Saints’ backup linemen surprise in preseason opener vs. Jaguars

Saints’ backup linemen surprise in preseason opener vs. Jaguars

hi i’m Josh Katzenstein here with Luke Johnson
we just finished watching the Saints preseason opener the Saints beat the Jaguars 24-20 and
Luke I think everyone came here today thinking you know that Taysom Hill was going to be
the big takeaway and he definitely made some plays but what stood out to me in the second
half with all those backup defensive lineman yeah i don’t think either of us saw Deveraroe
Lawrence getting in there on three of those sacks and got credit for two of them I don’t
think anybody saw Jayrone Elliot get two and a half sacks and two were strip sacks yeah
those backup defensive linemen ate today and had six sacks in the second half yeah it was
wild Mitchell Loewen got in there too made a bunch of plays certainly made his presence
felt Sean Payton was a little upset with the performance of the game I mean obviously you
want to see you know a better performance in the first half than the second half but
when you know they play well in the second half it just shows that you have some depth
which is obviously you know what you want if you’re going to a Super Bowl caliber team
yeah yeah and I think that the upsetting thing tonight was that the defense that had played
so well all camp lets Jacksonville go on like a 15 play drive to start the game and then
the next one like a 12 play drive then the one after that was like a nine play drive
they just couldn’t get off the field and then the offense there’s no Drew Brees tonight
so Tom Savage started but they didn’t look especially sharp to start the game either
so I can see where he’s coming from there but I think overall the depth was kind of
shown for this team today absolutely we’ll see how it works out for them over the next
three preseason game but you know just talking to players they said that you know Marshon
Lattimore told me it’s a big deal but it’s not really a big deal so I think that’s a
perfect way to sum up you know pretty much everything with this preseason game and as
I reminded people on Twitter last year the Saints lost to the Browns in the preseason
opener so I mean what did the Browns finish in the regular season I don’t think they won
a game yeah I think they went 0-16 so I mean I think you should probably be happy with
a win even though there’s a lot to build on and we’ll have plenty of coverage wait wait
wait wait wait Jeff Duncan isn’t going to let us go through this whole thing without
talking one time about Taysom Hill except in the intro that’s a good point that’s a
good point good save good save Luke so please Josh Katzenstein I’m going to write a story
tomorrow detailing the performance but please I want you to do it well I mean he definitely
had some bright spots I was impressed with his 21-yard scramble I think we all knew that
Taysom Hill could run a little bit and then he got in the end zone on a three-yard run
also but you know I still want to see a little bit more I think there were a few plays where
he was a little bit quick to run probably needs to go through his progressions a little
bit more but certainly there was a lot of promise when you consider that this was the
first preseason game he’s had for the Saints I think right now and I know the fans don’t
want to hear this Tom Savage is probably still a little bit ahead in that quarterback battle
but we still have a month to go before the regular season starts so we’ll see what else
Taysom can do allright that sounds good to me this is Josh Katzenstein i’m Luke Johnson
we’re with you can find all of our stuff at slash Saints and we’ll be
hookin and jabbin the rest of the way out here sounds good sounds good

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  1. Agree on Taysom. While he can run doesn't mean he always should. Also i want to see them throw the deep ball. Tre'quann Smith showed up to me. Good hands

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