SEOUL VLOG | what actually happens between fashion shows

SEOUL VLOG | what actually happens between fashion shows

Good morning from Seoul Today we have a long day ahead of us and it may look gloomy because of the Yellow dust and it’s supposed to rain later So I’m very excited for it to rain so that it will clear out this really polluted air But I also have two fashion shows and a fashion party I’ll be attending later tonight and It’s not gonna be fun changing in the rain and I mean obviously I’m not gonna be changing in the rain it’s just that it’s gonna feel very humid and I’m really looking forward to how this day is going to turn out and I thought I would over achieve by filming a get ready with me a quick hair routine and Also the fashion shows outfit photos and outfit shots things like that so this is going to be a very packed vlog and we’re gonna start off with some skincare and this video is actually sponsored by “Aromatica”, they actually reached out while I was abroad and I actually asked for more time because I like to try products before Reviewing them on my channel first impressions I have done them before but I noticed that sometimes my reviews change So I have been using this ever since I got back I’ve been mixing it with some other products here and there but today this video is sponsored by Aromatica and I’m gonna be talking a little bit about it and then I’m gonna go about my day. So let’s get started I’m gonna be using this cotton pad from Klairs I really like this because there is a compressed cotton pad as well as a sponge cotton pad and the sponge cotton pads are perfect for the DIY sheet masks and you guys have seen me do this on my channel before So this toner is a clear product And I really like the texture it has a slight viscosity to it And when I first tried this product I was impressed with how quickly it absorbed into my skin and it didn’t feel sticky So right now I’m doing the DIY sheet mask because it’s feeling very dry a lot of people have been focusing on moisture because of the seasonal change and With the dust it’s important to moisturize the skin. So this is a popular product right now I’ve been seeing it everywhere actually So right now I’m just going to do the sheet mask And as I wait I’m going to curl my hair so that the heat won’t dry off my skin So I’ll have this moisture going on and I’ll be curling my hair The key ingredient for this toner is hyaluronic Acid and they focused on using smaller molecules so that the product will quickly absorb into the skin Deeply so sometimes a lot of products They just work on the exterior, but this product will work inside and out All right So right now I’m going to use some heat protectant on my hair and this is bumble and bumble Heat UV protective primer and I do have the travel version of this as well and I absolutely love this I will be filming an updated haircare video since a lot of you guys have been requesting for it oh my gosh, the only problem with this DIY sheet mask is that especially if you talk This one in the chin area. It dries out really quickly and it falls off. So I’m just gonna take it off But yes I will be filming an updated haircare routine and will be answering the frequently asked questions about hair extensions I got a lot of questions about the price so I’ll be covering that in that video as well So right now I’m using the brilliance New York. This has been my go-to hair wand since college Very very quick All right so the two shows that I’ll be attending today is IISE and LIE Collection both IISE and LIE shows in New York and It’s IISE’s first time having a show in Seoul I’m really excited to watch and Christine is going to come with me Ashley was supposed to come as well but something came up so she won’t be attending and for LIE I’ll be going with Tina unnie and The party Christine you guys will be seeing her again after Alright now, let’s take off the toner pads. I did my morning skincare routine earlier so my skin is Moisturized I just wanted to use this toner to keep it looking refreshed I’m gonna go straight into sunscreen here is the LANEIGE two tone sun stick, and I’ve been using this pretty much every single day Mainly because it’s anti-pollution A lot of products have been focusing on um Protecting the skin from this dust kind of like this toner right here alright, so I’m just going to apply this and using my sponge I will Spread it out evenly For base we’re going with HOURGLASS and I actually don’t have too much to cover. My skin has been looking really Nice and clear these days definitely a mixture of skin care as well as my laser treatment so I’m just going to cover some of the spots that I see And then I’ll be blending with my Beauty Blender I do like to spray my Beauty Blender using this primer water from Smashbox and then blend away So clear I definitely haven’t been wearing Too much makeup lately. I’m going for a no makeup makeup look with a pop of color on the lips so a lot of you guys have noticed that on my Instagram yeah, that’s it for base. For brows I will be using KILL BROW pencil and I just like to fill in The brows I like them looking natural. This is my natural brown as you guys can see so sometimes I just like to brush them so that it looks even if that makes sens I’m not a pro when it comes to makeup. I just know how to work with my face Alright moving on to eyeshadow. I’m gonna be using the 3 CE palette in smoother I love my elf eyeshadow brushes and I’m gonna start with this light shade right here all over my lids And then using this chestnut-brown I’m going to apply this on the outer corner Moving on to blush. I’m going to be layering all three of these colors. I just really like how it looks very natural We’re gonna start with a nude peach mono pink and rose beige Next of course lashes, I’m gonna start by curling them with my Shu Uemura eyelash curler This is seriously make such a big difference And finally for the lips. I’ll be going with Mac chilly for the live show and live party but for IISE I still haven’t decided mainly because my entire outfit is red And I thought that if I have a brick red color on the lips, it’ll be too much so when I decide I’ll let you guys know what I went with but this is it for my foundation and eye makeup I Hope you guys enjoyed this try to get ready with me And now let’s get this vlog go in and head over to Seoul Fashion Week. The 미세 먼지 (mise meonji: fine dust) is so bad today You can barely see Namsan Here are my outfits of the day for IISE I’ll be wearing these red Leather pants from LPA a white top from Sacai the IISE jacket and here are my tickets for the show For the lie party, I’ll be wearing the Sequin pants from I believe Tularosa. Yeah, Tularosa and LPA black blouse both from Revolve And this coat is for the live show. You guys will see it in Full size later. It just doesn’t really look good here. And then this back from ATT This is my friend’s brand and I’m going to be wearing it to the show Okay, so I tied my hair and I’m wearing the Mac chili for this outfit as well so all red today Alright guys, I’m at DDP Subin is here She’s wearing red matching me. You were a couple looking today Okay, so we’re gonna go look for art hall two that’s where IISE’s show is but I’m gonna try to get an OOTD before Walking towards the show Wow so legit IISE Oh my god realistic
-Realistic -This is realist.
-Yeah, it’s realistic guys. -This is what everyone does all the lockers are full the bathrooms are full !
– I know -Thank you All right, I ran into Sean my father he’s gonna take me to the lie collection show I’m wearing all LIE now Not the ideal weather for Fashion Week, but we really need rain So I’m not gonna complain we’re back outfit change number three Last one, he’s been really hectic But quite exciting at the same time. I just wish it wasn’t so back-to-back We’re all done It’s raining so much I’m gonna buy them dinner because they’ve been so helpful. I think we’re gonna eat here Okay, let’s do this our food is out my mom got the bulbogi and Sabine got done nabichi and I got some soup because it’s really hot after changing so often So excited for food.
– I wish I can put a smell through the camera like Mine doesn’t smell like anything But it’s still gonna be amazing After dinner we are on our way to Cheong dam. It is raining we need rain though Back home and I cannot wait to go to sleep I’m exhausted but also very inspired and I want to thank the designers that invited me to their show IISE I really like how all their clothes are inspired by Korea. I saw a bunch of teasers on their Instagram and The live collection show is also amazing. The designer is always creative when it comes to mixing patterns in fabric so I am really excited for spring and To wear more color in my wardrobe. All right, it is time to remove my makeup I didn’t apply too much as you guys all know I’ve been really into the minimal makeup So I’m going to start by removing my lip and eye makeup this is a lip and eye remover that I always come back to because it is so affordable and It removes my makeup. I’ve been so impressed by this always for double cleansing I’m just gonna go with the ThenIMetYou cleansing duo set I really like the two even though I’m not the biggest fan of the scent for this product right here I really like how it feels on the skin and it removes my makeup So gently so I trust the formulation and the scent is not artificial fragrance It’s I believe it was the licorice I’m just gonna be using the duo it’s been my go-to. I hate wasting product So I’m trying my best to finish everything on My vanity as well as my bathroom, I guess cabinet For a water-base I’ll be using the cleansing gel. I like how this one foams up really easily Moving on to toner I’m going to be using the Aromatica lively toner that I shared this morning and I’m going to first use it on a cotton pad just To check if my makeup is fully removed. And so here we are just going to apply the cotton pad It looks like my makeup remover did a great job my skin feels super clean and moisturized I will be layering it one more time though. Usually I like to Tone two to three times Just so that it moisturized and hydrates the skin You really like how quickly my skin drinks this product up. And again, it’s probably because of the small molecules And then I’m going to be following up with my Sulwhasoo products. Here is the serum I really like this because of this texture. It kind of reminds me of the snail products that I have tried before and I really like how this product feels on my skin and it also helps fade scars and Helps with anti aging now. This is not sponsored. I’m getting paid to promote this product on Instagram and I have been using it Every day since I received it and I am just loving this serum It’s actually my favorite out of the three and for moisturizer. I’ll also be using this Sulwhasoo Has a very floral scent to it Which I like as well And finally for lips. I’ll be using the Laneige lip sleeping mask This is another one of my favorites because it keeps my lips Moisturized throughout the night and I wake up to plump lips and it doesn’t feel dry and as a lipstick girl This is very important. So that’s it for my nighttime skincare routine is very simple. I like to keep it simple It’s all about layering for me these days because I just don’t want to have many different products I like to stick with a couple and layer them so that It will double the… What’s that in English ? The results ! I’m not saying you have to drench yourself in the skincare just a moderate amount until you notice that your skin kind of feels like mochi and Bouncy and that’s exactly how my skin feels right now. I hope you guys enjoyed my get ready with me Seoul fashion week vlog my outfit shots as well as my get unready with me. I will see you guys in my next video. Bye have a Joan day~

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  3. all your friends are so good! I appreciate them helping you❀️ and here are my friends, if i ask them to hold a glass of water they'll spill it into my face πŸ˜”

    i love you joan 😘

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