Spiritual Development & Personal Work | Self Mastery

Spiritual Development & Personal Work | Self Mastery

Hey everyone, this is Bridget and today we’re going to be talking about personal work and how to really develop on the spiritual path in our awakening as quickly and swiftly and Easily as possible because there are so many freaking modalities out there and techniques and it’s like oh and it can actually become so much that it’s like well What do I focus on and how do I go about this? So that’s what I wanted to help clarify and take you through today. So firstly this awakening this journey this path is Really powerful and it requires work You know and people say like you have to do the work or you have to do your “personal work” and so I wanted to also talk a little bit about like what that actually means and how to go about it and Where to start is that these two things are intertwined? so this idea of the spiritual development and doing your personal work are actually Very harmonious like they’re necessary. They help each other. Okay So that’s the first place to start is that there’s the spiritual development site So this you might be thinking of as certain it’s like meditation different healing modalities of all different kinds right emotional trauma You know past life stuff so there’s many categories in which we can work on the spiritual or the energetic front and in these kind of safe settings what happens is we create certain neural pathways week a new more for genetic fields new energy fields of balance of harmony within us so that We can meet the personal work in our lives with grace So this is the concept of bringing both of these things together, okay? So on the personal work side, like how does that connect in? So the personal work is being able to objectively witness Yourself, so it’s really easy to just be overwhelmed with ah Me and my emotions and what’s going on and energies outside and all this stuff and one of the things that is required in this personal work category is to back up and look at ourselves and to be really honest and this is actually Incredibly caring to do it to do for ourselves It might seem vulnerable or like scary or almost like critical But it actually is extremely timed because when we can truly witness ourselves then we can shift things to make things better, which is actually kind of From a space of self-love. So in this personal work category What we’re really wanting to do is look at the things that challenge us the most So this is kind of like looking at our shadow, you know the shadow work stuff But it’s really inviting in and witnessing those things and our everyday life relationships career, you know triggers Those kinds of things that are challenging and to really confront them and go into them now When we do that that is incredibly courageous and we’re going straight straight to the heart of the challenge straight to the heart of the unhealed or the Wounded aspects which through that through that little gateway on the other side is this wholeness is more balanced which then intertwines into more spiritual development so these things are intimately connected and necessary And so this idea of doing say like the spiritual development work is key because it’s a practice It’s like, you know basketball practice that’s versus worth the game to me. It’s like basketball practice, right? You have to practice you to practice you practice and then when you meet the game Which is this situation their circumstance your life that is super triggering you can meet it with all this practice and execute with more grace or neutrality or with deeper understanding of yourself or the Scituate or the other person which then brings it into healing and Balance to then become more whole. So if you miss that key point the key point is that in going towards and confronting those things in your life that are the most challenging and triggering and executing them and going into them with courage with the tools of spiritual development is the fastest way to Awakening is the fastest way to the next level of your growth and This is this is huge because again, we can just kind of spin our wheels Doing particular modalities or in finding certain information But like you can go around that merry-go-round for like 5 10 15 20 years and and miss this thing right here That’s super up That can lead to so much growth. This is like the glacier Hole analogy where it’s like once you can like identify that surface piece and really go into it there’s just this whole treasure chest of more of you that you can bring into wholeness which is just Quickly accelerating, okay this is the fastest way and so as you’ve probably seen in some of my other videos that I talked about like I Dive into these things that are my maybe my challenges or I’m constantly pushing my edge So it might not be something also that is, you know, triggering or up or something like that We can also get complacent right or just kind of comfortable in our routine or certain Paradigms or certain ways of being expressing ourselves And so pushing our edge is another great way on this Personal work side to then see what is on the other side of that and when you do this, by the way, this builds confidence As you push say like an edge for me. For instance. I constantly so in every category of my life every year I put things It’s like throwing your hat over the fence then go ahead and eat then you have to go get it I I put those things out there to push my edge to grow so once you have kind of Addressed a lot of the things that you don’t want to address and you’ve worked through them with the tools of the spirituality Then you can start actually pushing it to go farther right You push the edge which then builds this Resilience and it can also bring up new stuff to look at to then integrate and develop So this is one of the fastest ways to really do our work and when we do our work we become healthy happy whole humans for ourselves and for others so it’s really wonderful and why it’s called work is because Sometimes it isn’t fun, right, you know, like in that process. It doesn’t feel necessarily fun and that’s one of the things that we we have to you know, redefine is that actually You know challenge is interesting and exciting So for me like new experiences and pushing my edge or like confronting that is actually Really exciting and fulfilling and I really like it but we have to get to that point where we can define it that way so that we can pursue it and the thing is is once you’ve had some successes of this and you’ve followed through and on the other side say that person in that relationship actually listened to you or you came to Resolution you close certain like loops or changed your life in certain ways It feels so good that you actually want to do more of it and so then you move more into the unknown in the mystery with this new level of Again, like confidence and understanding which is super helpful It’s also called work because we have to work at it and I guess like a better word that they’ve that we’ve developed You know and the spiritual category is practice right is you’re you’re in its constant practice and then on the work side? It’s like a constant you’re working at it and it doesn’t mean that it has to be drudgery but it’s just the idea that it never ends and so once we actually Acknowledge that and just go forward in that sense of starting to in the journey And make our own lives kind of like this epic saga TV show but never heavens You know that you want to binge watch yourself and your own development. I think that’s really what we’re striving for so as far as like the personal work and The spiritual development categories. There’s so many different pieces to it, right? There’s the mind there’s the body there’s the spirit. There’s the emotions There’s any kind of traumas that have gone on with that for us individually And then also there’s all these collective energies to that if you’re empathic you might take on and move through There’s the ancestral pieces. There’s past life pieces again. There’s the collective healing pieces and any birth trauma early childhood Teenage or adulthood trauma? So there’s a lot of those are some Actually, just some of the categories that we have that we can look at right it’s like okay Let me look at ancestral really Let me look at my early childhood and her child stuff right So you can kind of look through these particular lenses because I think that’s another really good step as well Because it can get so so overwhelming it’s like, okay. Well, let me just dive in to the ancestral stuff for a while Knowing that I want to also get out of it and complete it because I can see that a lot of people like stay in the soup for a really long time and it’s like no I’m going in with the intention of healing and bringing wholeness and then I’m completing it and coming back to Center and then pursuing this next level of Development and looking at ourselves. So it’s really important to do that, too So you can start with certain Categories and then pursue those work through those and then move on to another one and then it’s very important Well, do you know this because those are more like the spiritual energetic practices, but there’s you know, then beliefs Expressing yourself like fully living your having positive relationships, you know Like all those kinds of categories and then the health of the body So which is more unlike this a personal work personal development side of things Which is a whole other category and sometimes we miss we we don’t we don’t blend those two That’s why I started with that is we stay kind of over here on the spiritual development category? but we might not go into that personal work category where people stay in the personal work category, but they don’t look at maybe the Energetic stuff going on which can be very very helpful to Complimenting to each other to helping each other So when you’re doing this over here, you can take it over to the person when you’re doing this over here You can take it to the spiritual development and that’s really important and in a way I guess you can kind of think about it is like the development of the mind and the will and the personal development category Personal work category and then the spiritual development. It’s like the heart and the energy right, but we need both it’s very important to have both to fully be a holistic being so this is Just a little bit just a little snapshot of ways that you can accelerate Your spiritual development as well as your personal work and getting a little bit more understanding of what? Doing your work is what doing your personal work is because it’s pretty much fully going down every one of these lines every one of these paths of Any level of triggering and imbalance of life to come back to wholeness? Which is a lot and it’s a journey and never ends. But translating it into something fun is very very helpful so I hope that this has been helpful for you comment below to let me know what your best personal work and spiritual development tips are so that we can Understand them together so that we can see how each other do it And I think that that’s the most important thing is like well what’s right for you, you know So we don’t have to kind of reinvent the wheel and do stuff for a long time. We can just Expedite the whole thing, right? So I hope you’ve enjoyed this I would love for you to LIKE and subscribe this video And also when you subscribe click the build button so you get notifications every time I do new videos Be sure to check me out on Instagram for more daily updates and I will see you every Tuesday with another video Thanks so much for watching and doing work helps everyone Thanks

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  1. I swear whenever I see you on my feed or whenever you upload a new video its always in sync with my path, and I love it so much. Im so thankful for you and your videos Bridget. Love and Light be with you, Always๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’š

  2. Oh I know your feeling this super moon.
    Thank youmso much for caring and giving so much for nothing more than the pure love within your heart.
    Wishing you infinite blessings and thanking you sincerely.
    I absolutely love the information about food and dietary supplements.
    It's still a dream for me but I am setting a goal tonight on this super moon to begin a journey toward a clean and healthy diet and life.
    Eternal blessings to you dear heart and to every single person and thing that you hold dear.
    You're the absolute best.

  3. I do agree that we need to be honest with ourselves we know that everyone lies and tell the truth as well i don't like it when they lie i love it when they are telling the truth i know that most tell me that the truth hurts sometimes but yes we do get triggered i rather have people be honest with us than being lied too

  4. I do agree that we need to be honest with ourselves by just expressing ourselves and yes we need both i heard most youtubers talk about that too

  5. Greetings my light Angel ๐Ÿ˜‡ Thank u so much for that very wonderful great Beautiful light knowledge . Keep up the great lightwork u re doing for the people on planet Gaia. God bless u and family ๐Ÿ˜‡ . My name is Ray I meditate very Day I'm more sensitive.

  6. Haha binge-watch yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰ yes that's how it feels!
    Years ago when I started I simply started to listen to my thoughts that came up during meditation, and to recognise which ones had messages that aimed me towards healing and growth. Deciphering was something I learned early on with my internal world and I can now use it for the external energetic world as well, and that have been my most important tool to develop and use.
    I also realised that after you've acknowledged your inner world and dealt with what your mind wants to tell you, then I could quiet my mind very easily and that came very naturally then.

    Thanks for being a beacon of light as always Bridget ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. A Course In Miracles ( hi focus on undoing ego through forgiveness) , meditation, and pursuing overall health and wellness with my guides ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Thank you oh beautiful and wise teacher! This video really helped me to feel validated for the emotional work Iโ€™ve done thus far in its many forms, and confirm the work I have yet to do, so beautifully and simply explained, just the way I needed it in this eternal now moment. Iโ€™m so grateful for you and the guidance you provide! Thank you Bridget! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’•

  9. Brilliant stuff bridget . . .
    It's tough to get the balance, and easy to shy away from the triggers . Music can help the facilitate the process. โ™ฅ๏ธ

  10. I girl with so much potencial!!! YES..Its all cool and fun but..so much confusion of ideas for people to understand.Its all subjective if you think about..it all depends on the person view of the world. If the person is affected by the actual world system, i dont see how can have a spiritual mind. So my question is..are you really helping the people (i dont see how) or to help the ego making these videos? Are you making a better world with your spiritual and extra-dimensional theories ?

  11. Thanks Bridget. I have already lost the interests in taking initiatives, and to put trust in males in society. I know their reaches, extent and their inherent shortcomings. I must stress the only aspect that can incentivize life in a collective direction at this point is witnessing the empowering beauty and subtlety of feminine dynamics. Basically saying patriarchy has failed and there's no other chances, and where humanity will go from here is all at the hands of girls now.

  12. hhmmm I was just procrastinating math homework hahah, this is a great reminder! something that has helped me move through obstacles is the wim hof method ๐Ÿ™‚ (it trains you to master stressful/uncomfortable situations)

  13. Aww, this is an incredibly validating video. I have been pushing my edges for around 4 years now and have found so much more of myself. Unfortunately not everyone in the new age community likes the idea of going into triggers to transform fears and development. I have had a dear friend cut me out of her life when deep triggers arose between the two of us. Going into our triggers is deep work and thus very confronting and too much for some.xx

  14. I have re-occuring dreams about symbols. They got hooks in them. And they go around in circles. Then i humming wakes me up. Anyone know why or share these same dreams?

  15. I'm watching this and thinking of how I missed the experience of being with all of you, the loss of my dad, the realization of what my relationship is, and yes, a bit triggered, BUT

    I do understand everything you have said. A new journey awaits. Thank you for the clarity. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sending love to you all.

  16. What are some of the best ways to kinda recharge your vibration. For example I have to go to school for seven outs a day and the people and just the experience in general is more draining in 30 minutes than an entire weekend of doing what I love nonstop. So what could I do for a short period of time to kinda reset myself so I can make the rest of the day useful because I feel so drained after school I feel like I just have to sleep for the rest of the day.

  17. Iโ€™ve tried many different ways. YT wonโ€™t let me turn on the bell on your channel. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  18. Bridget please do a video about what you do for water! I want to make living water and was researching using vortexes and also mineralization balls

  19. Great video Bridge. Enlightening information…My only feedback to what you asked for would be, yes, go specifically to the areas where we realize we need the improvements most, spiritually or otherwise. Unfortunately, these are often the most uncomfortable places. I am really making an effort to practice this idea. Looking forward to your next video.

  20. This is great, and so helpful thank you !
    I use piano/guitar/creating lyrics to clear and understand my emotional spaces, I used to use this a lot but haven't felt for it as much in the last four months – mostly family emotional traumas and then some romantic/love/karma
    I have also used drawing as a way of bringing energy that helps aline me to my highest self, and use my art as a way of ripple effecting integration of self and love
    Right now I feel to be camping on the land and more creating with land and community so feel this is naturally happening and is my next chapter/modality of healing

    Much Love P <3

  21. Thank you for your work! You are helping me greatly. I wish I was in Sedona so we could hang and talk! ๐ŸŒ€๐Ÿ’• one day!

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