Sensational Revenge Moments in Football l Di Maria, Neymar

Sensational Revenge Moments in Football l Di Maria, Neymar

Zidane: If you want my shirt so much, I’ll give it you after! Materazzi: I’d prefer his sister.

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  1. Acesta este comentariul roman pe care il cauti, da, romanii sunt peste tot, a aparut si in video-ul asta un comentator roman =]

  2. The cristianos revenge is soo fake cause albanian fans were shouting messi messi messi and thd hattrick is from another match against Armenia🤦‍♂️

  3. Серхио Рамос, как и Пепе – реальская проститутка. Диего Коста правильно ему навалял

  4. Ronaldo dan neymar tak ada apa apa nya messi nomor 1 di dunia bola
    Ronaldo meniru gaya gaya messi
    Yg pilih messi like
    Yg pilih ronaldo dan neymar komen
    MESSI. Ronaldo neymar
    👇👇 👇👇

  5. I am the only one who didn't mind whatever happened btn Diego Costa and Sergio Ramos.They top the list of the dirtiest players.Wish they injured each other.

  6. Can tell you’re a Ronaldo fan, or more like fanboy lol. Messi’s goal was more of a revenge after getting an elbow to the mouth from Marcelo in that game

  7. Julio cesar to ibra : makasih bro berkat lu pindah ke barca, kami dapat liga champion…. makasih bro… eh, btw lu udah dapet belom yaa??

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