SLAV KING – Boris vs. DJ Blyatman

All rise For hardbass Never fear Boris is here Ready? Let’s go! Slavic squats and cheeki breeki Cold kompot with chebureki Always moving, never down Such is life with slavs around Take my Lada, drive in town Fingers up and windows down Hot pelmeni and some kvass Drive around and pump hardbass SLAV KING! Slav King Ready? Let’s go! My mama says it’s just a phase When I fill my days with mayonez But no… Play this music from your car Inviting friends from near and far Here everybody knows Squats on toes break your bones Do you? So listen! Raving gopniks, pumping sounds Squats in bushes, heels on ground I need no better way To keep the western spies away Big and fearless like a bear Tracksuit with the stripes I wear From Krakow to Kamchatka I’m the patron saint of vodka SLAV KING! Slav King Let’s go! King Slav King SLAV KING!

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