Saints rookie DT Taylor Stallworth explains what ‘clicked’ for him recently

Saints rookie DT Taylor Stallworth explains what ‘clicked’ for him recently

yeah I say I’d agree with that you know
I just my mindset everyday just come out here you know listen to the vets
to get coaching everyday you know try to get myself better every day so I just
continue impressing eyes and like just you know just continue every
day just getting better what clicked it started to feel better right whatever I
want to say you know just understanding the game more like being able to like
learn how to practice like being a like being on probation like learn how
to practice you know the different like techniques I can go and do
you know that’s also from coach Nielsen you know he taught me a lot of things
so I think that’s why it’s clicked for me how glad were you and the rest of the
interior guys to have that preseason game to actually show what you can do we were amped up we were ready you know finally get to go against
another team you know hit another team know that was my first NFL game so like
you’re very excited for me to be out there you know dream come true so felt good to
get that sack oh yeah it felt real good you know so like you know we worked on
that every day and get on and team like different games like we were on so like
I was very amped up after that I mean that play with you recovered the punt yeah I wanted to scoop and score on that one honestly I wanted to

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  1. Maan, this young man played ball with my other son back at Murphy High School in Mobile, AL and was just like one of my sons!! It soo good to see him doing well and has finally made it to the league!!! GOD BLESS YOU SON!😎👌👍👏👏☝️🙏💪🙌🙌🙌❤💯

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