Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell – 7 Deadly Sins [US]

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell – 7 Deadly Sins [US]

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a man so exceptional that the divine hosts of Heaven & Hell were forced to take note. A man danergous enough to bring Satan to his knees But selfless enough to make God himself raise an eyebrow. Fuck this! THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS OF JOHNNY GAT WRATH GLUTTONY GREED That’s why your helping us? To make more money in hell? Hell’s what you make of it sweetie. LUST SLOTH NO, NOT THAT KIND That’s more like it. ENVY AND A FUCKLOAD OF PRIDE Playtime is over Mr. Gat Defiant to the end!

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  2. The fact that Troy died pisses me off. And its stupid how they basically killed Dex off, they couldve at least given us an official mission where Gat kills him. The only thing that could redeem this game for me is if we have to fight against all the gangs from Saints Row 1-3. Especially the Sons of Samedi

  3. #costumizinghell  tweet this at volition until they respond,the fact customization is not going to in this game is not right make this happen.

  4. What is wrong with all you people complaining about the creativity? SR1 and 2 were shitty carbon copies of every other open world crime game. Now they set themselves apart with fantastic ideas and mechanics, but you losers are upset your bland, mediocre, unoriginal "roots" are forgotten. Personally, I wish they had dropped the "Saints Row" name behind. These games are too good to have the burden of those shitty two originals on their back.

    Good day.

  5. Wow… these comments… lol.

    SR 1 and 2 were garbage.  SR 3 and 4 are some of my favorite open world games ever.  They are fantastic 😀

  6. saint's row: the thrird -> killing gansters
    saint's row IV -> killing aliens 
    and now in saints row: gat out of hell kill demons ¡Fuck Yeah!

  7. This is why GTA V is so much better. It's more realistic and has a very cinematic and interesting story line, with great characters. Saints Row used to be good, but then went down hill with 3, 4, and now this. It's too over the top and chaotic.

  8. The fuck is this shit?! The First 3 Saints Rows were better. They should had gave a new title to these awful spin-offs.

  9. Damn…. to be honest. Gat is your true best friend who stood up against and beat up Satan for you and escape with you out from hell….I want a friend like that!!

  10. man this game lost it's touch,i hope they go back to making a game about gangs btw this my opinion and i dont care if you hate my opinion

  11. I miss the more serious, interesting story the first two games had. This series died after Saints Row 2. Maybe the Boss should've stayed in that coma…

  12. what fans think happened to saints row

    Fans: boy this sandbox game sure is fun, i like the storyline, pretty serious stuff!
    Volition: mwuahahaha! what's that? you like the serious tone and story? WELL, NOW ITS INSANELY WHACKY!
    Fans: oh no!
    Fans: no please!

    what actually happened

    Volition: we need more money… i know, we'll make our game a bit more whacky to attract people who like whacky games, and we'll move it away from being a GTA clone and try to corner a niche market!

  13. Been a die hard Saints Row fan from the start. Can't wait for this one. Taco commercial at the end was random. Love it. lol

  14. Okey this has nothing related to saints row besides the fact that it's called saints row

    RIP Saints row I wil never forget you!!

  15. am i the only one that noticed the fullmetal alchemist refrences? 
    wrath, gluttony, greed, lust, sloth and envy. they're all characters from the anime and are all homunculus, basicly creatures from "hell" 

  16. I waiting this game but I hope there are no any of superpowers like SR4. Its get little bit boring when you can just run all the places and you don't need anymore any kind of cars. I think SR3 was better than SR4 but SR4 is not bad, it's only different than SR3. So I'm excited to see what this offers me. 🙂

  17. i like how its gone away from being a gang game then went to fucking crazy shit like aliens and now demons, this is going to be fun. i like how it has its own identity also, it used to be like GTA but now its just stupid as hell which makes me enjoy it, im not saying the first 3 games were bad but the new games are going somewhere we didnt see which nice because gta has gone the road we all knew

  18. waist of money cant eaven play the fucking game when i hit new game normal hardcore casual wait for it to load and it just crashes like wtf i spent 20 dollors on this shit and cant eaven play you better fix this bull shit or im never going to buy eny of your games again or you can give me a free copy of saints row 2 and 3 and call it a day

  19. Look sr1 and 2 were great but the reason they 3rd and 4 difrent cause they new there not gonna out run gta 4 and 5 so they made somthnig difrent so its not there fault

  20. SR2 and SR3 were great. Im not saying this story vise but from the activities. You had real missions instead of doing the side missions. You had to conquer the city. But in SR4 it gets boring real fast. I like the superpowers but they make the vehicles obsolete. They should have made more badass and over the to vehicles and not just funny looking dildo tanks and such.

  21. You know what?  It this doesn't look that bad.  Maybe this is just a phase for the franchise, but I could live with Sainte's Inferno for one game.

  22. Played SR 1, SR 2, SR 3, and now really excited to play SR 4 and gat out of hell, stop sooking, just shut up, play and enjoy. If you don't just go play something else,it's that simple.

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