Ashley: Oh, hello there Hi~ Welcome back to Joanday~ Today we are starting off our day in Apgujeongrodeo We actually filmed a video for our main channel, my main channel your channel So stay tuned for that or it might be up already. Ill link it down flow. But right now Where’s the sign? We’re going here. For this cafe (A: Parnell cafe) It’s her choice gonna get some coffee and (A: She wants some cookies) I want cookies Let’s go And we’re kind of matching today. We’re complementing each other. (Korean: You’re right) the gray and the black And the brown, the dark brown hair (J: Yeah, dark brown hair) Perfect for autumn. Ooh look at the floor. (J: Alright) So this is what the cafe looks like Ashley is sitting right there Paying for our drink and croissant I love how our outfits are complement each other today (A: I know) Like come close up real quick I’m like talking to Ashley about how we should film a Lookbook on how we style black I can help you film yours. You can help me fill mine I have gray socks too Know we need- we need to take a photo together. We’re such couple look today This way would it be cute tho? but you got your own thing today, okay. Let’s just let’s go to kasina A:Don’t waste your Mhm time Mhm Time Mhm time Wow, so, they have a bunch of different brands Remember the yellow converse guys? how many times have you worn it? Please tell me at least five times four times not even five. (J: dude, 80 more times) I want this too. It’s so pretty You want that one? I never end up wearing sneakers, even if I have them Wow, we have the adidas side Wow if you have both Nike and Adidas We’re gonna go get dinner now at Gino’s But yeah, alex is out for this weekend. So we’re gonna hang out with him It’s so bright (Korean: What to do?) (A: It’s so bright all of a sudden) I know Shall we film a How we style black video? Come down below y’all. Yeah Here we are a Gino’s Yes “In crush we trust” Ashley, that’s our wine Pizza is out. And guess who’s here? Alex~ It’s been so long It’s just the three of us today Cheers~ Welcome back~ Alright, we are currently on our way to the gentle monster Because there’s going to be an event there Alex is in the front seat Ashley and I are in the back seat. We are now at Garosugil. Alex, how does it feel to be back? Great. Yes It is a bit chilly. Look look look look, but we are currently on our way to BAT Check out Alex’s backpack guys Alex: Hypebeast~ Hypebeast Armybeast Here we are at the bat store I know right? Let’s go Now we are going up there see what they are selling I know. All right Wow, okay, so we’re coming upstairs now to see what they are selling Wow. Okay. Here we go So this is in collaboration with places faces That collection is here, I feel like I should get one for Abe Oh, I should get the green one for him because this is his school color I’m going to get this for Abe Oh, I gotta get this we bought our stuff She bought presents for her brother. I brought one for my brother and myself After gentle monster, we’re gonna check out vibrate because she’s actually going to their show next week for Seoul Fashion Week Yeah, yeah Wait, let’s get a mirror shot because we haven’t gotten like any photos together Alex: Yo, look at my hair Why They have a lot of like street wear in Garosugil I didn’t even know Wow What are you gonna wear to Seoul Fashion Week Ashley: I don’t know man This is it, oh you and camo. you should wear something like this Yeah, why not? It’s cute This orange stuff which one So we’re just gonna look around Garosugil. I’m running out of battery So this keeps happening to me, but we’re gonna grab some drinks. I think all of us and Yeah, I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s part Bye Alex Bye Hello I’m with 2Young Unnie It’s fashion week here in Seoul and I’m going to the live show on Friday So I’m here at their showroom concept drop is Yes Yes, yes, yes, I’m just going to pick out something to wear to the fashion show Wow. (Joan: It’s like a cape) I like this Wow Like a superwoman Short shirts and you kept it in the need like so you can play with it Just finished picking out my outfit so you guys will find out what I’ll be wearing on Friday Unnie helped the designer also helped to Unnie is making my coffee I wanted a heart just kidding Oh Baby that’s a baby baby. Yes, like baby, baby. Yeah, okay so I got my pistachio latte made by Unnie herself and Then the (dessert) is out as well. Got the (dessert) to go and now we’re gonna go to the jewelry event We’re here at the sounds urban resort in Hannam And this is where the event is going to be at this new look for the place Here we are, Josephine Aguliar Collection I’m going to take a photo of my hand I’m going to choose my ring J: Like this? Staff: Place your hand here (*Staff explaining how it works in Korean*) It’s my hand (*Staff explains how to place the rings*) Oh my gosh, that’s so cool Thank you Hand model. (Korean: Unnie, I’m a hand model) (Eonni: Oh, it’s pretty) We’re all just checking our photos now Unnih Unnie. so now I’m gonna go home get ready and go see Crush Crush walked by me Guys! I got a photo with Kang Seunghoon, but he is leaving It’s okay, BewhY is playing now You guys I’m not okay I also had like five glasses of champagne five five five. (Joan: Exact?) Yeah He was like just five? While I was like I don’t know But thank you so much for watching Here’s the shout out the day for those of you guys who translate it and transcribe this log right here And I’ll see you guys in the next one. Have a beautiful day. Have a joan day!

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  1. Ahhh the event looked spectacular and Crush crushed it (pun intended 😂) but always so jealous of the amount of street clothes you guys have in Korea like I'd be a huge ton LOL

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  5. Oooh lawd, crush's voice is so beautiful, I think I'll see him in concert in November..I love Moma's face hes always smiling ❤

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  8. I somehow get the feeling that fashion designer had an easy job trying to sell you his items of clothing, especially that coat 😜😂 Can't blame you, it looked so good on you!

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  12. I'm not sure if anyone is going to reply to me but will still comment, what song was playing 1:01 – 1:08 when she enter the cafe

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