Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac | Official Trailer | Netflix

Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac | Official Trailer | Netflix

– You want to sleep on our turf, you’ve got to pay the rent old man. – Hey. Leave him alone. (screaming) – You don’t know how you did that, do you? Allow me to explain. Throughout history, there have
been warriors called Knights. I believe Athena will save the world. Whenever Athena is in danger, the Knights come into existence. This is your destiny. (rock music) – We have to attack together! (gun firing) (screaming) (rock music) – I should have killed you early. – If we die, we die together. (screaming) (rock music)

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  1. Well this its not for us this one is for the kids to sell more toys
    We have our anime back then now they want the money from the kids too my dudes

  2. Netflix you have destroyed the whole original franchise. This is a great Japanese manga, and a Waterdown version does not make Justice! For all of you who want to know the Japanese version is bloody as heck!

  3. Watched 4 episodes of it, almost done. Pacing was lightning fast but for the most part, it's good. I've never seen Saint Seiya, but I can understand the anger towards this if others have, since it's a classic, like Dragon Ball.
    I like to see this as a Reboot, not really a remake. Reboots can have character changes, etc. I just wish they would slow down for a second with the story.

  4. Japan Anime where every one is white blah…. Even the Villian…. Afro Samurai… Was the best thing out.. It was short live… But damn it was good healthy splash of color….

  5. why the fast pace? I know the original story, watched the anime, read the mangas and yet, I don't buy the relationship among the main characters? It was empty, totally empty.

    why gender swapping Shun when he was the male with a gender role perfect for modern times, because his masculinity is non-toxic, you should've changed Shiryuu, Hyoga or even Seiya. But Shun was the only one you shouldn't have gender swapped was totally fucking regressive was saying, "no, men aren't supposed to be in touch with their emotions, so it has to be a woman" (facepalm)

    why the camera angles looks like a 2d series when it is CGI? even Berserker 2016 made better use of CGI.

  6. Did Netflix know that Saint Seiya is an anime about war? They TOOK OFF ALL THE BLOOD to make a "Disney Friendly" product? So how will they show the epic fights against the 12 Gold Saints, which are a gorefest???? And why did they took off all the blood, just to show a 12 years old Seiya who destroys an elicopter with innocent soldiers inside, in a blink of an eye and without any remorse? THIS SHOW IS PURE GARBAGE!!!!!!!!! They took off not only the blood, but everything that was good in the original anime, to create a "soulless-freakish-childish-nonsense GARBAGE"!!! The only part that I save is the opening song (which is, by the way, a cover of the original).

    May you burn in hell you greedy producers…

  8. I just watched it, Ignoring the Shun situation, In my opinion the pacing is horrible, The fights lack the feeling of impact, the attacks feel weak, The soundtrack is generic and boring, the animation often feels off. It looks ok sometimes when the action is quick, on the opening for example, and Opening and ending songs are awesome but that's about it when it comes to good stuff, other then that It just feels like the bootleg version of the original

  9. Was anyone demanding this? I mean, even in Italy and Latin America where Saint Seiya is huge, was anyone clamoring for a CG reboot?

  10. If you're gonna have generic music in the trailer, it needs to be the Bowling for Soup cover of I Ran.

  11. My preference for the original series aside, this wasn’t horrible like I thought it would be. But it wasn’t great either. The dialogue and voice acting was horrible and the fight scenes were uninspired and too short. I didn’t like the name changes either. But because it is Saint Seiya, I still watched it and will probably continue to watch it, but I don’t see this lasting very long.

  12. Y all that are complaining just stop. The original anime had its stupid moments. Its a simple story at the beginning. The gender swap was a questionable choice but ill watch the rest of this series.

  13. I just finished Saint Seiya and I gotta say it was really good. Animation was nice and the voice acting was really good. Now people might be mad at this but it brings new fans to the old series. My only problem is that it only has 6 episodes at the moment and I was expecting at least 12 to 15 episodes. Now I have to wait a bit so I can get more episodes which is kinda dumb but that’s how Netflix ends up getting more money.

  14. Changing Shun's gender was a mistake.
    Shun is a feminine male character, he's seen as the weakest of the five knights throughout the whole manga, yet he's the most loyal and mentally strong character, who'd give his life without any hesitation to help his friends. His soft, caring feminine side helps him stand out from other men and gives him a very interesting personality.

    Here, Shun is just… a strong independent wahmen. They basically killed what made this character interesting.

  15. what the heck Netflix? not yet satisfied after the Death Note huge fail, now this. free vaginoplasty for Shun, Siren, Aphrodite and so on? the one behind this needs to stop immediately. that's an insult. this is a huge disrespect not only for the Saint Seiya franchise, but also to all the fans all over the world that grew up with characters like Shun, Aphrodite, or Lizard that have both feminine and masculine features. that was a groundbreaking message: let people live their life as they wanted. I grew up with Shun, and as far as I can say, that one helped me to understand things. the original anime was released in 1986, and now, in 2019 we have to watch something like that. what is that? that's so disheartening I can't even believe it.

  16. wow i watched it and i don't like it dont mistake me for a hate comment but can u like stop rushing ur anime

    and take ur time for once??

  17. So… is it just me, or is it weird that this Netflix adaptation came out after the 'Legend of Sanctuary', which was released several years ago, and yet looks worse? Like… something just looks wrong. They're both CGI, but the Netflix adaptation just looks flat and dull. Something is wrong, but I can't tell what.

  18. They ruined my childhood 😭😭😭😭😭, this was my favorite anime ever and they just throw all in to the garbage 🗑. I stop watching at episode 4 because the animation and the characters are extremely off from the original Anime!!

  19. Why did they change "Pegasus fantasy" to "Pegasus Destiny"? And why should the saints bother fighting mere riflemen :S?

  20. Saint Seiya is actually my childhood… I even asked my parents to buy me the Saint Seiya anime CDs as my June 1st holiday gift when I was a kid lived in the country that I was born. Idk how to respond to the fact that they turn Shun into a female, I guess I can kinda see their points which are good intentions but still, the plots are gonna be really different when Shun becomes a female… Tbh, let’s just see this as a parallel world or a fanmade anime series of the original Saint Seiya…

  21. these caracters should not be called 'saints' because the saints never rebel against the jugdment day, (which implies the destruction of the planet earth and the creation of a new earth and heavens), on the contrary, the saints perform the judment day with the power and protection of the God of gods : Jehovah

  22. For me as one who watched the original and everything after I just don’t get the same feel nor intensity anymore. Really dumbed down a lot and the multiple changes so far I’m not feeling(like Cassios orrr the “gold armor and Seiya)but we gon see about season 2. I see how it can appeal to the current generation though and where they were going. Name changes still make no sense to me

  23. Saint Seiya is one of my favorite animes of all time. This show is an abomination. Magnus instead of Hyoga. Nero instead of Ikki. Long instead of Shiryu. They changed the storyline completely. They made Shun into a girl. Like wtf is this garbage?

  24. MAKE SHUN A GUY!! nOT TRYING to be a sexist, but the anime shows him as a guy!! That is what made him unique!! He is wearing girl armor and he is a guy!! That don't mean you gotta change the gender because of the ARMOR!!!

  25. You forgot the point that my husband SHUN is a GUY, HE is A GUY. YOU ARE MISSING THE WHOLE POINT OF IT! It was a feminist show already. WHAT TF are YOU DOING???!!!!

  26. SHUN, I used to love the way he talks, it used to make me and my friends fangirl about him all the time 😭

  27. SHUN, with his feminine Cosmos use to make me understand tha guys could be sensitive and feminine and still be badass and loveable!


  29. I don't get it why does everyone hate it also I haven't seen the original anime bc I nearly found out that anime existed also I think the remake is awesome I think I'll watch the original anime both are awesome

  30. When I was a kid I always see them on tv while eating breakfast, can't imagine now they are on Netflix too and in 3D

  31. Oh my, To be fare. there were some cool Netflix adaptations/versions/etc .. but this definably is not one of them.

  32. I gave this a fair chance. As a fan of the Saint Seiya franchise, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope this show continues to the final confrontation with Hades. I am curious how Shun and Hades would be recon. Hopefully, the battle scenes will improve in future seasons. I appreciate the effort that went into this production, and I would recommend viewers to give this show a chance and be open to changes. This is an adaptation afterall.

  33. I, uh…. Just found out about this…

    Ok, so I watched the anime as a kid and loved it. I've been meaning to read the manga to reunite with this childhood classic of mine, now I definitely will be getting the manga to wash away the memory of what I just saw. Seriously, WHAT WAS THIS?!

  34. Its actually good i gave it it a try you all just diss it try watchting it first before you diss it how about you guys think they are reincarnated maybe thats why they changed it up a little just dont diss it i eatched the whole season its actually good even tho the story is changed and they gonna cancel the show if you guys keep saying its trash other people want to enjoy it so pls dont diss it and stop guys

  35. Theres millions that enjoy this AND CANT YOU PEOPLE AT LEAST TRY TO THINK A LITTLE he is a human he does not no everything so he called them knights instead of saints give this show a chance 🙁

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