Saints Row Story Summary – What You Need to Know!

Saints Row Story Summary – What You Need to Know!

With Saints Row V right around the corner…wait…that
was just a rumor? Well, nevertheless, we here at Suggestive
Gaming figured it would be a fun trip down memory lane to take a look back at the storyline
of the Saints Row series. Note that we won’t be covering the mobile
games, since their stories are generally unrelated, certain non-canon DLCs, as well as the cancelled
game: Money Shot, for obvious reasons. Also, to save myself from a litany of comments:
while the Saints Row series bears several references and similarities to the Red Faction
series, developers have confirmed on several accounts that they are completely separate. So sorry, but we won’t be touching those
either, at least not right now. We will however, cover Agents of Mayhem, the
Saints Row spinoff game, at the end of this video as a bonus, as voted on by you: the
subscribers of the channel! Now before we begin, we do ask that if you
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make sure you hit that subscribe button either way. With all of that said, this is what you need
to know about Saints Row. Our story begins in the year 2006 in the city
of Stilwater, where we meet our protagonist, caught in the middle of a gunfight with warring
gangs: the Westside Rollerz, the Vice Kings, and Los Carnales. Right before one of the Kings shoots him,
however, he is rescued by two members of another gang, the 3rd Street Saints: Julius Little
and Troy Bradshaw. The protagonist meets Julius, who is the leader
of the Saints, at their headquarters: a derelict church in the city’s Saints Row district. There, he is jumped in to the gang, but proves
himself in combat, successfully becoming a member of the Saints. Julius reveals to the protagonist that he
plans to build up the Saints reputation, and eventually take down the rest of the rival
gangs to take complete control of Stilwater with the help of the Saints’ other lieutenants. Working with Johnny Gat and Dex, the men stage
a plot to fake the death of Gat’s girlfriend, Aisha, a recording artist for the Vice King’s
record label. This sparks a war with the Kings’ leader,
Benjamin King, who eventually surrenders after the Saints cripple his gang and businesses. Another saint lieutenant, Jin, goes undercover
and infiltrates the Rollerz, but is discovered and killed. The protagonist avenges her death by killing
their leader, William Sharp, followed by his nephew, Joseph Price. The Protagonist and Troy also take down Los
Carnales, disrupting their drug deals and eventually killing their leaders: brothers
Hector and Angelo Lopez. Having successfully taken over Stilwater for
the Saints, the protagonist is promoted by Julius to the gang’s number-two in command. However, after Julius is arrested, he steps
in and takes over leading the Saints. A corrupt police chief, named Richard Monroe,
threatens to kill Julius unless the Saints publicly assassinate the Mayor, Marshall Winslow. They do this, but when Monroe doesn’t release
Julius in return, the Saints ambush Winslow’s funeral, and kill Monroe. Afterwards, alderman and Winslow’s mayoral
opponent, Richard Hughes, invites the protagonist to meet him on his yacht to make peace and
retrieve Julius. However, upon meeting him there, Hughes reveals
that he used the Saints’ gang activity as an excuse to redevelop the community, receiving
government funding to do so. Having no more use in the Saints, Hughes orders
his men to kill the protagonist, but just before they can, a bomb explodes on the boat,
killing Hughes and his men, and putting the protagonist into a coma. Years later, the protagonist awakens inside
of a prison hospital, where he meets another prisoner, Carlos Mendoza, a brother of a former
Saints member, who got himself shanked in order to meet the protagonist. Carlos then helps the protagonist escape the
prison and steal a boat to get back to Stilwater. On the way, he explains that without a leader,
the Saints have since fallen apart, and new gangs, along with the mega-corporation Ultor,
have sprung up to claim the territory left vacant by the Saints. Later, the protagonist catches a news report
announcing the death sentence of Johnny Gat, being prosecuting for 387 murders as well
as the attempted murder of Troy Bradshaw, who had been an undercover cop during his
tenure with the Saints, and since became the chief of police. The protagonist breaks Gat out of the courthouse,
and they reunite with Aisha. They take over a hotel destroyed by an earthquake
and set out to rebuild the gang and recapture the city. Looking to recruit new lieutenants, the protagonist
suggests Carlos, and Gat brings up two fellow jail inmates, Pierce Washington and a woman
named Shaundi. Once again, the protagonist works with his
lieutenants to take down the rival gangs. With Pierce, he sets off to take out the Ronin. However, during this campaign, the Ronin attack
the Saints and murder Aisha. Gat and the protagonist kill their leaders
and avenge her death. Carlos and the protagonist take care of the
Brotherhood, however, Carlos is kidnapped by their leader’s girlfriend, Jessica, and
stuffed in a trunk. The protagonist tries to save him, but arrives
too late and is forced to shoot Carlos to put him out of his misery. Later, the protagonist kidnaps Jessica, placing
her in her trunk and tricking her boyfriend Maero to kill her in a destruction derby. Later, the protagonist kills Maero. Finally, with Shaundi, he takes down the Sons
of Samedi, using her connections to ex-boyfriend DJ Veteran Child, along with her hacking skills. After taking control of Stilwater once again,
the protagonist decides to go visit Troy at the police station, finding recorded conversations
with Dex, who left the Saints to work for Ultor. Through these tapes he discovers that it was
Julius who planted and detonated the bomb The protagonist calls Dex, who asks him to
meet at the Saints’ old church. When he gets there, however, instead of Dex,
he finds Julius. The two argue, but are forced to ally temporarily
as the church is attacked by Masako, Ultor’s privatized defense agency. After surviving the attack, the protagonist
shoots Julius in the chest. Before he dies, however, the two argue about
what the Saints have become, before the protagonist shoots him in the head, finally killing him. With the rival gangs and Julius out of their
way, the Saints are then targeted by Ultor. A Masako unit attacks and captures the lieutenants,
but they all escape, regroup, and plan to attack their secret facility: the Pyramid. Johnny and the protagonist do so, destroying
Ultors weapons stockpile. Afterwards, Pierce learns of a meeting between
Ultor executives on a cruise ship, which the protagonist goes to and interrupts, killing
it’s participants. Due to the death of all of Ultor’s directors,
Dane Vogel, Ultor’s Head of Special Projects (who had been using the chaos caused by the
Saints and rival gangs to manipulate the housing market and buy up various plots of land) is
promoted to Chairman of the Board for Ultor. Vogel schedules a press conference to announce
this move, but during it, the Saints attempt an assasination. An Ultor security guard catches Gat however,
and in the scuffle, he fires off a shot, causing the crowd to scramble, allowing Vogel to escape
to his tower in the chaos. The protagonist is able to attack and infiltrate
the building, however, and he confronts Vogel in his office. Vogel attempts to reason with him, but he
is met with a gunshot to the mouth, which forces him back through the window, and he
falls to his death. Later, Dex goes into hiding, and the Saints
make peace with the new CEO of Ultor, Eric Gryphon. This strikes up a partnership between the
Saints and Ultor. Some years later, the Saints have gained an
immense amount of fame, becoming a massive media empire. A method actor named Josh Birk (known for
playing vampire-hunting-vampire Nyte Blayde) joins the protagonist, Shaundi, and Gat in
robbing a bank to better understand his role in an upcoming biographical film based on
the Saints. However, the attempt is thwarted by operatives
of the Morningstar gang, whose leader, Phillipe Loren, owns the bank. Josh is able to escape, but the Saints are
arrested by SWAT and retrieved by Phillipe’s right hand women, twins Kiki and Viola DeWynter,
and taken to him in his jet. Phillipe offers them a deal to share their
profits with The Syndicate, a larger criminal organization consisting of multiple gangs,
led by Phillipe. They refuse, and Gat takes over the plane,
allowing Shaundi and the protagonist to jump out of the plane. Unfortunately, during a call back to Johnny
during their escape, the protagonist and Shaundi hear him get cut off by gunfire. After landing in the city of Steelport, the
Saints vow to avenge Gat’s death by taking down Phillipe and the Syndicate. Meanwhile, Phillipe has Matt Miller, leader
of the Syndicate gang the Deckers, hacks the Saints’ bank accounts to bankrupt them. The Protagonist and Shaundi call in Pierce
to join them in their efforts, and with his help, they take over a penthouse from Morningstar,
using it as their new headquarters in Steelport. During their fight to get to the Syndicate
Tower to retrieve Gat’s body, the Saints meet Oleg, a brutish former KGB agent whom
the Syndicate had been experimenting on to create powerful clone soldiers. After the protagonist kills Phillipe as he
tries to escape the tower, the Saints retrieve Gat’s body and return to Stilwater to bury
him. However, once there, they are attacked by
another Syndicate gang, the Luchadores, led by Killbane, who has assumed control after
Phillipe’s death. The Luchadores destroy a bridge dedicated
to the memory of Richard Hughes, the politician that planned to kill the protagonist on his
Yacht years ago. After escaping the attack, Oleg informs the
Saints that they need to build up some support in order to take down the much more powerful
Syndicate. They return to Steelport and recruit former
FBI agent and hacker Kinzie Kensington, pimp and criminal resource Zimos, and former Luchadore
Angel De LaMuerte. After a party thrown at Saints HQ is attacked
by Morningstar, posing as the strippers, the protagonist and Zimos decide it’s time to
take the gang down. Meanwhile, Killbane kills Kiki DeWynter, and
her sister Viola retreats to join the Saints, tipping them off on various prostitution operations
which they intercept to devalue and take down Morningstar. Afterwards, a new Special Tactical Anti-Gang,
or STAG, task force is assembled to combat the gang activity in Steelport, and they begin
a war against the Saints, recruiting Josh Birk to use his Nyte Blayde character as their
public mascot. The saints kidnap Birk in order to draw STAG
out, and their leader, Cyrus Temple, makes a deal for his return in exchange for temporary
immunity for the Saints. However, Shaundi is captured by Cyrus’s
second in command, Kia. The protagonist disguises himself as Cyrus,
and arranges a fake capture of Pierce and Viola, taking them to STAG’s aircraft carrier. There, they are able to rescue Shaundi, destroying
the base as they escape. After several battles with STAG, including
stopping a zombie infestation with Steelport Mayor Burt Reynolds, as well as discovering
and befriending a clone of Gat named Johnny Tag, the Saints discover that Killbane has
publicly begun to blame them for the destruction of the bridge in Stilwater. Shaundi and the Protagonist trace the broadcast
and chase Killbane down, but he is able to escape. However, the protagonist is able to steal
a supercomputer, which he uses to enter the Deckers’ network and defeat their leader,
Matt Miller’s avatar, taking them down. Later, Viola informs the protagonist that
the way to finally take down Killbane is to humiliate him by unmasking him ad the upcoming
Murderbrawl wrestling event. The protagonist and Angel defeat him at Murderbrawl,
and humiliate him, finally taking over Steelport and the fully dissolving the Syndicate. However, Killbane does not go down easily,
and his remaining Luchadores engage in a massive war with STAG. As Killbane attempts to flee, the protagonist
starts to follow him before receiving a call from Kia informing him that a monument containing
Shaundi, Viola, and the mayor is about to be blown up. The protagonist has a choice to kill Killbane,
or save Shaundi and the others. In the canon storyline, he chooses to save
Shaundi, and makes his way to the monument. He removes the bombs from around it, then
kills Kia, saving the hostages. Afterwards, Cyrus attempts to have the Saints
arrested as terrorists, but Monica Hughes, Richard’s widow and current US Senator,
lauds them as heroes for saving the monument, and sends STAG out of Steelport. Later, we see the Saints on Mars, finally
finding and defeating Killbane, however, very shortly thereafter it is revealed to simply
be a scene for a movie starring the Saints called “Gangstas in Space”. Shortly after, the Protagonist, Pierce, and
Shaundi meet with MI6 Agent Asha Odekar and her handler Matt Miller and together, they
embark on a mission to take down Cyrus, who has since turned terrorist. The protagonist kills Cyrus, but not before
he successfully launches a nuclear missile towards Washington D.C. The protagonist, risking his life, climbs
the missile while it launches, disabling it in mid-air before jumping off as it explodes. The protagonist falls through the White House,
landing in the Oval Office. This act of heroism leads to the protagonist
being elected as President of the United States, with actor Keith David as his Vice-President,
and fellow Saints members as his cabinet. Five years later, the protagonist, on his
way to a press conference, is informed by Asha and Matt of an incoming alien invasion. Very shortly thereafter, the invasion begins,
and their leader, Zinyak, captures the cabinet before fighting hand-to-hand with the protagonist. Our hero is unable to defeat Zinyak, however,
who defeats him with his superior strength. The protagonist then wakes up, seemingly in
a squeaky-clean 1950s sitcom. Suspecting something wrong, the protagonist
eventually hears Kinzie, who hacks into this simulation and provides him with various weapons
to cause a disruption to the system. Zinyak becomes angered by this defiance, and
throws the protagonist into a simulation of an alien-controlled version of Steelport,
threatening to destroy Earth if he tries to escape. With Kenzie’s help however, the protagonist
escapes this simulation and meets her and Keith David, and the three steal an alien
ship to escape. As they head back to Earth, Zinyak holds true
on his threat, and destroys the planet before they can arrive. Vowing to avenge the loss of the planet, the
protagonist continuously re-enters the simulation to rescue the other Saints by helping them
escape with assistance from another trapped being named CID, whom they find a robot body
for. After rescuing the other Saints, the protagonist
learns that Johnny Gat is actually still alive, and was never gunned down, but instead captured
by Zinyak, who saw him as a threat to his Earth invasion plans. Gat is rescued, but in doing so, the Saints
reveal their position to Zinyak, who ambushes their ship and captures Kinzie. Keith also double crosses the Saints in a
deal with Zinyak to restore Earth. However, the protagonist, with the help of
pro wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper, snap Keith back into reality and convince him to come
back. The protagonist also re-enters the 1950s simulation
to save Kinzie and bring her back as well. The protagonist then overloads the simulation,
and steals a pair of power armor, using it to fight Zinyak, eventually beheading him
and taking over his alien empire. Zinyaks former servant, Zinjai, informs him
that the aliens had a method of time-travel, allowing the Saints to return back to a time
before the Earth was destroyed. They also release a captured Jane Austen. Sometime after the Saints travel through time,
they return to their ship and celebrate Kinzie’s birthday. However, after pulling out a Ouija Board that
once belonged to occultist Aleister Crowley, they ask it whom the protagonist will marry. Unbeknownst to them, Satan spells out “Jezebel”,
his daughter, and he opens a portal which pulls the protagonist down to Hell. Gat and Kinzie follow him to Hell, and surprisingly
find Ultor, as well as their former head, Dane Vogel, who actually helps them save the
protagonist. After gaining Satan’s attention, Gat makes
his way to Satan’s palace to stop the wedding. There, Satan offers to let Kinzie and the
protagonist go free if Gat agrees to take his place as Jezebel’s husband. Johnny refuses and forces Satan into a fight,
which he successfully defeats him in. Kinzie, the protagonist, and Jezebel are sent
back to the mortal world, but Gat is held by God, who explains that Satan actually captured
the protagonist to use him in an attack on heaven. To repay Johnny for stopping the plot, he
offers him five choices: to go to Heaven and reunite with Aisha, return to Hell to take
Satan’s place as king, locate a new planet for the Saints to rebuild Humanity, be told
all of the secrets of the universe, or recreate Earth and reset the entire universe of the
Saints Row series. If Gat chooses the option to recreate Earth,
we find him and Kinzie in the new Universe as law enforcement agents, preparing to question
somebody named Brimstone. This is Persephone Brimstone, a former member
of the super villain organization L.E.G.I.O.N., which she left after the latter’s leader,
the Morningstar, decided to use Dark Matter to achieve ultimate power and take over the
world. After L.E.G.I.O.N. revealed themselves to the world with a massive
attack that later became known as Devil’s Night, Persephone sets up her own team, M.A.Y.H.E.M.
at a base in Seoul, South Korea, and she sends her agents to track down Dr. Babylon, the
leader of L.E.G.I.O.N.’s Ministry of Pride. To combat them, Babylon first uses one of
his subordinates to cause terror to distract the agents, who ultimately defeat him. Babylon then uses a young singer named August
Gaunt and his influence to brainwash his legion of fans against M.A.Y.H.E.M., but they are
able to turn off his voice correcting technology, upsetting his fans and eliminating his power. Later, M.A.Y.H.E.M. attempts to steal a virus in the form of a
virtual pop-idol called AISHA. However, another one of Babylon’s men, a
cybernetic warrior named Steeltoe, finds the virus and falls in love with her. The two then arrange a virtual “wedding”
but the agents crash it and stop the unison, eventually destroying AISHA. Babylon then sends Ariadne, a scientist whom
he tries to control with a microchip to attack the agents. She is able to overcome the influence of the
chip, but the ordeal drives her insane, and she instead plots revenge against Babylon,
who has created a giant robot, named Project Damocles, to launch an attack on the city
and obtain a dark matter crystal. However, Babylon learns that Ariadne had put
her microchip into Damocles in order to drive Babylon insane, but this instead leads him
to realize that he can bypass L.E.G.I.O.N, and use the dark matter to remake reality
in his image. The agents then enter the rift he has created,
and destroy the dark matter crystal, foiling his plan and restoring reality. Afterwards, Babylon is taken by a L.E.G.I.O.N. enforcer named Marcus Longinus, and Persephone
decides to pull M.A.Y.H.E.M. out of Seoul, leaving their next mission to take down L.E.G.I.O.N. currently unwritten. And with that, we reach the end of the Saints
Row saga, but who knows, maybe one day, we’ll return to Stilwater or Steelport for a new
adventure with our favorite purple-clad gang. Hey guys thank you so much for watching this
video, and as always, leave a like and a comment letting us know you enjoyed. Please consider supporting us on Patreon,
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