Saint Seiya Awakening Chapter 18 Walkthrough Full Guide Final Boss

Saint Seiya Awakening Chapter 18 Walkthrough Full Guide Final Boss

Hello guys, welcome back with me
isengdudegame, okay we play saint seiya again Okay this time I will continue story chapter 18…
enjoy.. Where are we now? The Goddess Revival.. Saori.. Bring to Virgo temple Like always, Ikki Phoenix.. This Ikki Phoenix VS Virgo.. okay. Just hit it, I dont know are we strong enough?? Still using same team, but already upgrade
some level Just begin and auto this We hit this first… Shura already lvl 70… slowly… Try to make him *6 But need some suggestion from pro… Taurus or
Shura to *6?? Please help… so i didnt do wrong… Someone say in end game.. Shura not too
good? Please senpai.. your opinion is needed…. Some monster can devour us.. Ouch devour…. Not dead, I thought dead.. Actually got devour by enemy.. Chill bro…. Shura, chill… We hit this… Okay, ouch its gone.. Gone… Lets continue bro… Skip and continue.. Wow Shiryu.. Saved by Shura… When they both fly to the sky.. That was epic.. Save all… this Hyoga For who have Camus.. We kill this first… Continue, just hit it.. My Shura bedebest… my Taurus also good… Continue.. We hit mid first.. Wowowowow chillll, Shura chilll I want this Shura fast *6 now.. He cant stop hitting.. Crazy… Savage… Crazy…. My Shura is sick Hope my Shura like this when attacked in Arena Slow bro… Crazy… Already max, Taurus lvl 68 The story is Ikki safe them all.. This time is SHun… yeahh right.. Ikki Phoenix come to safe them all Who he fight last? He still fight I just auto this.. OMG Shura enough I think.. Need 1 more Nuker, If you have Aiolos would be better… but But he use 4 energy.. Thats why damage is pain more than Shura Nice, cleanse.. Ouch not dead.. Damn, not good.. This mid is dangerous.. My Idol.. Should be dead, he not use Banshee Just hit it.. This is crazy good.. Wow 14k We got Shun I thought this Shun is a girl… Because the dubber is a girl (in my country) VS this again? dont auto this time.. This meteor is pain… With Pisces and this is 1/2 I kill Pisces first.. Lets dec cosmo atk Kill this.. No meteor yet… just start.. Give slow.. Should be dead.. Hit by Taurus Aldebaran.. Hit again bro… Wew Meteor.. Shit!! That crazy… OMG Please dont dead, I need heal PLease dont die yet This is 2nd stage If too many gold I confuse.. Just hit it We give this to? Kiki no need now.. Lets dec cosmo atk Dec cosmo attack? We do wrong.. Wrong.. We lose this.. That meteor so pain This is crazy… We lose We play chill… Just hit this first.. Enemy looks slow.. Just hit it.. Okay dead… Not dead yet… hit it.. Still not. Hit again.. We continue… This stage is very dangerous.. As long we can hold 1 meteor would be fine.. Hit it.. OMG Hit it bro… This should be dead 1.. Let Protect June. Ouch not dead yet.. There is a chance to win this Give Shura or this will be hard. We kill Gemini… should be okay now… Which one is dangerous? this one maybe? The point is, you must hold that 2 meteor.. We need to cleanse this.. We hit this to kill 1 Nice, now damage to us decrease Slowly finish them.. But Saori dead… Bye bye, we win.. This is close match.. I need to upgrade Marin so she can heal more.. Shura help a lot.. Finally, Chapter 18 Would be good if have Aiolos here… but still need protection At least can hold 2 meteor.. Bring heal, Saori is a plus.. So not easily die.. And 2 nuker, Aiolos or else… OUch still havent complete yet…. Shit Crazy they have Shura here… im dead Hit it bro This one looks not that hard.. Should not that hard I thought already clear, damn it.. I already trash talk.. We decrease this first… should be dead.. make sure safe… after this Pisces Kill it first… Hit it bro.. After this still not finish? I confuse.. Please dont difficult one.. Hit it bro.. okay.. Wow round 2 There is black priest This is danger Lets dec meteor damage.. Scary… Kill it first… That Shura hit hard What happens to my Kiki We try to hit this… Very good Make sure dead using this.. Scare not dead… Ouch.. Ouch can not.. Damn it.. Ouch wrong.. Lucky.. Perfect timing Die!!! This 2 left, should be okay.. Okay, hit it bro.. Just hit it Shit still not end yet.. So many minions.. What should I do? How is this? Lets try cleanse.. Ouch, we can… damn it.. Just knew we can cleanse that, thought we can not Just kill Mid.. We protect June Hit it, should be dead.. Not yet ouch.. Crazy… kiki Of course we hit this.. Cleanse Shura.. we kill this first Feelsgood.. Crazy…. We win this.. Hit this… Die!!! Finally.. Clear OMG… Let see this before new chapter Wow… this is epic time.. Saint Seiya, who cant die…. heartbeat What is that Super Saiyan Blue??? oucn wrong anime Crazy… LIbra? Gemini i mean, look similar.. He is also Grand Pope?? I forgot, see this anime.. Gemini have 2 personality.. There he is.. so many.. But the hard one is that 2x Meteor.. The rest is okay.. Wow Aiolos, please come to me.. or Dohko.. Still not finished? Arrow gone.. Finally.. Take a long time.. Wait until Ch 19.. Still have sub story.. Got SS Cosmo… is this default? If win? Normal prize.. Cant click.. maybe next story update.. Let see what else we got… OMG just this?? Let see what we got from SS box.. hope the usefull one.. This is usefull… not bad. Okay just like that.. Okay thats all for CHapter 18 The hardest part is that 2x meteor from Gemini Can tank that And you must do enough damage also to kill that Gemini first.. Thats all from me

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  1. Taurus kasih Luna bang .. Shura arena kurang greget apalagi kalo lawan june … Sakitan taurus untuk single damage

  2. Hadir bang salam server 3
    Btw, Mampir kuy guys ke channel saya ada gameplay menarik saint seiya awakening 🙏

  3. Hy gaesss mau nanya dong.. apk saint seiya saya ko stiap login loading na mandeg di tengah terus ya, bisa login klo data na di hapus dulu baru dah bisa.

    Ada yg bisa ksh solusi kah??
    Mksh seblm na

  4. saran saja bang jangan sampai shura di gandengin sama aiolos bang, sebab aiolos fassivnya nyerap damage yg tipe physical.. nanti damage shura cupu parah..

  5. Klo line upnya saya pake shiryu+Nachi+seiya+saga+Marin+Shun bs g tuk menang di level 18 lawan evil saga yg nyamar jd Pope?

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