to
attach our self-worth to that. No. Your self worth is I’m
enough for no reason at all. Just ‘cuz. Because you can’t
be enough if there’s… a requirement or condition
that comes before that. And this is big. If you think
you’re enough if this happens, once this happens you’ll never
be enough, ‘cuz then it means that by default you’re not
enough ‘cuz you need that to happen for you to be enough. This is a head trip, but
if it sinks in it’ll change your fuckin’ life. You can’t
be enough if it comes after something. ‘Cuz then it
means that before that thing you’re not enough, so you’re
not enough. Make sense? (audience agreeing) So that means detach your
self-worth from everything. It doesn’t matter whether
you succeed or fail, you’re still enough. It doesn’t
matter if you have a partner or you’re alone, you’re still
enough. It doesn’t matter if you make millions,
or you’re broke as shit. You’re still enough. It
doesn’t matter if you’re happy or sad. You’re still enough.
You’re enough, that’s it, just ‘cuz. And the journey
there to realize that, ‘cuz here’s what we think,
“I’m not enough and I’m gonna “work on being enough,” it’s
kinda flipping it around like they said before. It’s
“I am enough let’s let go of “all the stuff that’s
telling me I’m not enough.” Yes? – [Audience Member] Yes,
so if you’re already happy, yes of course, if you’re already happy, then what drives you? – Inspiration, baby. You’ll just notice you won’t be inspired to do nothing.
Just ‘cuz you’re enough doesn’t mean you don’t
take action in this world. And I guess I’ll give you
my little spiel, here, of enlightenment. Do you wanna
know what daddy’s view of enlightenment is? Here’s me becoming enlightened right now. (audience laughs) (exhales sharply) Whoa. (audience laughs) Do you feel that? Whoa! People. Oh my. I can’t put this into words. It’s happening now. I was gonna joke, it’s happening now for real. (audience laughs) Do you not feel? It’s so beautiful. It’s
beyond words, everyone. It’s beyond… I’m the conductor. (laughs) (audience laughs) So dickish. This is what
we think enlightenment is. Trust me I put this out
in a video everyone’s like “He’s enlightened!” No.
(audience laughs) Now, it depends what you
label as enlightenment. People will have those kinda
experiences of being in a higher state, where you’re
just like “Holy shit!” I experienced this at every Transformation Mastery Live
event, especially towards the end when people are sharing stuff. I am so fuckin’ present.
I’m in such a high, grateful state it’s insane.
However, that’s not the goal. Enlightenment, and I call
this abundance if you will, doesn’t have an opposite.
Enlightenment is a state of non-resistance, you might
have heard this before, of non-duality where you just embrace and welcome everything. It can’t have an opposite. If you think this is enlightenment, and this is non-enlightenment, you’re viewing it the wrong way. ‘Cuz as soon as you’re
here, you’re gonna fear dropping back to this. So you can’t fully feel
at ease and at peace ‘cuz there’s resistance
to not being enlightened. You can’t be enlightened
if you’re resisting not being enlightened. Make sense? Enlightenment is a
feeling of just being okay with everything similar
to what I used to teach in Success With Women with state. People heard this, “When
you’re in state you’re so attractive you just kill it, man.” And everyone wants to be in state and then they resist being out of state, but that’s the wrong
interpretation of what state is. People think with their high energy and just very loud that’s state. And then as soon as they’re
a little more quieter, a little tired, they’re like,
“Fuck, I’m out of state.” And then what fucks them is
their resistance to this. ‘Cuz then they feel bad
about being out of state, which brings them even
worse, even further down, and then they feel bad about feeling bad about being out of state, and feeling bad about feeling bad, about feeling bad, about being out of
state, and it’s endless. If you were okay being out
of state, you’d be in state. (audience member laughs) If you’re out of state, so
you’re like, “Oh my God, “I’m in my head, I’m nervous,”
et cetera, et cetera, and you saw me appear,
and I told you, “Dude, “fuck everything you’ve
heard before, right now “that’s when you’re the most
attractive. People love it “when you’re out of state.
That’s the most attractive “state to be in is when
you’re just out of it, “when you’re shy, when
you’re sad, that’s the shit.” What’s gonna happen? Now you’re
no longer gonna resist it. You’re gonna be like, “Oh,
I’m a little shy. Fuck yeah!” (audience laughs) And you’re in state. Change the label. And it’s the same, by the
way, with all emotions. We’re so attached to running away from feeling sad, feeling angry, being afraid, but no, that’s part of who we are. And we’re so attached to
being happy all the time, positive all the time,
but that’s not natural. If you just embrace it
all you’d feel amazing. If someone told you, “Dude,
feeling sad is the shit.” And all the videos you’ve seen on youtube up until this day, I’ve been telling you, “Feeling sad is the shit.”
You’d be happy, you’re like, “I’m sad. (gasps)
(audience laughs) “Feeling angry’s the shit,
everyone.” You’d get mad, you’re like “Fuck yeah.” Your
experience of it would change. Right? That’s enlightenment.
It’s not “I wanna be “up here I’m resisting being down here,” it’s “I’m okay with whatever’s there.” And then you just ride the rollercoaster, the experience that is
life welcoming it all. What fucks us is our
resistance and our attachment. Again this goes back to Buddhism, no aversions, no attachments. We have that list of good emotions: happy, positive, et cetera, enthusiastic. And then there’s a list of bad emotions: angry, et cetera. Now all of
these emotions are part of us. And they’re going to
happen, no matter what. You’re human. And you should be afraid, get angry at times. That
sends a lot of valuable data to your mind. If you’re
never afraid you’d be dead. (laughs) Okay? It makes
sense to experience fear. The difference is do you
experience it, take the data, and move on, and just
embrace what comes next, and let go of it. Or do you hang on to it, perhaps by resisting it, I’m
sure you’ve heard that saying “Whatever you resist persists.”
And then it runs you. And instead of just being a
temporary emotion with data it becomes a permanent
state that you’re stuck in. Okay? So instead of trying to
be this, by being attached to this side and resisting this side, and being swung back and
forth, embrace it all. And that’s enlightenment. The opposite is apathy
where you resist it all. You’re like, “You know
what, fuck feeling happy, “at least I won’t feel sad.
I just won’t feel at all.” Now once you’re in this state
of embracing everything, and once more, all of
us, my view, all of us are already enlightened
we just don’t realize it. You still act in the
real world, as you asked, and the best way to understand this is to
think of a video-game like Grand Theft Auto. GTA. You guys know that game? [Audience] Yeah. (laughs) – Just a few people. No one
knows that game? Really? (audience chatter) You should know this game!
So speak up, what the fuck? So here’s the GTA game. Here’s your character running
around in the GTA world. Here, is you. Sitting here playing the game,
running around in the world. Now there are two perspectives here. There’s the perspective of the character, and the perspective of the player. The character in this game, his self worth is extremely
attached to what’s going on. If he goes from level one, or she goes, or whatever goes, from
level one to level two the self worth increases. They’re stronger they have more skills, et cetera, et cetera, they’re
extremely attached to that. They’re extremely attached
to things going well, the mission succeeding,
et cetera, et cetera, or they’re fucked. For you, the player, you’re
still playing the game you’re going through the same missions, same emotions as the character, but your experience of them changes. You don’t feel the same type
of fear the character feels. You still experience
fear when shit’s tense. But you know that no
matter what happens here, you’re enough, you’re okay. Enlightenment is switching perspectives away from the character
to being the player. And then living life
knowing that you’re a player and embracing whatever comes. Easier said than done
but that’s enlightenment. And that doesn’t mean
you’ve stopped playing. You have the fucking
controller that doesn’t mean put the controller down,
you’re still playing but your experience of
yourself, your experience of the world changes.
That’s enlightenment. It’s not just sit down,
put the controller down, meditate in a cave, you’re
still partaking in life. (sharp exhale) Which is
good. And we all have this, except we forget ‘cuz
we’re sucked into this. And this is what most
spiritual teachings point to; let go of identifying and
trying to find yourself in the external, in the game, zoom out. (robust rock music) This is Julien and welcome
to Transformation Mastery. – It was fucking amazing. – This was huge for me.
This was so, so important. – This gave me, by far, the
greatest feelings I’ve ever had. – It just made me, finally,
confront my deepest fears. – We got real deep and I found
some issues within myself. – One of the best things
I’ve seen so far in my life. – What you’re about to
experience, going through this program is what
completely changed my life on every single level. Be it
health, wealth, relationships, higher purpose, you name it
this is the stuff that finally, finally produced that true, long-lasting, personal transformation we’re all after.

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