Spiritual Awareness | Bill Johnson | Bethel Church

Spiritual Awareness | Bill Johnson | Bethel Church

what I’m looking for is I have one basic
target I’ve been fighting for it last this the third service now I’ve been
fighting for an adequate illustration and I’ve not yet come up with one maybe
I will by next week when I won’t need it but but yeah you know just going
through life and somebody says oh what a beautiful song you didn’t even know a
song was playing but as soon as they mentioned that song you could hear it
right I mean was it it wasn’t made up in your mind you could actually hear it but
you weren’t aware of it you became your awareness became heightened to that
sound when somebody mentioned maybe you’re just going through life not
thinking of anything and somebody says oh do you smell that and then you
weren’t smelling it before but as soon as they mention you go yeah meat or
other things but but meat primarily yeah BBQ thank you Jesus all right and he
somebody makes all of a sudden yes yes I do smell that you become you have a
heightened awareness what I’m looking for is for us to have a heightened
awareness of the presence of God I’ve had certain things happen to me
through the years where I became unusually aware of of Him and it’s
terrifying and wonderful all at the same time and I don’t want to live any other
way heightened awareness it’s not imaginary it’s not it’s not that it’s oh it’s like Jacob said in when he had he
woke up from that dream he said God is here and I didn’t even know it sudden
heightened awareness to a reality that existed before he was aware the Holy
Spirit lives in you He’s also called Paraclete the one called alongside to help so the whole point is I would like today to just help with a heightened
awareness of God on earth that I have actually received as a down payment of
an inheritance now I don’t understand that there’s ever a mind-boggling
thought it’s the fact that God gave us Himself as our inheritance and the
initial payment is the Holy Spirit Himself the down payment He’s called
down payment in Ephesians the down payment of our inheritance Lera Randolph recover
years ago he said if God is as big as he says he is he shouldn’t be that hard to
find with someone that large in my life should not be that hard to discern and
if He is I must have my heart and mind anchored in things that are very
inferior that have deadened what He has created in me as a capacity to recognize

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  1. Love Larry Randolph too, LOL! 'if God's as big as He says He is, He shouldn't be hard to find!' However, if you are a fish swimming in the ocean, do you recognize the ocean? Or a human being walking along, obviously surrounded by the air, do we recognize the presence of the air? Well, if there's a hurricane, I guess… so Lord, yes, make us more aware…

  2. I Say May Our Great Almighty God Bless Yu Bill Johnson As I Say Thanks 4 Yur Powerful, Worshipping, Praiseful, Great Sermon on "Spiritual Awareness" As I Say Our Great Lord Jesus Christ is Always With Us Only That We Don't See It or Are Blind 2 See It 4 The Holy Spirit is Our Awareness Spiritually As He Will Comfort Us As Written in John 14:26 As I Say God Bless Yu So Much.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  3. Since I brought up Job a few videos ago, I feel the calling to help explain Job in light of our sure faith that God is always good and always loves us, and intends us to have the greatest joy. He does not, and never has made us suffer to prove a point or push us down. But I don't think it can be explained in technical terms, I feel like I have to set the scene, so here goes:
    God is sitting in His throne room, but not on the throne. He is off to the side at a desk, writing. He is dressed in magnificent white robes, and He is brightly illuminated by a strong white light that seems to come from himself. The four living creatures are doing a beautiful dance around him, singing "Holy, Holy, Holy". He is writing something and seems to be concentrating. Another angel comes into the room, gracefully makes his way through the dancing creatures until he is standing a few feet away from the desk, and bows.

    Angel: I'm sorry to interrupt Sir, someone here to see you.
    God: Yes, yes, I see. Show him in.
    Angel: Yes sir, right away.

    There is a few seconds pause, in which God sighs and puts down his pen. Then Satan enters the room. He is dressed impeccably in dark jeans, an artistic t-shirt, and a fashionable jacket. He is very handsome. He too makes his way through the dancers, a bit more abruptly, with an eye roll, and stands near God's desk, though not facing Him.

    Satan: Still ruling from above, and aloof from your creation I see.
    God: (calm but firm) That's enough. You have no right here to criticize what you don't understand.
    Satan: OK, fine, fine. (mumbling) So touchy.
    God: (looking at him) Where have you been?
    Satan: (Wanders around the room a bit, looking out the window) Just around. Wandering around the earth. Here and there. Why do you care?
    God: I still care about you – I created you.
    Satan: (Ruffled) OK, OK! Oh God, Let's not go over that again.

    There is an awkward pause.

    God: While you were wandering, did you happen to see my son Job? I love that child. He's on the path that I want for Him, and He loves his Dad. He is faithful to me.
    Satan: Ha! (aside) what a load of crap. (louder) Yeah now that you mention it, I did see that pretentous hypocrite down there. Can't blame him for liking you, since you've given him a pretty nice setup. Beautiful wife, huge farm, big house, lots of servants, bunch of kids. What's not to love?
    God: Did I not also give you a pretty good "setup", Satan?

    Satan looks uncomfortable and does not answer.

    God: I mention Job to you because I want you to see that although he is a son of Adam and thus has inherited some bondage to you, he is making his way back to me. He is willing, and I am helping him. This is the future, Satan. I am going to create a people that worships me and returns to the joy that I created them for.
    Satan: So you say. I'll believe it when I see it.

    …more later

  4. Glory to God as I have been experiencing this in my life and walk with the Lord. It comes from a place of brokenness, yieldedness, intimacy, fellowship and communing. It’s relationship based. It’s a process led and nurtured by the Holy Spirit with our full cooperation.

  5. Bethel Church I rebuke you in the name of Jesus! You are the church of Satan. You deceive people and practice witchcraft. Many members are demon filled. Your music is satanic. God will judge the leaders and send them to hell. The Word of God gives me the authority to judge. Repent in the name of Jesus and be saved!

  6. I’ve watched less than 2 minutes and already I have concern with his and then here comes the snake oil sales.

  7. Hi there, I'm sending comments to healers and Holy Spirit-filled Churches and people to contact the Pentagon to help heal some of the thousands of traumatized children who've been rescued from cages in the horrific underground bunkers. I'd say that Jesus is definitely their only hope with all they've been through. God Bless them all, and everyone.

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