Hey guys, it’s Kat Von D, and I’m here with Kelsey! KVD Artistry Collective Artist Extraordinaire, that’s a long title But I am so excited because we are going to be talking about the Saint and Sinner Palette Let’s unbox it and do some swatches for the very first time ever right? Cool I know there’s a few terrible, low res images floating around the interweb, but this is the beautiful palette and all its entirety I feel like some of the most inspiring forms of architecture have been in Cathedrals and churches and seeing the windows and having the Sun come through the stained glass and just create this Rainbow is a terrible description, but it’s just an array of colors that I wanted to mimic and create this palette To me I feel like this is gonna be my next go-to palette as far as like the color arrangement is just Pretty much all over the spectrum we did include two of these Kind of like topcoat shades obviously you can wear them by themselves or they can be used as highlighters I do recommend if you’re going to want to see like a big payoff to use either the glimmer effect brush or any kind of like flat brush That’s gonna pick up the pigment and also distribute it and you know fluffy brushes tend to kind of get it all over the place Those are the two special shades and that’s Absolution and Rapture. As always it’s cruelty-free, vegan Which is awesome because you get so many great red tones that are really hard to get without carmine, so that’s exciting and They are limited edition so do not be butt hurt if you snooze, and then you totally lose, okay Maybe we do the Saint side first? Good idea. and then we’ll do Sinner. My lovely assistant, I’ll have your arm, please This one’s called Absolution Right. Next I’m gonna go into one called worship It’s almost like a muted grape but it’s metallic. I feel like I’m gonna end up using this on the underside of my eyes like everyday Next is Immaculate What an immaculate swatch It’s the color though, I love it It’s like a dirty patina almost right? Yes. That’s so swampy This one is called Chalice How would you describe that shade? To me it’s like a burnt gold And it’s a little bit on the cooler side so it’s not like a typical fool’s gold I feel like it would be the color of a chalice So this one’s called Sacred Heart. I think I’ve been waiting for the perfect shade to name that for so long Up next, Amen. This to me is like a perfect like must-have for creating depth you can use this as a highlighter as a base Pretty much like the world’s most perfect almond nude like bone mm-hmm This one’s called Sanctuary That’s like a nice, chocolate bronze, right? Oh, yeah This one is probably my favorite shade on the Saint side. It’s called, Heaven. It’s like a super pale, lilac chrome. So pretty. I’ve never seen anything like that one Up next is Crucifix and I swear I did not plan this, but it does match the Crucifix Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. Did you know that? No! Now you know! Believe it or not, we are still on the Saint side. This one’s called, Cathedral. What would you describe Cathedral to be? It’s like a smoky, lavender-gray? Totally. Chrome? like chrome pipe? Yeah, pipe i love it Next is, Rosary. This one does not match the lip liner so, but it’s still an amazing shade. Kind of like a crimson foil One of my favorite things about this palette is that the color range is so kind of obscure, that it’s for me I feel like the first time I opened it I was like Inspired to create something outside of what I’m usually creating which I think is the best part about new makeup anyway Last but not least on the Saint side we have this really pale peachy pink Baptism So that’s the Saint side And now we can move on to Sinner! I think this is the first time that well, I guess the Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette had enough swatches for two arms, but See, that’s what happens when you fuck up and get tattoos you know? My only regret Fucking ruined my life. My parents were right. Now that we’re starting the Sinner side I’m going to definitely start with a little bit of this Rapture shade. It definitely is like a shimmer on steroids The next shade I’m gonna do I obviously named it because it’s black you know Black Sabbath hmm. It’s my favorite black ever actually. Oh, thank you I feel like these two look actually really good together. You normally wouldn’t put like pink and black together? You would! I would You’re like, “I have!” This next one is called, Ashes. Oh, it’s amazing. It’s so many different colors It’s like a warm taupe with this green/gold shimmer. Yeah I feel like this next row is like totally your world Me and Stef are obsessed with that color Martyr Next is, Devil That was pretty intense. Amazing This is Revelation and it’s like a super warm brown, but it’s got an intense amount of gold flecks throughout it That pop of gold definitely gives it texture and a little bit of unexpected brightness We are about to go into my favorite shade of the whole palette This one is called, Vestment. Tell me what you think about this shade? It’s so cool. It reminds me of dragon scales It’s like gray-brown with this amazing Silver-blue-sapphire iridescence to it. One thing that I love about this shade is it’s got this interesting like almost like burgundy sheen to it. Oh so true This metallic blue foil shade is called, Ministry. Oh my god. Look at that. It’s like Instantly electric. Like that is insane. I want to eat it, it looks so awesome This is like a lime Citron or how do you say it? What would you say that color is? Yellow, you mean? Yeah Chartreuse This one is called, Exorcism. How would you describe this shade? It’s like a dark eggplant We’re almost done. We have two more shades left We just have Relic and Stigmata, and I just realized right now that I put gold next to purple That’s probably like a subliminal shout-out to the Lakers So hopefully some of you Lakers fans out there can appreciate my subliminal shoutout And then last but not least, it’s called Stigmata It really is such a velvety formula. So easy to blend yeah Thank you so much for taking the time to do this with me, to share this with everybody you know how excited I’ve been about this palette for a while now We love you guys


  1. This palette was love at first side and I knew I had to get it eventhough it was around $90+ sgd !! I’m in love with this palette 😍😩

  2. I'm living in Switzerland and as soon as I saw this palette in the Sephora store, I buyed it. And I swear I didn't regret this. This palette is AWESOME

  3. Considering her "You snooze, you lose" sort of attitude, I'm not buying from her brand.She's an opportunist. In business, I get it. But I don't appreciate her "butthurt" comment. Her attitude is what makes this brand undesirable to me. In a way I get it. She benefits from it financially. Her palettes are unique and aesthetically pleasing. But I'd like to for once see a colorful palette like this or the metal/matte palette that is permanent for once.

  4. You all should consider taking Patricia Bright off your PR list as she just tossed your palette to the side and called it evil because of the names of the colors without even trying them. Just a heads up.

  5. It’s so funny how everyone is coming at her and saying she edited etc etc blah blah but every youtuber/brand owner does the that too or even worse things in order to make you consume their products like take a seat and stop complaining about everything 🙄 I love this palette Kat , it’s such a piece of art 🖤

  6. I don't even know how many times I've watched this video so I can get hyped up and continue putting money aside so I can buy it (almost there)! I really love the range of colors in there I'm super excited!!

  7. My big sister just tell me, that she buy "Saint and Sinner" palette for me as a christmas gift. I'm so excited 🙂

  8. You may have included the vegans into this brand, but not religion. Sometimes certain people from certain religions can't buy this because of the design. Sigh.

  9. The palette looks beautiful and even if the swatches look better than reality KVD eyeshadows are great quality anyway.. but I am kind of disapoonted by her by trying to be kind of fake and rude-ish for the first time.. I really liked her for being down to earth and more serious type.

  10. I just bought your palette! I can’t wait until it comes! I am 49 and still got it going on! I love you and what you stand for. You are a good role model for kids. And for the public.

  11. For all you asshats saying she was faking the swatches, you literally watched her do them! Why is it so hard to believe that her shadows are pigmented and smooth? Have none of you used her shadows before? Who cares if you get better payoff using them wet? Who cares if she double dipped to get opaque swatches? They're just swatches!! They don't dictate how they'll look on the lids and we all know it. This was a shade reveal, so get over yourselves and just decide if you want the damn palette or not without starting useless drama.

  12. I wonder if you would be a friend to my autistic daughter that is 25. She is a sweet girl and has NO friends. Can you give me suggestions or something I can do. No one should have no friends.

  13. Kat, you are my favorite woman. I'm in love with all your products. I'm starting an all inclusive collection. I love my lock it foundation

  14. well now that the palette is out, we know these swatches were bullshit. i've seen finger swatches worse than these brush swatches and that's just silly.

  15. I love Kats spirit, I’m so glad she’s staying away from that superficial phony Jeff Star he’s so not for you, your energy is so different than his, his spirit clashes with your beauty.
    Stay beautiful pretty lady.

  16. Kat von D your fucking Beautiful And I'm Native American And I'm totally A new subscriber now it'll be cool if you gave me A tattoo of A Dreamcatcher on my arm that would be badass

  17. Oh man, vestment… I wish I'd discovered this palette when it was still available, I want these colours so bad. But especially Vestment and Ministry. G O R G E O U S .

  18. I'm in love with those colors. I mean I could totally expand my make overs with those colors. Plus I could finally get my mystic vibe that I've always wanted to do

  19. I absolutely love Kat Von D so no hate but did anyone else notice in 3:46 she swatched "crucifix" but at 3:47 when the camera panned out, the "crucifix" swatch was not on her arm. Lol but I love the video tho and I love the palette so much💖

  20. I agree with some of the reviews I've seen saying this palette is kind of challenging to work with because of its color combinations. I tend to think it's more of a pro's palette.

  21. Hold up I just glanced at her shirt and I’m high as shit laughing it really does say eat shit and die that’s me af

  22. Broke and sad for sure. 😂 I didn’t know her brand was all limited edition . That really sucks tbh. There should be like a comeback of her palettes for all those that couldn’t get these when they were released like she’d make even more. I wish I knew that before I’d started looking for it. But there are dupes out there and that’s good enough for now i guess

  23. I think it's a deep sadness that jeffree and Kat with never work together with all their creative might. What a loss for the world….

  24. A year later and it’s still one of my favorite palettes. I’ve able to create a different look almost every time. I wish there were a few colorful mattes though.

  25. It took me a little over a year, but I have finally been able to afford this palette from a collector. I bought mine second hand, but still brand new in box & untouched, for nearly $80. Its worth every penny & I cried when I received it. Never underestimate the joy that something you really want can bring you 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  26. So, wish I would’ve got this palette but, I missed out. Didn’t get the 10 year anniversary one either 😭 I ended up getting the Fetish palette which, has gotten so much hate. I’ve had no problems with it and, really like it myself. I really do like her products but, feel their a little over priced, just like every other high end brand out there.

  27. I love this palette! Got it for Christmas last year and I even did a vlog on some of the shades I used for my holiday inspired makeup!

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