Science or Religion – What to Believe? – Sadhguru Answers

Science or Religion – What to Believe? – Sadhguru Answers

Moderator: Religions in this world proclaims that the
God has created human beings, but our evolutionary science is saying that
human beings have come from monkeys. Which one should I believe in? Sadhguru: What do you feel closer to (Laughter)? So if you are going in forward gear go with Darwin, if you are in reverse gear go with God (Laughter/Applause). These are two different ways of doing the same thing (Applause). Superscript: Science or Religion
What to believe? – Sadhguru answers Moderator (Vedavyasa): Sadhguru I am a student from science background. Most of the religions in this world proclaims that
the God has created human beings but our evolutionary science is saying that human
beings have come from monkeys. Which one should I believe in? Sadhguru: What do you feel closer to (Laughter)? Moderator (Vedavyasa): Being a human I think that
I have evolved from humans (Sadhguru Laughs). Sadhguru: See.. if you are someone who is on a reverse gear, then you must choose the first one. Your religious people telling you, you came from God because you are going in that direction
better not go in the direction of a monkey. Go back to God. But if you’re planning to evolve then better go with Darwin. Because is there room for evolution for you
or you are super evolved already? I am asking? Moderator (Vedavyasa): There is a room for evolution. Sadhguru: There is room for evolution. If there is room for evolution that means there is a possibility that you can become a
better man than what you are today. So if you are going in forward gear go with Darwin, if you are in reverse gear go with God (Laughter/Applause). Yes. Because if you want to go on that path that needs devotion. Devotion means… The word “devotion” comes from the word “dissolution.” You want to dissolve in to
your object of devotion whatever it is. You want to dissolve into it. So in a way it is a way of making yourself
less and less and less so that you become nothing literally. It’s a wonderful way to live. It is not sounding good when you speak in
language that you want to become less and less. No. When you become really nothing, you become limitless also. So devotion is one way to go. But you don’t have that. Because you’ve gone through
little bit of modern education and you’re beginning to think logically. Now if you think logically, naturally you can see life has evolved on this planet there’s no question about that. So if you want to go forward you must see just behind you is the monkey. One step backward you will be right there. Better you move forward quickly. Because some of the scientists are saying today that the DNA difference between
you and a Chimpanzee is only 1.23 percent. 1.23 percent is not much of a difference,
isn’t it (Laughter)? So one point…If you are not happy with 1.23 percent
you must accelerate your evolution the entire system of Yoga is just this. How to accelerate your evolution. In every dimension of who you are,
how to hasten your process. Now that you are talking about evolution. Whatever Charles Darwin said, a goat could have become a Giraffe. It took so many millions of years. A pig could have become an elephant and
it took so many million years. And a monkey became a man and it happened rather quickly (Laughter) to such a point, anthropologist are saying that there must
be a missing link somewhere. It happened rather very quickly. So now if evolution happened, when you were a monkey you did not desire,
“I want to be a human being.” There is no such desire in you. Nature just pushed you on. It’s just life’s longing. It’s not a conscious thing. It’s just life’s longing to get better from an amoeba to here, just imagine the volume of work that’s been done. Incredible, isn’t it?. Whatever amount of time it took from a
single-celled creature to a human being, what a tremendous amount of work being done. But now you have been rendered in a space
where your evolution has to be conscious. Fifteen thousand years ago… Over fifteen thousand years ago, Adiyogi said this when his seven sages asked… His seven disciples asked this question, “How did life happen? You have heard of the nine avataras? What are they? Moderator (Vedavyasa): Matsya, Kurma, Varaha,
Vamana, Narasimha, Parashurama, Rama… Moderator (Vedavyasa): …Krishna, Buddha, Kalki (Cheers/Applause). Sadhguru: So, Please look at what he is saying. This is very much in parallel with what Charles Darwin is saying. First is fish Matsya Avatara, next is amphibious turtle, then he is skipping all the other small forms and coming to the mammals. The first mammal we are talking about, a boar or a pig. the hardest animal to kill is always a boar because it’s so rooted in the body. Even today if you behave badly the girls will say “he is like a pig.” Yes or no (Laughs)? So something is very crude you say it’s like a pig. So first animal, mammal is the pig. What’s next? Narasimha. Narasimha means half- man, half-animal. Next is Vamana means a dwarfed man, next is Parashurama a full-fledged man but explosive and uncontrolled, volatile.. Next one is Rama. A peaceful man. Next one is Krishna a loving man, an exuberant man. Next one is Buddha who is a meditative man. Next one is supposed to be a mystical man. It is not about those individual people. This is just these people are being used as milestones. This is the nature of development of life. In many ways this is running parallel to
Darwin’s theory of evolution. Darwin’s theory of evolution is only
hundred-and-fifty-two years old. Adiyogi spoke about this over
fifteen-thousand years ago (Applause). And then naturally the next question is “can we evolve further?” Because you find… you find right now when
you want to study for your examination, you wish you had little more brain. Hello? Does it happen or no? Participants: Yes Sadhguru: So naturally question “Can I evolve further?” If a single celled animal can become this much, can I go further? So Adiyogi said this. This is…Modern neurologist are saying the
very same thing in a different language. Adiyogi said “considering the nature of the solar system and the arithmetic. The way the planet, the moon and the sun,
these three are very important. This is why the entire yogic system is around
these three aspects. These three have significant roles, unless something fundamental
about the solar system changes, he said your body cannot evolve further. But you can evolve consciously. When we say we can evolve consciously, I can show you or we can take you as an experiment if you are willing. Moderator (Vedavyasa): Yes Sadhguru: Hmm? We can put you on something and show you that
your very fundamental genetics will change within a matter of three to nine months by doing certain things with your system. If you know, if you are willing to
give yourself to a certain discipline. Your very genetics can be altered. Your level of intelligence can be changed. The way you experience life can be changed. So he said, you can evolve consciously but physically you cannot evolve
unless something about the planetary system changes. Modern neurologists are saying something very similar.. So if you are going forward choose Darwin, if you want to go backwards, backwards is not a bad place. If you want to go backwards… don’t think
backwards is a negative thing. No. If you want to dissolve you go towards God. If you want to evolve, this is one way. These are two different ways of doing the
same thing (Applause).

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  1. Why is he endorsing the Dashavatar and Darwin relation? The Dashavatar is an artificial order not the chronological one

  2. The question wasn’t ‘should I evolve or move towards god/union instead,’ it was ‘what was the true history of man, evolution or creation?’

  3. Science or religion? Hmm… is not really a choice. Spirituality, Yoga, Daoism all better choices might on think?

  4. Such a diplomatic answer as always! Avatars is a theory. Darwin's evolution is a theory based on observations, and later they found evidence. Also, he is wrong about human evolution. It started 7 million years ago. So can you prove the avatars now? Who is this adi yogi(we know he means god)? Where is the proof? Science is about questioning and seeking the truth. You cant seek truth with faith and devotion. Faith is abandoning of reasoning. Science is the only way forward.

  5. Assalamualaikum n hello to all, im a muslim and all i can say is i have massive respect over Sadhguru, with his knowledges n wise soft spoken. Eventho we both have different background n religion but thats not a obstacles for me to gain more knowledges n understand from u. Im one of u fan on utube Sadhguru. . May Allah give u long live n good health Sadhguruso u can keep delivered knowledges to everyone. Amin. ❤️

  6. Wow!! Drawings parallel between dashavatara and evolution was EPIC..!! Never thought about it like that. 👌
    Sadhguru is pretty crazy!!🙏

  7. The people who getting distracted by Jakir Naik ! We must take them to the right path & tell them to listen Sadhguru

  8. Both! IF you believe to wellness religion…life…woman…children…not any hate between good religion…fath of human…Nature!…

  9. I just want to see (1):Sandeep Maheshwari and Sadguru together.
    (2):Elon musk and K Sivan with Conversation with Sadguru. 😍😍
    Support me if u want the same.

  10. No monkeys or any other animals have ever destroyed earth like humans. We cannot state that humans are evolved.

  11. Hey this happened in my city Mysore and Sadhguru's city as well he was born and brought up here. I was there in the audience he was so far that he looked l a small freckles so I closed my eyes with shambhavi mudra but the was he spoke was so rhythmic that it was like listening to a melodious song

  12. "our evolutonary science is saying that human beings have come from monkeys", maybe you should reconsider calling yourself a student with scientific background, because thats not how you classify our ancestors…

  13. There are phases in Human experience of live, first comes security, family & wealth, then comes power, and when the emptiness is still there .. comes spirituality after a quest for knowledge. How can anything emerge from nothing? " If it is not it makes itself possible, so it is and will be. " the answers therefor is not spiritual nor scientific but philosophical! All seem to be consciousness within conscious awareness of the existence and to be, to exist! What ever is the truth, life is made for living and enjoy it as much you can, and do not disturb others experiencing life but support them on their journey!

  14. To compare the Dasavathara to Evolution is to know nothing about the Dasavathara or about Evolution.

    The Matsya Avatara takes place when men exist. Matsya is saved by a human who makes arrangements for the fish to grow to a phenomenal size. So there is no evolution here.

    The Kurma Avatara does not even happen on earth, and those involved in this episode are non earthly higher life forms. And remember, when the tortoise manifests itself, the serpent already exists and has been brought into use as a rope. So where is evolution?

    The Avathara forms suddenly change, from the torso and face of a human and a body of an animal in the first two, to the face of an animal and a body of a man in the next two, that is Varaha and Narasimha. Further Varaha is extraterrestrial, as he lifts the earth from some other sea. Looks like evolution is going haywire by now in the Dasavathara.

    If you still want to believe it is evolution then you must accept that Rama was more evolved than Parasurama and Krishna more evolved than Rama. I wouldn’t want to stick my neck out with such a claim.

    So enjoy the myths for what they are, and follow the evidence when you deal with science and all will be well with the world.

  15. The Nasadiya Sukta, the Hymn of Creation in the Rigveda (10:129) mentions the world beginning from a point or bindu, through the power of heat. This can be seen as corresponding to the Big Bang theory.

    Several prominent modern scientists have remarked that Hinduism (as also Buddhism and Jainism by extension as they share most of these philosophies) is the only religion (or civilization) in all of recorded history, that has timescales and theories in astronomy (cosmology), that appear to correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology, e.g. Carl Sagan, Niels Bohr, Erwin Schrödinger, Werner Heisenberg, Robert Oppenheimer,George Sudarshan,Fritjof Capra etc.

  16. Great Question by the boy, just one correction.. Evolution do not say we came from monkey or apes.. it says few million years ago we had common ancestor, its little different than the common misconception that humans came from apes or monkeys
    As always it's a pleasure to listen to sadhguru, even young hosts were great.

  17. To answer the question asked in a different way…. There is a difference between believing IN something and believing THAT something is true. To believe in something is to accept something as true without convincing evidence. To believe that something is true is to accept something because you have convincing evidence.

    There really is no convincing evidence as yet that we were created, so we reject this proposition, till of course sufficient evidence that stands up to rigorous scientific scrutiny comes our way. We have substantial evidence that we have evolved, not just from geological and fossil records, but also from DNA analysis.

    And by the way, the person asking the question needs to really brush up on his knowledge of evolutionary biology. We have not evolved from monkeys. Both monkeys and humans have evolved from a common ancestor. So we are cousins, and our closest cousins are the Chimpanzees.

    Frankly, questions on evolution are best answered if put to an evolutionary biologist. If you ask a question to a wrong person, the right and honest answer should be “I don’t know”, any other answer is bound to be way off the mark.

  18. I think there is a fault,
    We didn't evolve from monkey
    Our ancestors were common (chimpanzee & humans) we evolved differently than monkeys.
    And evolution is not just a theory now, it's a Fact, proven time & again.

  19. you say the our science says we came from monkeys ? i don't think that anybody came from monkeys other than you and the people who think that evolution works in that way.

  20. I didnt heard a jok or stupidity like this befor…😀😀😀😀😀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. What a analogy u take to understand science with the help of religion i can't even think that nine avatara of vishnu could help to understand evolution u r great sir and that's why u r the only saint i beleive in 🙂

  22. Darwin's theory of evolution was an orchestrated diversion from the truth, to further confuse everyone about our origin and where we actually came from. In one sense, the evolution theory still leaves room for the God theory. But if we were told that we were genetically engineered into humans, then the God concept is out for sure. But the powers that be, need the God concept to survive, so that manipulation and intimidation is possible, through Religion, one of the biggest curses on mankind. Religion has successfully delivered on keeping humanity fighting, polarized and fragmented, which is exactly what the shadow rulers of this planet need. If mankind were allowed to unite, thid shadow government would get knocked out.

  23. If the dinosaurs or some other species are a product of EVolution, why are the species died out and chimpanses are alive?

    Has the programm a leak? Or was the (E)volume Not regulated or high enough?

    I don't know sadhguru and I don't know, what He is doing for the planet? Is he a right hand of the rulers of the planet?

    Just a few questions, in the sight of: what is his Plan for the future?

  24. Sadhguru according to the solar system model, VR travelling through space at 490 thousand miles per hour, we are also circling the sun at 66600 miles per hour while spinning thousand miles per hour, why haven't the constellations changed in thousands of years?
    Sadhguru have you examined the world in which you live or do you know from personal experience?
    Sadhguru prove one piece of FACTUL and irrefutable evidence in support two things. A) The curvature of the alleged spinning ball Earth. B) The motion of the alleged spinning ball Earth.
    Sadhguru if you really think the earth is a planet spinning ball then please prove it.
    If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, student eventually come to believe it."
    The earth is a planet spinning ball is the biggest lie ,ever told, so stop defending NASA's lies.
    Please check out the experiment for yourself do not take my word for it.

  25. Darwin's evolution , as external, visible one is right…. spiritual , inner involution of humans , is right as well…

  26. Science researches and produces facts however long it may take!!! Religion however is just a fantasy and will always be such because nobody has had a true experience of the Divine or come back from the Dead to tell us what is Truth and what is not!!!! Science all the way…ie Nikola Tesla, Michael Faraday all worked for the benefit of mankind and are responsible for our current way of life and will be in the Future!!! Gods Own!!!!

  27. Sadhguru utters BLA BLA BLA without answering the question and these so-called students were laughing like idiots

  28. what is science? Pft, God created the science and so what now? science want to prove that God doesn't exist.

  29. A true man of clarity and integrity like Sadhguru will acknowledge the fact of evolution ; the Charlatans like Zakir Naik will hide the truth with bullshit lies found in a mythical book that has enslaved the minds of billions of people.


  31. I never ever thought in such direction that the Incarnations were so similar to Darwin's theory 🙏🏻

  32. That was not even an answer he asked for. The response was funny. But that response is not the answer..

  33. Anyone who says we when he speaks to you you should run from your afterlife is in your hands and these clowns are trying to ride you to the top find christ if you dont do anything else

  34. this is a clear misconception !!!! science never said that humans evolved from monkeys ! science said that the great apes ( champanzees and gorillas and etc ) ( apes are completly deffrent to monkeys ) based on genetics and fossils and several proves that humans and great apes have common ancestors !!!!! please dont misconcept people

  35. Claiming, even in the crudest way, that Dashavatar resembles the evolutionary pattern – and hence Indians had a version of it when the west believed that stuff fell off the ground at the edge of our planet – is tantamount to saying that one can describe and explain the constituents of Pluto by studying those of earth, simply because Pluto and earth naturally share the same shape. It was but a very vague coincidence and the two disciplines are very dissimilar.

    Pseudosciences misrepresent human progress and aggressively aim to take the centre stage by attributing their superiority to vague coincidences and incomplete research.

    P.s: no neurologist ever said that humans cannot evolve given the conditions as they are.

  36. I can't wait till science gets to the point that it is able to explain absolutely anything and the concept of a god dissolves

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