Should You Talk About Your Spiritual Awakening Experience with Others?

Should You Talk About Your Spiritual Awakening Experience with Others?

Hello Beautiful soul! It’s so good to see you! This is Christina Lopes, the Heart Alchemist,
here to help you open your heart, heal your past, and live with purpose. If you’re new to my videos, don’t forget
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I publish a new video! So should you talk about your spiritual awakening
experience with others? The best answer is: Eventually sure! But maybe not initially. It depends on 3 key factors. 1. Are the people around you awake or spiritually
aware? I assume this question is asked because the
people around you are not awake, not spiritual or have no idea what a spiritual awakening
is. Because if you were surrounded by mindful,
spiritually developed people, you probably woulnd’t have asked that question because
of course If you have spiritually aware people around
you or have a spiritual mentor you can trust, then yes, go right ahead and confide in them! 2. Are you in your power? This is the most important! What does it mean to be in your power? It means that even in the times where you
don’t know the whole extent of what’s happening to you on a mind/body/soul level,
you have a deep trust that all is working out as it should and for your highest good. 3. What stage of the awakening are you at? If you’re just now starting you awakening,
you’re still very fresh and your first priority should be going inward, not outward. One of the hardest things to learn on the
spiritual path is that an awakening is a very personal, sometimes, lonely journey. Because what the awakening does is it forces
you to drop all the illusions and masks that you held true about yourself. And that is a deeply private, personal process. So if you’re spiritual journey is just starting,
I would go inward as much as possible. It reminds me of shamanic traditions from
all over the world. One of the key phases of training a shaman
is when the apprentice shaman has to go out in the middle of the forest all alone. They spend a significant amount of time completely
alone in nature. And this is done on purpose so that the apprentice
goes through their own inner journey. So they face all their demons and drop all
the masks that they’ve built up through life. As your awakening continues, then you
start to feel more comfortable with the process and feel more confident too. And it in these moments where you should be
more open with other around you. Now, why should you only talk openly about
your spiritual awakening under these circumstances? The main reason is that if you have people
around you who are not awake and don’t understand the process and you open up about your awakening,
you can be very easily make things worse for you because people may then begin to project
negatively on you and that will throw you in a downward spiral of anxiety and fear. I have people tell me stories of how their
family or friends interpreted their spiritual awakening as a mid-life crisis or a nervous
breakdown or even worse, called them crazy and told them to go see a psychiatrist. Imagine how frightening it is for someone who’s going through such
a profound process of awakening to be told by people they love that they are just crazy
or having a nervous breakdown and that they need to get their shit together and go back
to being the person they were before. That puts an enormous amount of pressure on
the person. Now I wanna hear from you! How do you connect with your spirit guides? Let me know all about it in the comments below! And if you have any questions you want me
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if you liked this video, stick around for more right here! That’s it beautiful soul! I’m out!

100 Replies to “Should You Talk About Your Spiritual Awakening Experience with Others?”

  1. Now I wanna hear from you! Have you shared your spiritual awakening with friends and family? Let me know in the comments below!

  2. Hi Christina, I find your energy so positive and angelic! I hv been through a process of awakening aaince a year and Now I am in a state of mind that I can share this experience thi to ppl I reasonate with!! I have shared my experience to my Mom and one of my close friend who are not awakened but thtey are so close to me that Luckily they could perceive my thoughts😁 after that recently I found one old friend who is already awakened before me and I shared mu experience which he went through long back !! So it is so amazing and blissful to find such friend we had instant connection and now we have helped eachother to get through it beautifully and wih power!! Sharing about dreams and visions and numbers , such out of the world experiences!! I am feeling so amazing and lighter after having such an amazing friend kind of spiritual companion 😃 Feel so grateful and Blessed!! 🙏💐

  3. I find it so hard to describe and show what I’m going through, that I’ve been a hermit the past 3 years, the hardest part is going through it while living with my teenage kids 😱 I would really have liked to have had some guidance from other parents going through this, whatever this wild, exhausting ride it is!
    Im not AT ALL on any extatic level, I woke up into bliss, and went directly into the dark night of the soul!! I do really not blame people around me for not getting me, I don’t get much of this myself!!

  4. I bought a book called “In case of spiritual emergency”, recommendable when working with your own and others’ confusion about what’s going on with you!
    It’s research based!
    Also nice to read about awakened people through time!

  5. Recently my sister came to visit from out of state. We had visited last year and it didn't go well. Aside from wondering why she was coming back I had to psychologically prepare.
    The visit went ok. My analogy is:
    Like walking through a field and we pass one of my favorite rabbit holes. Instead of saying,"there's a rabbit hole, it's really cool down there let's go!" Or instead of even talking about the rabbit hole and it's possibilities, as we walked along (being too whatever to actually ignore my true nature), I would mearly point at it in passing. Like ," lovely walk, there's a rabbit hole , oh and over there, look at the flowers…."
    This tactic worked well enough. Better than last year. She left concluding I wasn't as bad off as she thought before she arrived.
    Fooled her! 😅 💖✨💫🛸
    Of course fooling her wasn't my intent , just need the psychological space to continue unimpeded further within, I'm in an extremely fragile space.

  6. So funny that I got This 4 minutes after you posted it. It’s been on my mind a lot. I’ve recently distanced myself from the church because it’s only hurting me spiritually. I’ve been trying to figure out how to talk to people that we were close to but feel I have to distance and work on myself. Thanks so much for your videos they really have helped me🙏❤️

  7. Great video, I think it’s really important to address. I haven’t told many, I tried telling my sister who I was living with at the time, and she thought I was crazy and didn’t know what to do. My awakening went from blissful and wonderful to dark and scary because I wasn’t supported by anyone who understood what was going on with me. I have yet to be able to share it all fully, though I made a video on my channel which is the closest I’ve come with sharing it. Much love, thanks Christina!

  8. Love it:) I experienced a strong spontaneous awakening with simultaneous psychic emergence 1 1/2 yrs ago. One minute a mild mannered sales executive now an empath, clairsentient, clairvoyant wtf?! Haha no joke!
    Anyway, I decided to put it out there almost immediately. I wrote a blog post “coming out of the closet spiritually.” And have reached a point in my life where I don’t worry what others think. Jeez did this Virgo used to though! I’m gay and already denied who I was before and will NOT do that again💪🏼 NOPE! Anyway, right now I’m tryna pull out of a dark night of the soul before I launch my purpose as an empath, spiritual mentor, youtuber etc. I agree that it’s important to be strong in your power but also feel it important to share your journey so that others don’t feel so alone. Healing is gonna be constant in life it seems. Perhaps resonating as a healer is why it seems this life is so effin difficult. I have not had a mentor but I’m slowly finding my awakened soul tribe. S. L. O. W. L Y. I appreciate your guiding light and words 👊🏻🙏🏻🌈 Shouout to those healing to help others! Ya got this 🤗✨👁💙🌈😊

  9. Peopel around me causing a lot of confusion to me, many unconscious and I’m like a sponge sometime could get influenced by them, need to learn how to ground myself more. You’re video made a lot of sense about what I’m going through now. Thank you so much 🦋💚

  10. Just this morning I was accused of being a witch and asked if I'm practicing black magic after telling my boyfriend I had a feeling or vision of holding hes heart in my hands and wanted to love it and him unconditionally… it has been hard to understand what's going on with me then for him to accuse me just hurt and made me put up my defenses. I'm so alone.

  11. For me, it's a thing between me and Divinity, however, it's also very cool to find and share with other spiritual people ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  12. I am going through this exact thing right now!!! I just discovered you after having my awakening less than a month ago. I have been watching you, Matt Kahn, and Eckhart Tolle. I have been learning so much from you and am very thankful for your work and your wonderful explanation of things which really resonate with me! I still feel extremely lost and confused as to what to do next. I have so many questions! Do you have a direction you could point me in for these questions? I have no one to talk to about this subject and feel very alone at the moment. Thanks in advance! 💜

  13. Hey Christina, I have been going through my awakening for some time now.. I think that you explained this very well and I have to agree with you as I have experienced the same things. In this day and age it is hard for empaths and those who are awake.. I am lucky to have met a few like myself and talking with them has really helped!

  14. but my first decision – unconsciously that manifest outward on my self in this journey of Spiritual Awakening is to be INDEPENDENT from the bad and EVEN good opinion of others because i connect with my Inner Being.. at times i talk about it but most of the time silence is a solace.. influence is not an issue even if i live in a predominantly Catholic religious practice where the love for the Universe is branded as atheism ..i just know deep within me im just joyful although quite lost and confused at times but a sense of joy blossoms in me and acceptance of what others are including what they think about me..and this comes with totally accepting myself too.. now the struggle is to let of unhealthy ego of clinginess and to tame the monkey mind during meditation.. but one significant stage where i struggled was that at the start of the realization, i felt like as if i want to get out of my body that i felt being peeled off like i want to cut my hair bald and get my skin off me .. it was not just mental but physical struggle too …
    suprisingly, i come across your videos CHRISTINA esp that of SADHGURU too and im glad to have spiritual advises i need .. you definitely help me ease out some struggles as i search and listen to your videos .. thank you for passionately sharing your wisdom on us .To those who read this.. we come all here together as part of the well hemmed plan of the Universe.. sending you love guys!

  15. Personally I say no. I started opening up spiritually from the age of 14 to 21. Starting with reading about spiritually then meditating, visualizing, using affirmations. Whenever I shared this with anyone, be it neighbors, friends or family I was either given overbearing advice on how to go about it and what I should do instead to being accused of not believing in god and working with the devil.
    Interestingly, neighbors and family were the most judgemental. I could never understand why, but it was a Huge relief when I got my own apartment at age 21. Having and being in your own space is a real blessing!!!
    Now at 28, I honestly have no idea what stage I'm at. Still very reserved about being spiritual and intuitive, I just know I am confident in my own right. My convictions are strong yet there's always room for growth. I open up only to those those are also spiritual, compassionate and understanding.

  16. If you are an open-minded person, and are looking for clarity, please visit my YouTube channel. Subscribe if you like.

    Thank You 👁.

  17. Thank you Christina. I did explain my spiritual awakening to people around me when i'm in my power. That time i feel confident and i'm very sure of what i'm saying. But unfortunately i discovered there's no point talking about it because i can see it in their eyes that no single one among them understand. Right now, i live my live and share the love but i didn't share my experience anymore. What i noticed was that, they are looking at me now with different thought, they love my attitude and they want me around them.

  18. I can only talk to a person I met by sheer coincidence over a weekend at a retreat. He reached out to me by mistake. We spoke at the retreat for maybe 3 mins, but turned out to be the only person I could discuss this insanity with. No one else spoke the language of where ever I've come to, a deeper layer of myself that I plunged into and has been a walking living hell for months. I dare not wish anything regarding because over the past months, I have strangely gotten things i asked for or lost exactly what I asked not to. I had a previous awakening, brought upon by working a 12-step recovery program and living a life with spirituality as my center. A single person came into my life and did exactly all the right things at all the right times to at once cost me to lose the things that meant the most to me and to have my worst fears become realities. And also, at that precise moment to abandon me the moment this was accomplished. I thought I had to be incredibly unlucky, the chances of the traumas related to his presence in my life (actually a virtual reenactment of 3 of my biggest childhood traumas – what are the chances?!) and the ultimate straw, his cruelty in destroying me right after I lost everything – my job i loved, a community i loved, a friendship) due to a series of events that took place after I accepted a gift from him). Once I had only him left in the world, I spent several agonizing days in Vietnam (his gift to me) and he back in the states. I was hanging on by a thread. He was that thread. What I thought would be a reunion, was a hand grenade to my very center. He chose to pay me a visit to announce he was deserting me, on religious grounds, of all things. Because we are not married. I was in disbelief.He spent much effort to unbrick the walls around my heart that I'd been building since birth to survive the 18 years of every type of abuse, within several families. I escaped. I made a life for myself. I was traveling the world, returning to school, my dreams coming true. All without any family. I was not a weak person. Yet this single man did more damage to me in the blink of an eye than what many people did over 18 years. And it's been a circus every since January. I would have decisively said I don't believe in evil. More humbly, now I admit I don't think I believe in evil, per se. But if I did, he would be it. If I were religious, an actual demon whose sole mission was to destroy me. Everything was just too well orchestrated. It's unreal.The depression of anorexia and heroin addiction don't even compare. There was a depression that came and went, but there is something else that's not depression, though my EMDR therapist and psychiatrist think so. But i am familiar with those and this, mimics it, but it's not it. I have been so confused with the happenings, one terrible cosmic joke, one after the other, relentlessly being fucked over. There is a christmas story where a wife cuts off all her hair to buy her husband a accessory for his watch or something and he sells his watch to buy her a hair brush. Well, jokes on them. Those kind of jokes have been relentlessly happening to me since January when this all happened. I did trick him into exposing himself, held up a mirror, and blocked every possible point of contact between us. I have ample material with which to ruin his career, but I refuse to allow myself to be taken down, not by the likes of that…person. I don't know if he has narcissistic

    personality disorder or is an actual sociopath, but he scares the living shit out of me. No matter what I avoid, how much I stay home, how little I speak or I try to stay connected. I was beginning to think I may never recover. Complex PTSD accounted for some of the symptoms, but some totally a mystery. It's been 5 months and another unbelievably ironic cosmic joke occured. I hurt terribly for a day and then I said fuck it. I stopped trying to feel better. I continued on in my interest of NDEs and various spiritual teachers and stumbled upon these videos and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Other people were experiencing these same that were too unbelievable. With increasing frequency, I think of an idea and the guy I'm seeing, verbalizes it in question form. And it happened again. And then again the next day. Then it happened with a friend at dinner. I remembered the title of a chapter of a book called "Deconstructing the House that Ego Built" and tonight, via text, my friend is confiding in me and says she is on THAT chapter of THAT books. Also tonight, my kindred spirit, I jokingly called her, but now I think I might be serious, posed the same question to each other at the same time via text. So happens, I' m also texting my guy coordinating plans. He expresses an state of being that I am also experiencing. I text my friend that I'm feeling this way and right as I hit send, a text come from her to me saying she is feeling this way. Seriously, what the fuck. Who would believe this? I wonder if there is psychosis and I'm assigning meaning to things that have no meaning and I'm losing my shit. But I don't feel insane. I know I probably sound insane and if had heard anyone saying this before it happened to me I would have thought them an idiot. I have no idea what is happening, but I can't deny it though my rational brain is repulsed by it. Knowing I'm not alone really helps. I"m still flying blind ,but to know that the wretchedness is not forever, and perhaps even an awakening, has given me hope when I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever be happy again. Tomorrow I begin a 6 month long Yoga Teacher Training, ironically, after I won a scholarship that appeared after me and a woman i clicked with instantly asked the universe for a way that me and this particular woman could both win, which we couldn't because there was one- Yoga and Recovery Scholarship. Somehow, we got what we asked for and a second, I shit you not, Universality Scholarship was posted and 2 winners were awarded to her and to me. We didn't even apply for it. I noticed it was posted, but this was well after we had submitted ourselves for the yoga and recovery. No way, right? Also, the person who assisted me with a recommendation for the scholarship, removed me temporarily from the teaching schedule because all of a sudden after a year and a half of no issues, randomly several students sent emails with blatant untruths regarding my teaching. Though she stands behind my teaching and wrote me a letter, she reprimands me anyways. And I have decided I am done with teaching, in a commercial aspect anyways. That was Friday. And tomorrow I start teacher training. It's the cosmic jokes of cosmic jokes. Somehow I know this training is important for my spiritual development and ptsd recovery. I don't know how i know. I just know. My entire mind has shifted to the point that people suddenly don't get my jokes anymore, I feel instinctive pulls or pushes for me to gravitate towards are away from certain people. It's crazy as fuck but that it's not just me, helps. It may be apparent now, but I suddenly can write for hours on end. I have always identified as very non-creative. I hope the hardest of the spiritual turbulence will be over soon, I'm weary. But I'm glad I found this little youtube nook. I really fucking needed SOMETHING, I don't feel alien anymore.

  19. You're amazing and you really have a way with words, too. I have this conversation with my students everyday! And BTW, I STILL haven't told my (not awakened) family what I do for a living now (Twin Flames stuff), LOL. But I don't need to…to have a relating experience with them. The way our relationship is now is perfect just the way it is. It's JUST the way it is supposed to be. Source doesn't make mistakes. ❤️

  20. Great video! I felt I needed to clarify something though. While awakening can be confused with mental breakdowns and midlife crisis' it has nothing to do with those things. Of course a midlife crisis can lead to an awakening yet the crisis is ultimately about fear, the fear of death and awakening is the opposite.

  21. This is from HK, I just recently realised that I should not share the experience with others, I thought ppl study spirituality should be full of love, but they are not. I didn't know ppl will compare themselves with me on this, and instantly release very low vibe towards me when I open this topic casually (I m hsp). I was so shocked n so disappointed… it seems I can share with no one, or I had shared with fake spiritual person… too many fake outside, I feel so alone..

  22. I may have to listen to this daily, so I can stop trying to share all this and open everyone around me up to what is obviously tangible to some!

  23. How common is to have an spiritual awakening? I know there must not be actual numbers. I just wondered if this is very rare or if it’s something it can happen to anyone who is emotional intelligent and highly sensitive?

  24. How to see difference between maladaptive daydreaming and spirituality? may be I'm just imagining spiritual growth for escaping reality? I have this question, and I'm seeking strong answers

  25. Once again I'm struggling with my journey. There are people I don't speak to anymore because I know they're not good people. So. Why do I feel So Alone. Where is my beloved Universe now.

  26. I’m glad you brought up the lonely feeling and explained it’s normal during this growth period. So grateful to have found your channel. Thank you!

  27. Wow your videos helped me so,much thank you❤️. So much I thought I was going crazy. But I have accepted my journey not fighting it.

  28. #askchristina Hi Christina, you did a video a while back about why many of us feel like we are going crazy during a spiritual awakening. How can you tell the difference between seeing your past lives and imagination? I have had images with great detail of what seem to be multiple past lives, but how do you know you are not making these up? With your clinical background what is your opinion? I have doubted myself in this process because I feel I have no proof no matter how real and at times healing these 'recollections' may have felt, and feared onset of schizophrenia, so backed off journeying. We are all aware of false memories and suggestibility. Thank you

  29. #aakchristina
    Hi Christina, I love your content thank you.
    I was wondering if you could shed some light on your thoughts on spiritual awakening / bipolar II mental illness. I have been what I felt was becoming enlightened and all my crap coming up in stages to deal with and my down times got so bad that I seeked out help from a psychiatrist who had diagnosed me with bipolar II. I have two children to care for and do so well despite how I've been feeling but I am now on a mood stabiliser since couple days ago. I am torn with my beliefs but I honestly found life was getting so hard I reached out for something more than my commitment to spirituality and healing myself naturally. I felt like I had no choice left. I have done a lot of healing but 2 steps forward and 10 back in the emotional department. Will medication hurt my soul? I know it isn't good for my body in the long run. Feeling very lost and would love your opinion. Thanks so much 💜

  30. Hello new friend… Need to share… I'm coming from a place of a new awakening of sorts. I feel as I I was awake at one time, but took the long road to my present present;o) As a young person I searched for spirit guides, believed in aliens, and watched the stars as if they were my family from afar. I knew there was more than this 3D world. Being a person of faith, I love my God and seek guidance from Him through prayer.
    I believe I turned to drugs as a young person…seeking that "higher state" only to eventually numb myself so much into adulthood that existed in a constant state of acceptance and knowing I was not living the life I deserved but continued to drag through like a hamster on a wheel.
    Through my struggles with fertility my acupuncturist suggested I "clear the clouds"(Mary J) persay….4 months later I am in a vortex of an amazing upheaval emotions both clarifying, gut wrenching at times and as you mentioned, very lonely at times. One doesn't have words for this experience! I have tried to share this with my spouse, and agree it may not be time. I wish I had friends that understood. I want him to walk this road with me. I feel like I need a teacher or someone to keep this light growing around me.
    Sorry for the long message. Thank you for sharing your light.

  31. I am so glad I found your channel. ✨🙏🏻 Going through a second disconnect and was almost loosing faith. So many channels are superficial, but yours feel very grounded and full of informartion. Thanks!

  32. Thank you for this video Cristina! I think i am standing at the beginning of my spiritual awakening! I have found you on Youtube (that couldn't be an coïnsedence) and i am so happy and glad to find support and understanding in your video's 😘 Luckely i can talk with my partner about it, while not awakened, he listens to me without negative comments. Further i don't speak about my spiritual awakening with other persons, for now i keep it to myself! Greetings with love and light from The Netherlands 😇💗

  33. what to do when i feel my intuition is pulling me somewhere, and my family is preventing me from making the move that i feel confident about aside from 107% comfortable housing – my family feels i won’t make it, and they’re keeping me from making the decision.
    i’ve been going through an awakening, im 20, and i tell everyone i’m just going through a quarter life crisis.. but in all reality-.

    i’m confident and in my power because i have the vision but it’s not the big picture, it’s just a step i feel i’m pulled to take.

  34. I am so tired. I understand what is happening but I'm so overwhelmed and falling deeper into a depression. I have spent my entire life doing for everyone else making sure everyone else was good. Now I'm not good. I have never felt so alone ever. Its my fault. I removed myself from everything because even though I'm afraid of being alone, I'm more afraid of not being alone. I want this shift to stop. Ignorance is bliss. What can I do?

  35. There are so many of us. I am starting with a sister I feel close to and trust. trying to get her to come along with me. Praying I can help many people not just my siblings. Like you are.

  36. I wish that I would’ve found your channel when I was going through my first spiritual awakening. 🙏🏽💛🌸✨ great message, thanks!

  37. I'm happy my daughter get awake very last years. But still feel lonely to talk about with friends or comunnity.That's why I'm so glad to meet people from new dimention – it is so "welcome home" feeling! Thank you for sharing with us, Christina!

  38. Lol when I had my kundalini awakening I was so excited and fascinated, I made the mistake of telling waaay to many people. Needless to say, a lot of people just thought I was fucking insane lol

  39. Personally, I think that even though I'm at a firm, solid stage of my awakening where I would not be influenced by anyone who's not spiritually aware, yet an early stage, I still don't want to talk about it with anyone from my circle. I mean I would love to, but knowing those around me and once possessing their same scientific, materialistic proof-focused mentality that would shun any spiritual talk and deem it as unnecessary fiction. It's not that they would consider me mentally ill or even try to change my mind, on the contrary, they would be very open-minded towards whatever mentality anyone could have. But it is just that this whole experience and spirituality is so valuable to me that I wouldn't want it to be devalued or deemed as just another superficial dogma that people possess. I don't want to throw away such a valuable thing in the open among an environment in which it wouldn't even mildly resonate in.

  40. I didn’t have the words to express my awakening and it was beautifully disruptive, scary, misunderstood and lonely. Alcohol was no comfort and only made it longer and more disruptive. Looking back it was a beautiful lessons I carry with me and offer to those who find me when they begin to awaken.

  41. I love you! I don't know why but I almost feel like crying hearing this advice. I am not in my power yet and I need more people to share with. I'm glad I found your video. I've been going through a deep spiritual awakening since last year when I had a satori experience, the effects of which last to this day. Then a couple of weeks ago, I was working with Ayahuasca and after the ceremony, it felt like I had completely unplugged from the matrix and I couldn't talk to anyone for like 5 days. Well my dad who's strongly programmed started calling me incessantly the day after the ceremony (maybe he felt some sort of energetic disconnect) and since he's a doctor, I never talk about my spiritual life in my family. But this time after the ceremony, I was having a true dark night of the soul disconnection and when he started forcing me for an arranged marriage, I sort of broke down and told him a little bit about my spiritual life. He immediately went into overdrive, projecting all his fears onto me, such as "In 5 years, no man will want to look at your face! Get married now! You're going to end up in a mental hospital with all this crazy talk." He was in full survival mode at this point and has been for all his life. I thought "why on earth did I tell this person all of this?" I felt lonelier than ever- like I had bared my soul to the devil or something because he didn't give a damn and threw my precious process in the garbage like it meant nothing. Because I talked to him in this highly vulnerable state, I started to believe that I really should do something about my marriage. Then, he set me up with a narcissist and I talked to this person and I was like "What the hell am I doing???" So I disconnected again and my dad hasn't talked to me since then. These family members' time is numbered man, I can't deal with them anymore.

  42. Believe me no people gets me🙊
    It's better to keep my mouth shut

    When u enjoy the ride alone
    U don't need thousands around u



  45. Thank you for sharing your beautiful completely alone on my journey..i really appreciate your video 🙏

  46. My parents, especially my Dad, are pretty awake. My social media community not so much, as I accumulated so many people from my last 4 years in Christianity (religion) and the church. That has been the hardest part. They are very judgmental since I left and people have been dropping like flies out of my life. I am very much alone in my awakening, but have always felt a sense of aloneness in this world, with the exception of a few wonderful souls that the Universe has placed on my new path, especially you and this community. I don't mind being alone, since I'm naturally an introverted individual and it's giving me time to really go deep within myself. I also met an awesome awakened woman in my art journaling class and she is helping me, also. There are some great groups on Facebook, as well.

    Thank you so much Christina for all you do to help us. I'm so grateful.

  47. hey christina!!…I hae a Q.I am applying for a creative consultant/creative director. Do u think I should mention about spiritual awakening in my LinkedIn summary?

  48. I think I awakened many years ago….. but I don’t share it with people…. they wouldn’t understand…….
    My grown up children wld not really understand, and friends would just not get it…..
    Recently I’m very drawn to spiritual awareness groups, and activities….

  49. @ASKCHRISTINA Thats exactly what im going through. I have only one person that i met at the beach in Florida that know what I'm talking about. Now we are friends and talk alot! No family and I don't have friends so no one understands me but im Ok with that. What im going throw feels right. What do you do when you met someone thats in the spiritual walk too but is very negative when they drink alcohol? Its like they turn to a different person. I even moved him in my house because i felt bad for him and now i want him OUT!! I never noticed that he had a bad energy until now.

  50. It is very lonely, almost painful lonely. But that doesn't deter me from wanting to know and experience more. I just wish it was easier to find others who could guide me in person. Because it's a lot. And I feel like a hot ass mess! I'm so emotional, I always feel like I'm having an outer body experience.

  51. I am very accepting of being myself without notifying others about how I experience reality. Most people want a chance to tell me stories or teach me something, No one likes listening these days. ~ I notice a tendency for people to either dismiss me or wrestle me to the ground as to why my POV is defective. Haven’t we seen this on social media ? ~ Yes, I’m ok with keeping my personal life to myself. Let everybody enjoy their reality & I will do mine. ✨🤗💞🧚🏼‍♂️✨

  52. but what if they are toxic as you become awake, they trying to hinder your spiritual progress since they think you are crazy? i had to stay away from my family coz they dont want the new me but they want old me which i cant go back, they are not supportive at all

  53. I've shared with my husband and my Dad. They're not sure how to respond- I sense unintentional resistance from one and quiet acceptance from the other. I'm very content to get through the remainder of this phase turning inward and discussing it later. Thank you for your content, my friend. ✌ ❤

  54. Personally, I feel we get a sense of whom, when and maybe how much to share. In my case, I in the initial stages I only shared bits to whom I knew have/had been listening to me. It was a more soulitary path of reaching my own power, choosing parts of myself and that was toughest thing to do every. Very personal transformation, very disheartening even. As if everything I knew or was taught was actually a lie. Now gaining my power and finding resonance with sources on the internet community I came to myself completely. We've always been born awoke but conditioned into a false matrix sadly.
    I'm aware now by the time I've got to your vdos. And yes I try helping people around me subtly who may be in the vicinity of recieving it.
    And yes, I've been knowing this now that mass consciousness awakening is inevitable and what everyone is seeking too. 😇

  55. Thank you , I’ve been very fortunate in my choice of social media friends finding they were all awakening. I’m now starting a women’s healing circle so we can all talk about it in a safe place

  56. Atheist my whole life until my awakening at age 36. I told my mom and sister about what was happening to me, and although they are religious, they thought I was loosing it and advised me to see a doctor so I immediately stopped talking to them about it. They claim to have had an awakening too but their experience must have been very different than mine. Is there a difference in a religious awakening vs. a spiritual awakening? Are they the same? They never gave me any details about their awakening.

  57. Lovely video – thank you. My 18 yr old daughter was suicidal in June, experienced a powerful kundalini awakening on June 21st, and is healing slowly through her love of art. Her immediate family are spiritually aware, but we feel we have to keep it secret from friends who think she is very odd and troubled! I just hope she heals enough to fulfil her dream of going to Uni in the UK at the end of Sept and might meet some kindred spirits there.

  58. also, it depends on what you want to share. "i feel my guides," vs. "i see my guides," are very different things. not everyone is ready to hear what we may want to share. 🙃 even those already waking up.

  59. Christina, I have mildly hinted at my wife that a change has begun within me. I currently serve at my church, however there are facts and science that have challenged my beliefs. Most of my friends and family are of the Christian faith. But I MUST KNOW the truth about existence no matter how insane or crazy it really is. I have been meditating since the beginning of 2019 and I have found that I LOVE it. My biggest internal question is who do I ask? Who do I open up with? At times I feel as if I'm about to explode! I feel so out of touch with my beliefs that I have held onto for years. It's as if I'm "cheating" on them, turning my back on them. The one thing that is for sure with me is that 1. I want to know the truth 2. Act on the truth 3. Finally REST in the truth no matter how outlandish it is… Thanks for allowing me to open up.. Also I have been having a particular thought that COMES to me regarding a project that I never had any thought or intention to start. It's as if I've been handed a mental blueprint to begin something so out of my character that it would shock everyone that knows me. But it keeps coming up every time I meditate or it presents itself to me throughout the day without me thinking about it. Again thank you for letting me bend everyone's ear…

  60. I imagine I am waking up: having lovely awareness and teachings before bed. Forgiveness techniques. I also had been participating with addiction to cope. Part of the release of addiction; was a psych eval. Oodles of diagnosis and med's to manage the many aspects that are bothersome. I am in the first phases and the side effects of the med's are quite strong. I will bring your teaching of Upgrading thoughts – with observation of what does not serve the system best. Thank you for being your funny, enthusiastic YOU!

  61. But why is it ok for Christians, Catholics. And Jahovas witness to push their beliefs onto us but we cant say "damn I'm seeing 1111 again" without sounding nuts? That's poop

  62. Warning 💗 Sharing it with a doctor may lead to you getting a diagnosis of psychosis and them thinking you need antipsychotics. Wishing you all well. You will get to the other side of the troubling parts of it !! I did 💗💗💗

  63. Do you ever find ptsd and spiritual awakening sometimes go hand in hand? My first (big ones) were at 6 after I was sexually abused, in my early 20’s after taking hallucinogens and my last (major major one) was after I left my first abusive relationship. But all my gifts come from these seemingly bad experiences so I am grateful to no end 🥳💗🥳

  64. Someone very close to me awakened about 3 years ago – what I, with a psychology background, thought was a psychotic breakdown. I was concerned, but never abandoned that person. A couple of light people came into my life then to prepare me for my awakening which happened a few weeks ago. It was one of the most frightening yet one of the most beautiful experiences I've been through. I purged without even knowing I was making room for all this light. I'm fortunate there are some people I can talk to. Not "blood" relatives or the people I thought were my friends but as we know, we are all one 🙂

    thank you for your advice

  65. I'm at the point where ive accepted that many of the people around me at this time are not aware or awake. I instead show love, compassion and kindness and have continued on my path. I'm thankful to have finally found someone with knowledge to help ease the process. Ive learned so much just watching three of your videos. Thank you so much.

  66. Thank you so much Christina 🙏🏼
    I’m not feeling lonely anymore
    Love you…sending a lot of love from Thailand 🇹🇭♥️😊

  67. Yeah I don’t think anyone around me is awake I might be able to talk to my Grandma about the awakening but I’m not sure she’s had her own yet either. My s/o is very supportive spiritually but as far as empathy and such I e tried to explain and he’s still clueless so he might think I’m crazy lol. The internet is the best bet for me right now I’m pretty private anyways though.

  68. Two or three days back when I shared this to my grandmaa , her ideas did influence my physical being but I knew this is not what I had to do with myself and after that I felt the need to share this with my parents to just make them aware . So my mom thought I am depressing because of the financial crisis eventually she supported me with her words and today I shared this with my father he is spritually evovled so he got to my point and supported me . And yes I am Powered today than tomorrow even if anyone resonates with me or not . 🙂

  69. Thank you for all your videos. This one in particular I wish it had been available for me last year as what you are saying is as exactly what happened to me. They all thought I was having a mid life crisis and that I needed to see a doctor and then a psychiatrist. I just realize now I don’t have anyone, well maybe one person that would even partly understand. I’m super excited and anxiously awaiting your part two of the Kundalini experience. I’m not a 100% sure but I’m starting to feel that I have went through both but in two stages and years as both experiences were similar but still unique to each other. Hope that make sense. Again thanks 🙏 and may you always be blessed along with any person reading my comment. ❤️🙏

  70. Thank you for this. Was just wondering who I could talk to.
    You can't walk around telling people your going through a kundalini awaking. So yesterday I took a chance and asked a client who I know is on a spiritual path and does alot of spiritual work if she has ever been through a Kundalini awaking..she said yes, are you going through one. It opened up a very healing conversation. She said I could call her any time. I have no friends I can talk to about this. I'm debating whether I should tell my adult daughters.

  71. It's been 18 years have gone through my spiritual awakening..took lots of years for me to understand even what I am going through..yes it is very much needed to understand to whom you are sharing with…and how you are explaining If the person is not awaken or not able to understand your spiritual terms better to stay quiet and fight with yourself..i could not even share it completely to my husband as he doesn't take it seriously and not very curious about's a fight of you to yourself and if succeed,come out of it as a winner!!that's guaranteed:)

  72. Yeah , I don’t have many spiritually awakened people around me or they might be in a different level, but I do have my yoga buddies who at least listen to me .

  73. Yes POWER the more evolved and in tune with the universe the more power & extreme assertiveness you ll have…but be careful if toxins or old psych blocks come could become ARROGANT..LOL

  74. I feel like everyone knows, but you can't really openly talk about it.If I tried I'd make them worried. It's something like everyone knows what's going on but nobody mentions anything about it. My boyfriend is pretty down-to-earth person, so talking about spiritualism would sound weird to him, my father is a doctor, he'd be worried too, step-mom is a down-to-earth person too, I could and actually did talk with my friend about that.

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