#SaintsAndSinners Season 4 Trailer

#SaintsAndSinners Season 4 Trailer

And now, an exclusive
sneak peek at the all-new season of the
Bounce TV original series, Saints and Sinners. I had to put others before
my wants and needs. Now for the first time, I
can get what I want. [Instrumental Music] And Cypress is just the
beginning. [Musical chanting]
♪ Wah wah wah ♪ I love being mayor. ♪ I want you to
walk… ♪ Imagine what I can do in the
state senate. Your a family situation is just
not the image that people want
in their leaders. – You’ve used your position and
power to pull the wool over
everyone’s eyes, but I know who you
really are. – And who’s that? [Dramatic Music] A killer. You make it
sound so…ugly. ♪ Hold my hand ♪ Look what I’ve managed to do
within these walls. You think a padded room is gonna
change anything? [Vocalizing]

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  1. I'm jus curious jabari looks kinda fake to me look at that hair line and he lost weight I guess for the movie

  2. They shouldn’t kill the cop off I hop they make it like a dream I getting turn off on it make evil. Win all the time

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