Spiritual Bypassing–the danger of neglecting your humanity | Adyashanti lineage teacher Jon Bernie

Spiritual Bypassing–the danger of neglecting your humanity | Adyashanti lineage teacher Jon Bernie

[Meditation bell] So when we sit like this, it’s not just, you know, to spiritually transform, so to speak. It’s also the willingness to be healed. It goes hand in hand. They can’t be separated. Two people
wrote me and said, “Would you please talk about spiritual bypass?” And I like to talk about this because I think it’s helpful to have a really balanced perspective, rather than sort of an imbalanced perspective of the purely
spiritual. The way I have come to really understand what I am referring to is that, is a kind
of treating what’s happening here like
some high, like a state that you want to maintain. And that’s all that is– a state that
you’re trying to maintain. And some people do that their whole practice. They go to teachers, they go to
retreats, and they get plugged in. They get plugged in to Presence and, you know, have the experience of oneness and so forth, and it’s wonderful. And I know people who did that for, really, thirty years and never did any… …never really allowed the transformation of the human to happen at the same time. It was sort of like,
“Well, you transcend that. You transcend the sinner.” Right? “You don’t need to do therapy or anything like that.” “You just become one
with God, that’s it….” “…one with the Presence.” I think that’s a…you know…I think in certain traditions it’s understandable, just from the backgrounds and understanding of those times. But I think we’ve–as they used to say with Virginia Slims–come a long way, baby! [laughter] We ain’t in the Middle Ages anymore , or thousands of years ago. We’re here! This is now. And, spiritual bypass is…you know…people say, well, “How come that Guru did what they did? “I thought they were
enlightened.” And they’re out, you know, stealing people’s money and, you know, acting really, you know–hurting people in many ways. And I’ve worked with many
people who have had to recover from that kind of abuse. Why? How is it possible that they
could do that, given that they were so enlightened? That they had so much power,
so much, you know, shakti? Well quite frankly, they are an example of what I’m talking about. They bypassed their humanity. They didn’t know that awakening is the beginning of human life. If you only value the spiritual and you devalue the human, then you’re basically
unconscious to that, and you’re dangerous. Particularly if you convince other
people to follow you, which it’s easy, because power is seductive. Money is seductive. Fame and notoriety are seductive. After all, we live in a celebrity, star-struck culture. It’s really– spiritual bypass is not a lot different than getting stoned. Getting high. Looking for a state. Having an experience. I mean, that’s all fine. Have an experience. But then find out what it’s really… [how to really open the doorway to the possibility.] And we’re here to really enter that realm: the uncharted realm of the true possibility for humanity, which is to be awakened and truly grounded, balanced human beings. So I think that’s the next step. And I think that’s why a lot of… …what’s happening today in psychology… is about more and more people trying to understand the integration of this with healing work, with therapeutic work, with psychological work, with trauma work. It’s all connected. Even somebody
like F.M. Alexander who I… …I was an Alexander teacher for many, for
decades and… and he wasn’t conscious of spirituality. But he tapped into it. And when he touched people, they got it. It wasn’t just some, yeah. His great disciple whom I was a student of, Margery Barstow, she had it. She
touched you and it was like, whoa! Your whole body expanded. It wasn’t that,
now you’re gonna be in this right position. People misunderstood the Alexander technique. And they became stiff, trying to be straight or something. But he tapped into it. Many, many people tap into this Presence. Anybody can tap into the Presence. Anybody. It’s our true nature. But it’s easy to tap into it and not
know what it is, or not know how to work with it. It’s, I mean, this is major uncharted territory. So you’re on the cutting edge of human development. [meditation bell and birdsong]

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  1. This is Dangerous charisma you speak of, yes like that of Hitler & Manson, no? but doubtful I would compare that kind of extreme imbalance to a cannabis experience which can be a quite useful tool in learning to balance our physical/humanity with our spiritual presence/being. As you know, especially in the beginning, to be very "open" makes the logistics of day to day very difficult if not impossible to negotiate. Functioning in the material world can be a daunting challenge that brings great pain especially when those around you are clueless as to what is happening, what you are experiencing. Having said that, I am thoroughly enjoying your talks. I especially liked your permission to cry everyday. Most see that as unacceptable. Something I have struggled with even felt shame about, like something is wrong with me. Often even wondering am I "addicted" to emotional pain, as the clinging or inability to finally release it it once and for all. I just can't seem to do it. Thank you for allowing me, helping me to see it a bit differently. My new path will be to find other means of release, music and art, perhaps more accessible and acceptable to everyone else. Tears just bring others down and in my experience run them away, and that's the last thing I want so while it's late in life for me to learn a new language, like music, I am going to try. Thank you Jon for sharing your experiences and deep insights.

  2. o my God. I know who you talking about exactly. and it is like getting stoned being with this kind of gurus who are sociopaths with shakti.

  3. Nice talk. Very welcome here. Some, but hardly many, zen teachers know how to recognize a stone sitting on a cushion. Subscribed !

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