Saints of India A Motivational Message | Real Stories Of Saints | True Saints of India | Part 2

Sutikshna was a disciple of Agastya
rishi. As a five-year-old used to reside in his Guru’s ashram and he would
do Guru seva. Some children are naturally attracted to seva by virtue of their
past sanskars, you can see it you don’t need to teach them. Sutikshna is one
of those so, Guru-ji had faith and confidence in his five-year-old disciple.
One day I Agastya said look I need to go on a little pilgrimage. Agastya, he used
to worship a Shaligram, you know the round image of God, looks like a very
sacred pebble so Agastya I said beta you take care of
the Shaligram like I used to worship you also do it until I return
and Agastya left the Shaligram in the custody of this five year old
disciple. so Sutikshna the next day he went out for a walk in the morning
and he was taking Guru-ji’s Shaligram along he came to a jamun tree, you know the
black colored jamun fruit the Indian jamun. So Sutikshna being a little
child got tempted, little children love to eat jamun, it’s got a very intriguing
taste to it. So he took a stone and chucked it. A few jamun fell and he
started relishing, it so naturally the greed got ignited, he took a little more
and then there was no stone around except for guru ji Saligram Now
his devotion took the backseat and the desire for jamun took the front seat he
took the Shaligram and threw it unfortunately for him the Shaligram
went right through the branches of the tree. It did not contact any jamun it
went across and fell into the stream. Now Sutikshna had the wake-up call.
Oh my god I have misplaced my Guru-ji’s Shaligram. He wandered about in the
pebbles trying to discover Guru-ji’s Shaligram but that seemed to have gotten
washed away. So five-year-old Sutikshna thought I am in real trouble now.
What to do you know the Shaligram looks black and the jamun also looks
black. He said Guru-ji will not discover, he took one jamun and placed it on the aasan.
Now Guru-ji returned, he was not the wiser of what had transpired and the
next morning he was to do a Shaligram puja and when he did it you know the
gutali and the chilka separated, the seed and the peel separated. Guru-ji said
what has happened to Shaligram Bhagwan, did you play any mischief arre
Guru-ji it is all the pratap of your devotion God is a reciprocating like this. Guru-ji said you nonsense boy what have you done did you eat jamuns, go and get my Shaligram until you get it don’t return to my ashram. Sutikshna at that time made a
resolve he said forget about the Shaligram I will get God back to his
ashram. So he went off and he practiced austerities for decades. The consequence
of his austerities when Rama came he knew exactly who had done how much sadhna. You
know God doesn’t come with a deficiency of computer knowledge he’s coming to the
world he knows the accounts of everyone he has direct access. So he knows the
devotion of Sutikshna and he reciprocated, so Sutikshna got news
first Ram is coming and the way he responded his most remarkable “quoting from Ramayan” Ram is coming Ram is coming he
jumped up and jumped down “quoting from Ramayan”
so he’s jumping around Ram is coming Ram is coming he went into devotional
ecstasy, finally he sat down in one place so Ram came and he’s in samadhi
“quoting from Ramayan” “quoting from Ramayan” in his
meditation he’s meeting Rama so he’s getting divine bliss I’m with
Ram and Ram is standing in front so finally what Ram did was withdrew his
image from his mind so now Suthikshna opened his eyes when he sees the Lord is
there. He said my Lord can you please do me a favor I need you to meet my
Guru. Ram said all right, Suthikshna took Ram to Agastya’s ashram, say’s Guru-dev
please open Agastya said who? Guru dev it is my
it was my promise I am bringing God to you. So Agastya they opened the door and
he said really what more can you expect from a disciple. You have helped me meet
God such was this Suthikshna. What did he do?
He lifted his devotion to such a level that God came to meet him that is why
sometimes it is said don’t try and see God, improve yourself to such an extent
that God wants to see you There was one person who was blind but
yet every day he would walk three miles to come to the temple obviously he could
not have darshan he was blind but he would perform that tedious journey on a
daily basis. Somebody asked, look you are blind. You cannot have darshan of the
deities then why do you bother to come all the way on a daily basis? He said I
cannot have darshan I cannot see God but God can see me that’s the important
thing God is seeing me, he is seeing my
devotion he is seeing my little strivings, my little strivings are not
sufficient to reach the supreme almighty but I am attracting His grace by it and
when that grace comes it will make up for all my deficiencies and unite me
with him, so all we need to do is to improve the quality of our devotion like
I said hold your devotion to a quality of excellence without compromising not
the chalta hai attitude that is what kills us lifetime after lifetime chalta hai. Hold
yourself to a commitment I will do it I must improve my mind, I must develop
these virtues and implement them and thereby
by our own devotion attract the grace of God!

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