Simon Mitchell – WWF-Canada Freshwater Advisor on the St. John River

hey so I’m Simon Mitchell and I’m with the World Wildlife Fund living rivers initiative on the Saint John River in New Brunswick it’s just a beautiful river and that I think is really what first drew me to it and I’ve subsequently learned I’ve subsequently learned a significant amount about it and that it is really quite unique in a special place the Saint John River is the most storied river in Canada it has a very long history dating back ten thousand plus years and a very strong connection with the will of Stoke we up the malleus eat nation and there’s a growing interest amongst residents and others in the region to have a real discussion on the future of the Saint John River and I’m delighted to be on board with with WWF to facilitate that discussion to inform that discussion and ultimately to improve the aquatic health and the flows within the Saint John River I’m going to be here for hopefully a long time i’m looking forward to further appreciating the Saint John River and being a part of its future along with many other people and from a wildlife perspective a net nature perspective it’s just a beautiful place it has significant number of unique species associated with it and that creates a lot of opportunity for residents and visitors to the region to get out and appreciate its uniqueness and and just its place in history as part of Canada which really is a water nation

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