Southampton vs Liverpool | Mane and Firmino clinch win for Reds

Southampton vs Liverpool | Mane and Firmino clinch win for Reds

Ward-Prowse to deliver. That’s an astonishing save by Adrian! He reacts and manages to keep the ball out. Wijnaldum, Milner, Mane. Looks to buy himself a yard,
and goes for goal! Oh! It’s another special goal from Mane. Absolutely world-class. Andrew Robertson’s quite fortunate
that Gini Wijnaldum’s so brilliant on a football, cos he’s done so well,
and Mane, to Firmino! Oh… Well, it would have been one of those –
and you know the ones I mean – one of those Liverpool goals.
As it is, it’s not. Southampton’s turn
to come back into the game, it’s Danny Ings, and still Danny Ings… That’s Mane, on towards Firmino, he has support, he’s still trying
to find his way in! He does find his way in, Roberto Firmino. He might have missed
a sitter a couple of minutes ago, he wasn’t missing that one. A second for
Liverpool and a clinical finish from Firmino. Switch for Robertson, header for Mane,
Mane for Robertson! Brilliant from Liverpool and a really
good reaction stop from Gunn. Oh, it’s Adrian, who’s gifted
a goal to Danny Ings. It’s a lovely ball for Valery, they’re queueing up in the middle! Oh, it’s wide, it’s Danny Ings. Liverpool opened up,
and get a big, big letoff.

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  1. salah is a big problem, hes very selfish he needs about 5 chances to score, fails to play in the simple pass. yes he scores sometimes but he is a very very selfish player. i would rate pukki over him any day. we need a no nonsense goal scorer.

  2. Feels like sometimes Adrian is over-confident without the necessary skills to be able back up that confidence like Alisson

  3. Adrian has had crazy week as Liverpool goalkeeper.
    Won his first silverware for club and give Southampton their goal.

  4. Oh my goodness…that error by Adrian. Danny is just nearby but yet he still wanna do a no look pass? Seriously?? This early in the season? Let's just hope he picks up from this game.

  5. Mane and Firmino for who watching the game willingly and deliberately not pass the ball to salah, they're searching for their glory this year!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Why do Wolves feel the need to copy Allez Allez & Bobby Firmino songs, its ironic in a way most teams slate Liverpool fans but copy our songs 🧐

  7. THIS IS CONSPIRACY!!! Adrian gave it to Ings, am sure of that, on purpose. Ings returned back with a miss, am sure of that too…on purpose…

    Thanks agent Ings haha

  8. Mane is as good as any body on right foot or left or header.He is better then any striker to pressure,steal a ball and start a counter attack..Unbelievable asset for Liverpool..Is he still underrated ? Yes definitely

  9. That's not good at all we are going to play against arsenal after a few days. we need some more performance. We got a chance from the draw of city pls don't waste it its not gonna to come again..

  10. Mane for the golden boot this season. Got a feeling the snakes from Spain will be sniffing around next summer.

  11. Alisson made a mistake against leicester and end up with 3 golden gloves. I dont think adrian mistake is gonna make an impact towards him.

  12. I don't know where else to post this but PLEASE READ ON : I sent this message to "Kick-it-Out".
    Thanks Kick it out, I am a black LFC supporter and I make this submission well aware of the records of my fanbase history of racial abuse and the action my club takes to address them for instance the recent racial abuse of a pakistani kid by an LFC supporter at Anfield. But, I am a black African supporter of LFC and regularly follow your activities to kick out racism out of football in the premier league (Well done, great effort). Please can you kindly give LFC supporters credits when it is due. 4 black penalty takers missed penalties for their clubs in the last week or so, G. Wiljnaldum for LFC (Community Shield; Trophy at stake), Reading's Yakou Meite (Championship ; 91st minute ‘irrelevant penalty, leading 3-0'), Tammy Abraham for Chelsea (UEFA Super Cup; Trophy at stake) and Paul Pogba for MUFC (Premier League; 2 PL points at stake). The only black player that did not get racially abused by Club’s fan base was G. Wiljnaldum for LFC even though a trophy was at stake. People and “Kick-It-Out” always attack bad behaviour but never compliment acceptable behaviour when observed; that is the problem. This action by LFC fans need to be noted, complimented and appreciated for RECORDS, and as inducement for other teams/fanbase to follow. Thanks. J. Helper

  13. Although we have not played well, can’t argue with 6 points from 2 games. It will be good for Jurgen to have a full week, with a full squad ( minus injured players ) to prepare. On another note. Who would like to see Ruben Neves take over the legendary no8 shirt for Liverpool next season? Like for yes, dislike for no, or comment.

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