Saints rookie WR Tre’Quan Smith talks about his NFL preseason debut

Saints rookie WR Tre’Quan Smith talks about his NFL preseason debut

what was that film session like this
morning going into this morning meeting I thought it was gonna be good but you
know if it’s good you know coaches don’t do their job so you know Coach CJ today was
on me more than I expected to be you know and then looking more into details
into the film I really see that oh I really could have done this better I
really could have blocked him you know much longer it just saw a matter of
making your corrections and looking in it looking at the film and knowing what you did wrong in coming out to this practice today and fixing our
corrections what you want to focus on this week heading into preseason game
number two for me it’d be I had a couple of mistakes like missed alignments and a couple of M.E.’s mental errors so that would be my biggest thing you know cleaning up my film what I saw and what CJ talk to me about is really cleaning up what I have
to do and one of my biggest things would be also coming off the ball so every
play just coming off the ball no matter a run play or passing play just come off
the ball I know it was a preseason game but did it feel good
kind of complete that come back and get the win oh yeah it’s always good to get
a win you know no matter preseason regular season is always good you know
here you want to be a winner and that’s something coach Sean Payton talk about you know we want to go 23-0 I know we want to try to do that has never been done so
that’s something you know we plan to do is win every game my letting that one
play that one catch you had caught it and kind of scampered to three kind of
turned the momentum did they tell you that on the sidelines yeah after I made the
play I think I know the next play Taysom when I ran it in and coming on the
sidelines everyone’s like great catch Tre great catch great catch and it felt
so good you know knowing personally I did something you know that help us you know score it was just a great feeling that’s funny because when after that
game I got a text from from my assistant from our assistant at UCF she
text 14-0 so it was funny I laughed about it but honestly is kind of hard for
me to remember the last time I lost the game

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  1. He's got those intangibles and humility that make for a great young player. I'm with you let's win every game. WHO DAT!!

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