Saints Row 3 – Character Creation

Saints Row 3 – Character Creation

Bravo sir King of Sweden I am playing saint rose the third initiation station whatever you say that shit it’s a character creator so it just released let’s just change the age first here oh no I want to be Jung and beautiful sex appeal what the ha ha ha ha oh god around this is obvious 100 I’m Swedish after all shit look at his fucking biceps oh my god skinny no damn all I wanted to do a Viking but you know this generator is fucking bad and say you know what being a fat ass that’s the most fun right eating cake and shit every day fuck yeah why the fuck can you change this an old oh god what the fuck oh goal and he’s fucking silver what the fuck god damn it this doesn’t even make sense I got Dredd whoa Oh God oh shit now I think the pigtails with a vest okay oh yeah oh god damnit pink no purple god I don’t want to be a fucking redhead hang on let’s let’s become a blonde instead there we go what we can go real if I can in depth in this shit oh god damn oh yeah let’s have his eye support Oh God oh I’ve oh god oh no oh that’s really creepy like a doll oh god look at the eye ha ha oh no oh what can you do it why the fuck am i becoming a shemale oh look at that oh god don’t shit alien oh holy shit that’s just Pig I’m looking forward to this game even more now what is this ear opening Oh No yes yes yes there we go that’s lovely look at that she’s beautiful or he is beautiful I’m not sure what the fuck it is anymore oh yeah there we go it’s perfect shit star cheekbone high cheek Oh God look at that shit ah she’s so cute look at that that’s really nice Oh God hi oh look at that fucking what the fuck was that dog called Ruby the dog so oh god no oh no look at that shit that’s amazing everyone knows that fat chicks need make-up to cover up the fatness of God and because she’s so beautiful look at that oh god no serious I’m fucking crazy oh God look at that shit band-aids no blood in her so good no I don’t think we need anything of that finger nice oh and no work oh god damn it you could even do it a fucking finger nice to get that shit looks fucking tiny nails ago or she I’ll sure personality where I go people always want to kill me society my next idea stripper don’t take me so much ko you can pick females well we need to increase our Brandon’s oh god no kids cereal up in a Jonny world and steal professor Genki I like that one I hope people never learn what’s really inside is very good kicker hey I was a child let’s big hot dogs are so nice entry hot come flying it is good to see you no it’s not good to see you except listen that good no god this game is even more Fonda no no this game is more fun in the Creator than most other game star oh god no yeah I know tapes so if I could tape for you god no hate would you if you think you got nothing no yeah I’m Swedish we’re Swedish people always got something oh yeah I’m going done a lot of week you think you’re all that idiot God are taking that fun yeah i think i need some a rose for my man titties man boobs let’s call it a stir swedish colors here there we go oh god we’re almost finished now look the peels need to do the lower body as well underwear shoes huh underwear first oh oh god honks hey fuck you can even oh god you can have nothing at all oh god that’s reball free-balling is for their strong let’s pick some very manly boots oh god no peep told high-heeled that’s perfect the most manly boots ever God okay with it oh do you see that’s gotta go there this Oh God I’m free-balling with the tiny skirt Oh No ha ha oh that’s disturbing yeah look at that bitch goggles and shit oh God Oh Batman superhero yeah I want to see my sexy I’ll just pick this one you know how can I miss their facial hair I’m a fucking retard Oh God hang on let’s pick hipster because this guy clearly looks like a hipster or this girl is Oh whoever he is what is I don’t really know but well he’s a hipster now look at God that oh there we go haha shit there we go perfect it’s good to see you it’s still not good to see you oh god free bowling Oh Oh nut cracker well we’re done I can’t wait to play this fucking bitch in the pro game look at the shit you see she’s so hot look at that let’s upload this bitch oh yeah rate comment and subscribe it because this is it [Music]

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  3. Pewd is Swedish.. That's like saying an American is bound to sound like an American sometime around.

  4. This video was posted on my birthday and robbaz is not only a true viking… he is also in the top 5 funniest youtubers list for me and is number 2.

  5. Fat chicks need makeup to cover up their fatness? Ok what you need to cover up the fact that you're an irrogant a.hole for saying that then?

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