Sean Payton discusses why the Saints traded for QB Teddy Bridgewater

Sean Payton discusses why the Saints traded for QB Teddy Bridgewater

listen we think it’s a player that can help us we’re interested in any player that can help us get better as a team and we like his skillset I think we know the player well the big thing was you know him being able to overcome his injury but help us get better this goes this goes back to on the field is an evaluation off the field there’s a lot of ties with this player and Mike Zimmer myself coach Parcells he’s an outstanding kid he’s not a kid anymore but he’s got great makeup great football IQ we liked how he played in the preseason we think a player like that’s valuable and so we’re excited to have him we’ll see I know what you’re gonna ask will he be we’ll see you know we don’t have to decide that right now we’ll get them up to speed fast and we’ll see what our plan is for Tampa I think there’s all of the above I mean I think you have a chance you get a young talented player who is accurate man a lot happened to him in a short period of time when you really look at his ascension at Minnesota you know when in year two he’s in the playoffs they’re field goal away from advancing to the next round the following year he has that injury the team has success and all of a sudden you know he’s on a different roster they draft a quarterback you know good player so I like I like this this player and we wouldn’t have done it if we didn’t feel like he was something that someone that could help our team we’ll see we don’t have to decide any of that right now no I don’t not not in March yeah listen I think going into the preseason there was a little unknown as to have you know physically how he was moving around he had cleared you know back in Minnesota but they were you know kind of going there and then you know for him to come in and play like he did you you had a chance to see him move and we’ve watched every one of his throws he went through a long physical today and we’re excited to have him like I said all of the above you know we’re in the business this gets back to you guys look at the depth chart and put together your final cuts and never is it an outside player it’s always who’s in the building and that’s the first mistake in putting together your final 53 you know it’s now you can’t speculate who it might be but obviously these guys aren’t just competing with guys at their position group they’re competing with the 31 other teams at their position group and they’re competing with the eighth offensive linemen fifth or six line backer sixth receiver you know so that happens a lot in in our game and in you know we made the trade because we feel like player like like him can can help us we got a vision for what we think he does well and I think him being able to come in and work with our room work with Drew and under Drew all of those things it’s a quarterback driven league and we’re excited to have him well we in March we weren’t discussing him and I think that’s what the question was earlier obviously when he got a chance to play a whole preseason everyone got a chance to see him and we were excited to see him do well I you know just you root for someone like that you know the injury he had similar to what Drew had there’s there’s it’s hard to find players at that position that had something that significant in but credit him and his work ethic and he got in today and was good meeting him good seeing him no I wouldn’t listen who I talked to I mean I’ll talk to a bunch of those guys but that’s not not for the story I think so I think so good decision accurate smart can move can make the first guy miss is a winner he won in college he’s won in the NFL I’ll stop there

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  1. I wish the people asking questions were mic'd as well but SOOOO happy we pulled such a foundation of a Quarterback I can't wait to see him under Drew's teaching

  2. Just gonna enjoy every snap Brees takes from here on out. No matter how good Teddy is for us, there will never be another Drew Brees

  3. Gotta remember drew brees had a injury no one wanted to invest in either I really do want Bridgewater to stay no diss to Taysom or JT

  4. Needed this after how bad taysom played and with a good enough team teddy can still make the saints a contender after drew retires

  5. "This helps us get better". My interpretation is that Tom Savage, Taysom Hill looked bad in training camp/preseason and they need a #2 QB

  6. Teddy will only get better under Drews mentoring. I am going to enjoy every minute of Drews playing this year and hopefully for a few more years. I know he is at the end of his career and what a career it has been. I will always be a Saints fan long after he retires but there will never be another like Brees. I cant wait to see how we play this year. We are contenders with #9 under center leading that offense. Our def looks like its ready to make us proud also. Thanks Who Dat nation!!!! Lets go get that Lombardi Trophy and bring it back to "Nawlins" ….#FinishStrong. # SmellGreatness. Love you Drew!!!

  7. this was a great pickup!!! a young QB with a high iq for the game… playoff experience, pro bowl, 65%com , and looked great in the pre season 105 pass rating. a lot of us in MN including the owner really did not want him released.. but they let the stupid gm do his job.. this is a move that will get him FIRED!!! and I hope soon because he screwed up the payroll signing KIRK!!!!! so now if people don't take pay cuts they are off the roster… that's what happen to de brian Robison undercover…..

  8. Sean Payton is a puppet of the NFL and a traitor to the saints fans. NFL football is fake. It's all been pre-planned as to who will go to the bowl. So sad. I once loved to watch my saints. Now I know the truth and I'm not fool enough to root for a team that's completely controlled by the NFL to the point they deceive the fans. All games are pre-planned and no one knows who,s the best. All you fools who keep up with the stats and sit around talking like you know what your talking about, are puppets your selves. You spend the money it takes to allow the NFL to survive and continue deceiving the stupid fans. Football is a great game. NFL football is a fake ass game.

  9. And I thrust coach Sean Payton decisions for our team.He knows what to do with those free agent guys.He have patience for the New Orleans Saints too.He took his time,and build that team up from scratch.He is a great coach.Fill in all of the missing part to the defense,and you will have a powerful force in that NFL.That's a promise!

  10. Saints fan living in MN I am thrilled to have Teddy…. So hopeful he will succeed Drew and the Saints extend him before he becomes a free agent.

  11. Last time the saints took a chance on a quarterback coming off of an injury was drew Brees.. and look how that turned out.. I’m excited 👀

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