Saints Row 4 – How To Fix Lag/Get More FPS and Improve Performance

Saints Row 4 – How To Fix Lag/Get More FPS and Improve Performance

It is known that the revisions of the earlier
developed games in the franchise are more often than not actually better than its predecessors. But I’m not so sure about the Saints Row series. Aliens.. invasion.. that simply isn’t something
I’d play at all. But I’m pretty sure that some of you would
like to give it a try. That’s why you’re here, right? So, without any further ado – let’s get to
the point why you’re here. First of all, download this little software
called the Low Specs Experience from my website and then install it. Now start it from your Desktop shortcut and
then go to the optimization catalog section, here select Saints Row 4 from this drop-down
menu. After you did that simply press load the optimization
button and extract this package to the folder where your game has been installed. After you did that go to that folder and start
the ragnotech control panel and this window will pop-up. Here, select the method of optimization and
resolution you would like to run your game on. After you did that simply press the optimize
button and start your game. I’m leaving you now with the rest of this
gameplay to enjoy. Please do like and subscribe if you found
this video useful. Dislike it if you feel the complete opposite
and I’ll see you guys next time with a whole new video, til’ next time, take care and fly safely.

21 Replies to “Saints Row 4 – How To Fix Lag/Get More FPS and Improve Performance”

  1. i swear dude your apps have helped me alot since i always have had a low end pc for years and yeah man this helps alot!

  2. ragnos, i am new to this channel and.. i have a potato pc.
    Intel HD Graphics 2400
    Intel Core i5-2400
    win 8.1 pro

    and even i set the software to potato and 640×480 resolution it still lags.

  3. how are you achieving this there doesn't seem to be any major graphics downgrade yet the difference in fps is considerable.
    Edit: There seems to be random crashes after some time when using this can you suggest any fix.

  4. my specs are much higher but the game does't reach 30 fps and nothing change when i change the graphics

  5. if it settings work on my

    Core i3 4005u 1.7ghz

    4gb ram DDR3

    Intel HD Graphics Family 4400 with 576 dedicated video memory?

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