Saints Row the Third MODS-Top 5

Saints Row the Third MODS-Top 5

This is the Nuke Norway top five game mods
for Saints Row the Third. I’m Jay Davis and I’m gonna be COUNTIN’ EM DOWN! Oh
yeah, we have audio processing, that’s right. Run tell that!
Anyway, in case you don’t already know mods are just what they sound like – modifications
to a game that make it more betterer. …Then again if you don’t know what a mod is, how
would you have found this video. DUUURR Anyway, moving along to the countdown- number
5 on our list is something that every fevered teenage boy has dreamed of since he loaded
up his first game of tomb raider –NUDITY! That’s right, full-on boobies bouncing in
the breeze, ass flapping nudity in Saints Row. This mod which is ever-so-sweetly titled
“Porno and Murder” removes all pixilation from the nude bodies of your in game female
character. So now all of you guys out there who had to justify your Saints Row playing
to your wife, girlfriend, or overbearing mother, have even more to defend… Plus it probably
doesn’t help that the mod is titled “Porno and Murder”.
“Yeah honey, just settling in for some Porno and Murder, love ya!”. But if your girl
doesn’t mind you playing a game where you can beat strippers to death with a giant purple
dildo, she’s probably not gonna mind this. Now, we’re going all PG-13 with this video,
so we’re only showing you some butt and side boobage, but trust me- the real thing
has full frontal nudity. You can find the download link in the video description below.
At number 4 on our countdown is The Permanent Temporary Weapons mod. This mod allows you
to equip yourself with some of the games more destructive temporary weapons. Like being
able to carry around a big-ass chaingun in your weapons arsenal for example. Or a flamethrower.
Again, download link in the description. At number 3, we have the Vehicle first person
camera mod. Yes this mod allows you to get up close and personal when your mowing down
the residents of Steelport, with a nice first-person windshield view, and yes, it even works on
motorcycles! The download link is in the description below the video.
Number 2 on our countdown of Saints Row the Third mods is the Excessive Saints Row mod.
This mod takes the game of Saints Row, and…um makes it more excessive. The level 4 handguns
are now more powerful and fully automatic. You can now take out cars and choppers in
an instant with just your 45s. The molotovs are stronger, giving everyone that delicious
smoky barbecue smell. Even the shark gun now causes mass carnage and the cops aren’t
safe from the land shark even if they stay in their cars with the doors locked and the
windows rolled up. You know where the download link is? That’s right, it’s in the video
description. And finally, number 1 on our list, DRUMROLL
PLEASE! It’s Youtube user theAlo81’s mod pack, which just flat-out packs together so
much fun stuff you’ll want to put a party-hat on before you play. Play as a hobbit, play
as a giant, fly through the air, make it rain pedestrians, run faster than the Flash on
Angel Dust, make all the drivers bloodthirsty maniacs that only want to run you down. And
that’s just the start – With TheAlo81’s mod you get a machine gun grenade launcher,
an airstrike that drops 80 rockets on your target, yes I said *80* rockets! Oh, they’re
gonna need an amberlamps. You can also turn on low gravity for some pedestrian skeet shooting.
And finally, last but not least, if you REALLY get yourself in trouble, you can make one
phone call and a BUS full of ALL of your homies shows up to help you fight. A whole clown
car full of yo freaky friends. The link to TheAlo81’s youtube video and
a link to the mod are listed below in the video description.
Well that’s all. We’ve reached the end of the countdown. Thanks for watching and
I hope you all enjoyed it . Now go mod your game and get to playing some Saints Row the
Third. If you liked the video, please hit the Like
button below, and be sure to hit the subscribe button so that you won’t miss any of the
great videos we’ve got coming up on the Nuke Norway channel. This has been Jay Davis.
Thanks everybody!

99 Replies to “Saints Row the Third MODS-Top 5”

  1. I was more hoping to find a mod that adds in the better lighting/car paint effects seen on Saint Row IV.  I love how IV looks just I prefer playing The 3rd. hehe

  2. Omg I madden a discovery if u have a local disk (for console) put in your pc/computer download the mod on the local disk then u have mods for Xbox an crap

  3. i always get scared when i get something from mega download because its a new zealend (nz in url) so the url ends in mega CONZ 

  4. Can someone explain how to install these mods?
    I got the gentlemen of steelport working, but I don't know where to put general mods like these though 

  5. How do you apply these mods to the game? Im on an Xbox 360 and i am using Horizon to mod. I dont know how to actually apply these mods to my game. 

    Can anyone help?

  6. ok first the flash on angel dust? his metabolism won't allow him to be drugged if he did drugs in a say ton it would only last a couple minutes so flash and drugs don't mix sadly neither do flash and 5000 pizzas

  7. You can't even get TheAlo81's Mod Pack anymore if you know where to get it from I would love to know but for now I am disliking this video due to not being able to get TheAlo81's Mod Pack

  8. Oh good there is a nude mod in this game. I was surprised the other mod guy didn't mention this one. I'm not a FPS fan so the first person one won't be useful for me. I could use the last one to run faster. Can I choose which feature I want in the last mod?

  9. So I've been gone a while and I come back to find saints row top 5s, The voice is different than I remember and it's not a omegle prank… did I jump timelines by mistake?

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