Saints offensive lineman Will Clapp happy to be with the Saints and looks forward to the season

Saints offensive lineman Will Clapp happy to be with the Saints and looks forward to the season

one of your goals was to be here this week you’re here how does that feel it’s great feeling obviously you work hard all during camp and just to see that come true is a good feeling talk about the adjustment you know to this level and what have you learned throughout the process this summer really just the learning curve I felt like I dealt with pretty well but just the speed of the game that’s something yeah just the way the timing thing works out all that stuff it took me a little bit to figure it out but but i felt as camp went on I got better at it and I was able to make some good things happen but still have a long way to go much more complicated is it when especially you’re talking about offensive line playing taking different things up on this level now getting ready for regular season game yeah I think just the little things matter a lot in the NFL in college you can get away with certain things not everybody is in the college level is an NFL player but you know here every little thing matters and just the smallest little thing in a play can get you beat thoughts after what was a difficult few weeks in the lead up to that game I thought they had a great game Joe Burrow had an excellent command of the offense the touchdown run check the play and got them with the right look obviously was a rough summer for them but I think they came out they really did have a great game against Miami as far as what Burrow said after the game that you know people were saying they weren’t expected to do much they have a lot of talent LSU’s always got talent that’s the thing I’m excited to see what they can do they rattled off a very big win I’m excited to see what happens when they start SEC play as far as like they were under center a lot more that was kind of interesting we have that kind of quarterback talked about you know with look what’s that like for the offensive line they have not many teams in college football pointing that way anymore yeah I thought they controlled the line of scrimmage the o-line played great they rotated some guys in I thought the two new guys Damian Lewis and Vdara played great Lloyd Cushenberry had great command that line texting Lloyd last night super fun to see him have a great game Garrett Bromfield still an excellent leader so I think as long as they continue to control the line of scrimmage you know things are gonna happen so you and Lloyd have kind of stayed

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  1. I couldn't be happier for this guy. He worked his ass off in training camp and did what he needed to do to make the team. He played more snaps in camp and in preseason than any other lineman and it paid off!!

    It goes back to his iron man days at LSU………..he was a beast then and it looks like not a whole lot has changed!!

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