hi everyone I’m Diana Palm from and today we’re going to talk about one of my very favorite topics
which is how science and spirituality go hand in hand many times people think that science is
completely different than spirituality what I find as a spiritual healer and a
medium is that I really love the scientific evidence and support because
science has come a long way and now they understand how very very scientific it
really is to use energy for healing we use energy every single day of our life
everything in the universe is energy and when we understand the science behind
how energy medicine and energy healing works it can help us to understand how
applicable it is for our lives and how this benefits us to learn more about
energy our universe is actually governed by laws which are all scientific in
nature there really is a real way to understand and apply scientific
principles and scientific laws of the universe to our personal lives and this
is where it comes down to our personal manifestations our health our abundance
and when we can learn how to use these scientific laws our energy can increase
and we can understand how we operate in this universe more as co-creators we are
not victims of circumstance the most profound way that you can do this for
yourself is to think of any area where you have carried lack limits or
victimhood and to actually change that and shift that perspective within your
life when you take full responsibility for everything you own it even when it
seems like terrible terrible things have been done to you when you do that you
pull yourself out of the victimhood mentality and you put yourself into the
seat of being co-creator you created it even if you co-created it or attracted
it into your life that means that right here right now you can actually make a
different decision and you can attract something new into your life the really
important part of creating your life by using energy and the laws of attraction
and where science meets the spirituality is to implement them know that the laws
of the universe are real know that there really are laws that govern this
universe there’s magnetism electricity laws of
focus the laws of attraction the laws of light the laws of cause and effect there
are so many laws that affect our universe when we begin to understand
those and apply them to our life we can really shape-shift our life and start
creating it the way that we really really really want to now what we expose
ourselves to is so impactful and so profound that when we actually observe
something our mind begins to create from that and that’s why it’s important to
know what we’re exposing ourselves to what we’re seeing every day of our lives
what we’re watching on TV and what we’re looking at in terms of our focus because
it really really does make a difference all the way through the cells in your
body and through the things that you’re going to begin attracting now it’s
actually been proven in scientific experiments that when there are
observers watching the results change the only control we have about that is
to perhaps change our perspective whatever we give energy to the universe
gives us more back and this brings us to the law of attraction whatever we think
feel and focus on we create and we get more of and so when we’re going through
a hard time and we’re thinking about these difficulties and the problems
maybe we’re talking about it with friends we’re actually anchoring that
energy into our lives and thereby attracting more of it Albert Einstein
saw God in nature he actually saw it apply in the laws and the energy of the
universe and could see this beautiful pattern and the inner workings of our
universe and saw that that was divine and amazing and that’s what he focused
his life on is helping us to understand and now we do understand in so many more
ways that it is impossible to live without science just as it is impossible
to live without spirituality they really do go hand in hand
Einstein also encouraged people to use their intuition to solve problems
he was really well known for being able to meditate and retrieve answers from
the universe so even one of the most scientific minds of all time believed in
the spirit principles of meditation and energy and
really saw how they applied scientifically I get people that are
scientists physicists doctors nurses I get people in all professions that are
drawn to what I teach because there is so much scientific validation and
support now when you’re hearing about energy healing the laws of the universe
of laws of attraction understand that there’s a lot that goes behind them
these are not metaphysical ideas they’re really scientifically based and that
means that they can apply for anybody regardless of their religion
I love teaching people how to use these scientific and spiritual laws which is
why I created the five easy steps to manifest your dreams where I teach
people in a 50-minute master class much more about manifesting and how to apply
it to their personal lives there’s a 30 page personal manifesting guide that
accompanies the program so that you literally can get your thoughts written
down on paper and see for yourself where you have perceived blocks in your
ability to manifest and attract to you it also helps you get crystal clear on
what you are attracting and what you truly truly want and then I’ve got a 20
minute video on how to remove those subconscious blocks and clear them from
your subconscious so that you truly can have these things many people think that
if they try to remain positive or they’re optimistic that that would be
enough but our subconscious blocks are actually the ones that are running our
manifestation and really behind the scenes attracting everything to us and
that would be fine if we knew what all of our subconscious blocks were but we
don’t because the fact is we get a lot of them from our ancestral line we
actually inherit them right in our DNA and a lot of these lacks and limits we
are not aware of so we do everything we can to overcome them we’re being
positive we’re working hard but yet still we’re not able to get ahead if
this is you it’s absolutely a must that you learn how to clear subconscious
blocks when we clear belief and blocks in our subconscious
mind our vibration increases which means that we begin to really truly attract to
us what it is we want we’re more in alignment with the vibration and energy
without the push hustle and struggle that would be required if we did not
change our subconscious blocks the laws of the universe are open and available
to everybody and you can use these to really create the life you want to have
so learning how to use them is one of the things that I teach and I love to
teach people how to empower themselves and create the lives that they want the
easiest way to change your focus change your thoughts change your feelings and
change your beliefs is to actually work with your subconscious mind and changing
those inner workings and the inner programs that you have going on and that
you inherited from your ancestors one of the things I often recommend to my
clients is that they walk around with a notebook and what you can do is write
down some of your thoughts and feelings that you have throughout the day and if
you’re talking to a friend write down your story what are you saying over and
over to people your excuses your reasons your victim hoods your hardships your
illnesses write those down and understand that every single time you’re
talking about them and putting your focus on them and putting your energy on
them you’re drawing more of that to you okay so being positive and optimistic is
not enough we still have this other stuff running in the back of our mind
through our thoughts through our beliefs through our stories through our feelings
and so when we begin to change that you’ll find that your conversations with
people change your energy your thoughts even looking back at particular
situations you’ve lived through will not feel like trauma it’ll feel like yeah I
went through that and here’s what I gained here’s what I learned the laws of
the universe their scientific and their spiritual and they’re for absolutely
everyone everything is connected in the quantum field we are all part of each
other and we are all part of every single thing the more that you can give
your love and attention to that the more you can compliment people the more you
can be of service the more you can give and be generous and
loving with your energy and your time the more you will actually get that
energy back from others from the universe through opportunities more
money better health so get out there today and begin manifesting your dreams
if you would like help and assistance with that check out my master class if
you already know about the laws of attraction and you’ve been manifesting
your dreams or you want to learn more grab your phone and take a snapshot
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how many people are actually utilizing the law of attraction for manifesting
their dreams and really getting into the subconscious program and understanding
how science and spirituality go hand-in-hand and if you like this video
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thanks so much everyone have a great day


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