Saint Porphyrios – ‘Christ is our Friend, our Brother… He is Everything’

Metropolitan Athanasios of Limassol
– Saint Porphyrios – It can not be anything other
than the grace of the Holy Spirit. I mean, Father, himself became God’s temple,
temple of the Holy Spirit, therefore,
he draws all men unto himself, for that is
this spiritual law. He is a ‘hidden city set on an hill’, is light that enlightens
the times we live in, and any man seeking the light,
surely will be guided to the life and teaching of Father Porphyrios, because he expressed in his words
the experience of life in Christ, teaching that is particularly suitable for our times
and for the young and contemporary man. This teaching on Christ,
as Father, as Friend, as Brother, as all-loving, as Love itself,
it is what modern man needs to hear about God.
And Father Porphyrios have said these, and, thank God,
we can hear in his recordings, we have heard them with our ears,
we read them in the published books, also the multitude of people who knew him told us. – the voice of Saint Porphyrios – Well then, really this is the way
we should see Christ. He is our Friend, our Brother;
He is Everything. And He shouts it out, “You’re my friends,
don’t you understand that? We’re brothers. I don’t hold hell in my hand.
I’m not threatening you. I love you. With Christ it’s like that. One is not downcast,
has no sadness, no internalizing of problems, which Man thinks about or is tormented by the different idle thoughts and afflictions, that have wounded him from time to time, in his life. Christ is New Life. He makes Man joyful, makes him soar with happiness;
makes him see everything, everybody; makes him feel for everyone,
to want everyone with him, everyone with Christ. When the Christian
knows Christ, when Christ dwells within his own little soul and he feels Him,
he wants to shout and tell it everywhere; he wants to talk about Christ, to say what Christ is. Love Christ and put nothing
before His Love. Christ is Everything, He is the source of life,
the ultimate desire. He is everything.
Everything beautiful is in Christ. And afar from Christ:
sadness, sorrow, worry, nervous tension, recollections of life’s wounds,
its pressures, its anxieties, such times. Life without Christ isn’t life.!
That’s that! Adapted after the Romanian version (@Elena.Dinu, 2016)

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