Sinners And Saints Movie Trailer [2010] [CC] (Johnny Strong)

Sinners And Saints Movie Trailer [2010] [CC] (Johnny Strong)

What do we got here Sean? It ain’t good. I heard you been looking for me. You can’t save me this time. Let me bring you in, just tell me what you’re in to. You’re not listening to me. When you come after me,
you won’t even be able to save yourself. Did he tell you where he was going? Yeah he said he was going to see you. You keep heading down a path this dark… … and I’ll tell you something son. You ain’t ever, gonna find your way back. Look at me. I’m not going to meet him! I WANT THE TRUTH!

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  1. the movie is great ,i watched online it's a very well made movie.too bad it didn't make an impact in the box office
    for who want to see the movie i'll post some links were u can watch it online

  2. What I found awesome is how much their pronunciations differ from the cc dialogues. English has to be the most unintelligible language ever.

  3. looks good, not to many good independent american crime films have come out in a while. Looks like it has influences from Heat and the Elite Squad, I cant wait to see it.

  4. @uspatriot1985 Well if you need help there's some source links for an avi of it on Icefilms, as long as you got Divx it should work just fine. Just type in sinners and saints 2010 icefilms on google and it will be the top link.

  5. To be honest the only thing about this movie that looks good is the weapons and tactics. Other than that it looks cheesy and shitty as hell. But the tactics alone make it worth watching.

  6. The only problem with New Orleans is its black residents. They kill one another wholesale. The murder rates in N.O. makes Detroit look like Disney World.

  7. It's about time,REAL warriors play parts in movies,unlike slugs like val kilmer 7 others,cough/matt/cough,Kilmer on Doc:" Oh, sure. It’s not like I believed that I shot somebody, but I absolutely know what it feels like to pull the trigger and take someone’s life. I understand it more. It’s an actor’s job. A guy who’s lived through the horror of Vietnam has not spent his life preparing his mind for it. He’s some punk.. Most guys were borderline criminal."

  8. This movie is fucking badass, and that guy is fucking the shit in this movie!! The guns they use are no joke! A lot of fucking people get killed in this movie lol! go watch it!! 🙂

  9. @bigbadwhiteman i've never killed a man. I'm only 14. but very well said! I hate people who think they know what any kind of real combat is like by watching movies or playing call of duty. it's stupid. salute to you by the way. i respect all soldiers!

  10. @coleslaw1969 I watched this a million times. It shows that low budget still can produce action AND great character development.


  12. Bloody hell the amount of times they miss with the guns is shocking, a 10 year old kid would be better, jeez….

  13. How the shit did this not find a distributor? Word of mouth alone would have been enough advertisement.

  14. Thats what makes this movie good. It isnt that BS Lethal Weapon. Real guns cant fire 30 times, and have all 30 rounds be kill shots. People miss in real life, bro.

  15. Any1 know the name of the song when johnny walks in and sees the guys burning a fella,, d music is loud and goes 'come in come in' iv searched but cant find it 🙁

  16. i am searching also since 1 year, but i can t found it, do someone know something about this song ?? (sry my english is bad )

  17. Come in Come in you fools, we'll tell you just what to do.
    Feast your eyes and see the crimes, of the brainwashed youth.
    Hoist that flag and hold it high, for the red, white, and blue.
    Where it's un-American, of you, to speak any truth.
    You can't complain, if we're the ones to blame.
    Just enjoy your stay, in our United States!

  18. This movie a great Action packed drama. Johnny Strong should get more credit on his acting career. Hes one cool dude, I remember back in late 2001 when Black Hawk down release date in Santa Monica,CA came out the first day, I was standing in line and Johnny walk right next to me & was checking out the line. I noticed at the time he was the char that played Leon in the Fast & Furious and I mentioned it to a friend next to me, Johnny heard me and come up to me and shook my hand & chatted with me.

  19. Johnny Strong is underrated as an actor. To me he's not a hugely overexposed Hollywood actor but more of a yeah-i-remember-seeing-you-somewhere-before actor

  20. Just today Johnny put the pistol he used in the movie up for auction.  The Springfield Armory TRP Operator full length dust cover railed gun.  Go to Johnny's Facebook page and make a bid.  Excellent pistol !!  

  21. Not a bad movie but an obvious remake of Lethal Weapon.  Crazy Cop teams up with Black Detective taking on Evil Special Operation Mercenaries.

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