Saint’s Forcecalibur – Vikalitan fight guide + tips

Saint’s Forcecalibur – Vikalitan fight guide + tips

Ahoy! Today I’m going to talk about the boss fight for saint’s force. First, a bit of explanation, as there are people around who aren’t exactly sure what that is. And then, I’m going to give a few tips as well, so that experienced players may benefit from it too. So, what IS saint’s forcecalibur? It’s an extremely powerful weapon, that can often change the tide of the mission wars. In the game it is actually just a weapon skin, but it does give you some powerful bonus stats. The weapon can be acquired by 1 player from the nation that defeats the guardian. It is usually an epic battle between the 2 nations. The fight takes place on Saturday every week, at 18:30 server time. That is when the weapon of the previous owner expires as well. So the duration of it is 1 week. Now just to show you how strong that weapon is: the stuff it changes are listed on the screen. It also gives the wielder the ability to use

a buff, that is especially useful against other players. The stats of that are also shown here. And it’s also worth mentioning that the skin looks pretty cool. The scene: the fight takes place in Lakeside, right in the middle of the map. It’s actually a pretty huge area, but it’s not shown on your map. Both nations have a warp point. If you do not have GPS warp, you will need to go to the entrance of Illusion Castle, and click the statue. Anyway, the boss itself spawn at this spot. It will be impossible to miss. It’s pretty tough, so it will take a large group of players to kill it. It’s also important to note, that the big boss grants you a huge amount of exp for each hit you deliver. It’s an awesome way to get a few percent of your level progress, assuming that the other nation lets you hit it! There are also some smaller bosses that spawn at this area. They are much easier to kill, and they drop various items, from cores, to exp potions, and sometimes even bike parts. It’s your call which you will go after! Now for the tips. First of all, there are going to be TONS of players at the area. The reason I’m recording this alone on another day, is because my computer couldn’t handle recording it during the fight. So I suggest that you go to the options, and turn all graphical effects to the minimum. Also, to distinguist players more easily, you may want to disable guild names and titles. The names can help you see enemies, and the HP bar also helps if you’re going after the small bosses when their health is low. Second: when the boss dies, the weapon will be dropped to the ground. It will stay there for exactly 30 seconds. That’s when the conflict really starts: the losing nation will try to kill everyone with full power. My advice is to look at your clock when you see the message that the boss is defeated, and be patient. When the time is about to be over, brace yourself with anything it takes to survive, and jump in the crowd to take the weapon! I’ve got another older video that can help you with picking up items faster. It can be extremely useful when going for the weapon, or when you’re killing the smaller bosses. Click here to watch it! And one last thing: unless your only goal is to take the weapon, you’re better off going alone. Yes, it’s dangerous to go alone, but Cabal has a pretty serious problem with multiplayer mode. If you’re in a party, even if your mate is on another channel, the exp you can gain will be decreased by a huge amount. As an example, I used to gain 200k in a party, and as much as 5 million alone when hitting this boss. It’s also important to note that this happens in the new map too when you’re EXPing. Also, the potions the small bosses drop are account binding items. This means if you’re in a party you won’t be able to loot anything once the rolling begins for the potions. That might make you miss valuable items! I hope you’ll find this guide and my tips useful. I’d like to point out that I’ll also add new ones to the video if I can come up with anything afterwards. So, keep the annotations on! You may never know when a YouTuber may add something informative using them! If you found this video helpful, please consider sharing it, or subscribing to my channel! Ahoy!

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