Saint Petersburg. The best city in Russia! …or not? (Vlog 27)

Saint Petersburg. The best city in Russia! …or not? (Vlog 27)

Hello friends! With you again Max and, yes,
Today I am in St. Petersburg! So, today we will walk with you through
St. Petersburg and look at this city, because many of you
asked me: Today we are in the center of Petersburg, yes! This is a channel
Griboedov. There is a very famous cathedral, which is called “Savior on the Spilled Blood”. And on the other side is “Kazan
Cathedral”. so, my friends, let’s take a walk … Oh,
By the way, look! I see Peter the First! I went to the university by this road … Oh, wow, graffiti! I walked this road to
the university for five years. Here, not far there is my
University of Culture and Arts. And what nickname does
St. Petersburg have? Firstly, it is called the “northern
Venice “, it is called the” northern palmyra “, it is also the largest
northern city in the world. This city is also often called a city favorable for lgbt, yeah, because
a lot of minorities come here because here (people) somehow treat them better. Oh, here are some souvenirs is being sold … here are different souvenirs Look, a group of Chinese! Yes,
There are a lot of Chinese tourists here. Also St. Petersburg is
known as the cultural capital and dance music capital. I do not know how much
it’s true, to be honest. I have never been in dance music,
but I remember here, all the time there were some activities like
sensation, ‘kolbasniy tseh’ and some other such
global big dance parties. This city is also famous for
drugs … yes, Piter (short for St. Petersburg) has a fame as a city where people consume decent
amount of drugs. I do not know why, but many times
when people from other cities heard that i am from St. Petersburg they asked “Are you
from Saint-Petersburg? And why aren’t you smoking?” That is, somewhat people think that if you are from
Piter, then you have to smoke… I don’t know, of course … yes, I don’t know, really is it true
or not true. Now we are going through the Field of Mars This is the Field of Mars and there
my university is located in this building. now for some reason, have become very
popular – electric scooters. This is such a boom … so, I already said in this video about my experience of riding a scooter, you can watch it. And in the meantime, we
approached my university and we to the river bank.
Now we will see the embankment of the Neva river,
it is called “Palace Embankment”, because there are many palaces and here
there is a main palace it is the Winter Palace called the Hermitage (museum name).
But my university is here, here it is … my dear university! This is
“Peter and Paul Fortress” it is a famous historical building that used to be
a prison, well, including… And right behind it you can see the tallest in the world,
the northern skyscraper it is the Lahta Center. It… I think its height is four hundred
sixty two meters and this is the highest skyscraper in Russia and in Europe, and the most
Northern, that’s cool! Now we go to Hermitage, and here, from this side
there are… we will pass many different palaces. You can look,
each building here is a palace. What is my general attitude to Peter? Like the person who lived here almost all my life.
To be honest, I have a dual attitude towards St. Petersburg. on the one hand
I understand that this is really cool city. It is very beautiful, he is unique by
its architecture a city in Russia! Because it was built in the manner of the Netherlands, in
manners of Amsterdam. Peter the First was a fan of Holland, so when he designed
St. Petersburg, he wanted to make Holland.
He wanted to make a second Amsterdam. And he made, of course, beautifully!
Of course, a very beautiful city! However … and it’s cool that there is
a huge amount of all sorts of cultural events, concerts, I don’t know, theater,
ballet, opera, whatever you want, everything, yes, and
in large quantities and in good quality! There is even such a phrase that “People go to Moscow to work, to Piter –
to love “or” to Moscow for money, and to Piter – for love.” That is, this city
of course it has some kind of atmosphere some soul, well, that’s what people think, yes, well, and,
of course it has … surely! But i have a little problem with
St. Petersburg and the problem is very funny.
It is really very funny. The thing is that even when I was at school I have
a subject called “the history of St. Petersburg” and on this
lesson we studied “what is the winter palace? “, we studied history, we
studied architects and so on and so forth … And our teacher, such an old
grandmother, who constantly grumbled and constantly screamed and forced to teach everything, like
these surnames: Trezzini, Rastrelli, Rossi, all these architects! And I hated
St. Petersburg, honestly! I hated it thanks to my history teacher of
St. Petersburg history. yes, this is by the way is about how much
teachers affect, in general, the children and their future. And
just when i started studying at university, yes, which we have passed … only
then, only then I somehow got into the beauty of the city a bit. This barrier, this wall of
hate was broken. And
so I know very little about my city. Very little. I think even the city of
Wuhan, in China where I lived for two years … Well, one year, yes, I lived in Wuhan. I know it better than
St. Petersburg. Yes … because because of… teachers, friends! Heck
take it! That old stupid education system! But, okay, now I can start loving my city again, find out my city, and, in general, make a friendship with it. And now the Hermitage is in front! Well, here we get to the
Hermitage, to the Winter Palace, friends, yeah This’s it! Here, usually in the summer … yes, not even
In the summer, look! Even now there are already musicians preparing to play some
music … St. Petersburg has a lot of street musicians, generally musicians, in fact … artists who just paint on the streets and this place nearby the Hermitage – is, of course, the most such a tourist spot
in St. Petersburg. Most popular tourist place. Therefore there are always
many people. So, well, friends, of course, Piter is famous for its cold weather, yes,
because according to statistics in St. Petersburg
only 60 sunny days a year. Yes this, Of course, is not enough. And the weather …
especially in winter and autumn here is very rainy
or snowy, yes, that is a lot of snow, a lot of precipitations and many people do not like it. Yes,
high humidity… I am sometimes…
very worried about this, yes, because what, well, I like when it’s sunny, I
like when the sky is blue, right. great but still i try to love
my city, break this stereotype, which was hammered in my head by
the teacher. Thank you so much if you watch this channel! Nevertheless thank you,
thank you my teacher! Because…. just thank you!
Why not?! And I say goodbye to you, friends! See you in the next video, bye bye!

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  1. Max, you are absolutely right about the influence of teachers on pupils. I had the worst Latin teacher in the world when I was young and I hated him and the language. Later on, when I was studying to be an attorney, one of the subjects was "roman law" and I wanted to read old texts in Latin but didn't have the knowledge to do it, so I got a fabulous Latin teacher who taught me not only the basic to be able to translate but much more and I loved it….
    With you we don't have problems, you make us to love the Russian language. Спасибо , спасибо большое !!!!

  2. Спасибо Макс за интересный тур СПБ. Я узнал новые факты. Снег уже растаял наверно.

  3. Хорошая погода в питере! Спасибо макс за твою ролики и подкасты, я очень люблю их.
    я уже давно хотел изучать русский язык, но я никогда не начинал. благодарю тебя я начинал, и сейчас я могу понимать и много разных ютуберов.
    Спасибо Макс, без тебя я бы никогда не изучал русский язык.

  4. Thanx for the video Max! 3 years ago I visited your city and there is no doubt that it is the most beautiful and also very cozy. I hope to return there.

  5. Another great video 🙂

    Ps: After watching your channel for a year, this past week I started listening to your Russian podcasts.
    They are terrific!
    Great for listening to while driving.

  6. я не понял всего, но очень хороший урок. спасибо. да встречи!

  7. Petersburg looks so beautiful! I hope to visit it someday soon. I've been living in Russia for 2 years now but have only been in Siberia. Would love to go someplace warmer)))

  8. I understand you. Now,living for 15 years in another city ,I started to appriciate even more my hometown. I notice things in it that I never noticed before. I see the beauty that I took for granted before. We also have class like yours ( but it was part of art culture subject) and we have obligation to learn draw groung plan of old city whith most imortant and oldest streets,tempels… It is fortunately much,much,much smaller city than Piter.

  9. Очень прекрасный город. Интересно узнать не только о хороших вещах но тоже о минусах. Спасибо за это, Макс.

    Maybe people associates drugs with the city because there seems to be more freedom, a more relaxed, artistic environment compared to their own cities?…Тем не менее, это очень глупый стереотип.

    Забывай о плохой учительнице и наслаждайся красотой Санкт-Петербурга!!:)

    Песня в конце видео 👍♥

  10. An interesting video, and we also have a dual attitude to St. Petersburg. The atmosphere of the city with a rich history is only in the center. Unfortunately, the sleeping areas look very shabby 😀

  11. Мои школьные учителя убили во мне всю любовь к точным наукам))) Они просто не оставили мне выбора, куда идти продолжить учёбу, я ненавидела всё, кроме русского, литературы, изо и иностранных языков 😀
    Очень красивый город! Как жаль, что мне ещё не доводилось там побывать.

  12. Honestly Russians in Russia dont know how good they have it…I was born in Russia(Yekaterinburg) and my family moved to the west when i was young and i can only say i am coming back when i am able!
    Not to saint petersburg its too western and has many of its downsides…Yekaterinburg is more my style and it has more jobs for someone like me with an engineer education!
    Its a good mix of Western Urbanism and Eastern freedom/collectivism

  13. hi Max, as for me, thanks to the educational system I hate Dante and Manzoni, two of the major italian authors.
    great video, thank you.

  14. Спасибо Макс, очень интересное видео и прекрасный город. Я хотела бы посетить (? visit?) someday (по русский?) Ciao!

  15. Спасибо за это видео! В прошлом году мы были в Санкт-Петербурге, но всего на несколько дней, поэтому в этом году мы сняли квартиру на десять дней в сентябре. Мы надеемся узнать больше и узнать о менее туристических частях города.

  16. Макс, большое спасибо вам за это видеоролик. Я еще не был в Петербурге, но очень хочу путешествовать туда, и посмотреть красивые разнообразные архитектуры. Чаще в интернете смотрю замечательные фотографии из Питера, но я сам не чуствовал этот город. Из вашего видеролика я узнал многие новые информации по Питеру, надеюсь, что в этому году могу путешествовать туда. Ура!

  17. Привет Макс! Это снова я. Еще одно потрясающее видео, которое начинается с песни, которую я иногда играю со своими друзьями! Спасибо – еще раз!

  18. Интересное видео) Про стереотип о наркотиках в Питере не слышал до этого. У нас в Сибири наоборот Петербург считают культурной столицей, хотя может поэтому она и культурная))

  19. Привет Макс, всё очень интересно как всегда! Ты из Северной Венеции, а я родился в Южной Венеции (в итальянской) Кстати, все имена архитекторов, которых ты упоминал, итальянские! Я бы любил такой прекрасный город, несмотря на осадки, но конечно у меня не было такой учительницы 🙂

  20. Wow, it does look like Amsterdam, in the centre. I get sameish question when I say I'm from the Netherlands, if I do drugs and live in Amsterdam ( нет и нет ). Also, yes, teachers can really stomp on a passion. :/

  21. Это же прикольно тем более если ты живёшь там, хоть бы поехать туда и не вернуться вообще хахаха ) ,у меня вопрос к вам не знаю (капец) че это ,допустим (было просто капец) можете объяснить?

  22. Вот ребята, это то, что мне нравится в этом парне, он всегла истинно и честно выражает себя )))

  23. Recently came back from St. Petersburg, it was a wonderful city, and I met many nice people, the area around the Hermatage is beautiful. Thank you Max for your interesting content and care to your students, with you studying the language is fun and interesting and never tedious or boring! Пока пока!

  24. Hey there! Such a nice video, I would looove to visit this city! Thank you for all you hard work and all the videos that you are making! Please keep going,it's really useful.

  25. песня в конце видео просто отлична! я влюблён в этот город благодаря этому видеоролику! Спасибо вам!

  26. Scooters? I thought those two-wheeled motor that are popular, those contraption that lazy people or people in vines use 🛴

  27. Max, I can assure you that we, non Russians learning the language, appreciate this history and architecture to the next level. As cold and rainy as it may be the city is breathtaking. Stunningly gorgeous. Thank you for showing us the city.

  28. You have a youtube channel too?! love your podcasts! I was in St. Petersburg last year, and it is amazing to see you walk around the city!!

  29. Это видео был огромный подарок для меня!
    Питер- мой самый любимый город в мире.
    Большое спасибо

  30. Спасибо Брат 💚 я думаю что ты самый симпатичный мужчина в городе 👍 🙏🙏👍

  31. Ты oчень точно сказал про учительниц, я тоже в питере родился и вырос, тоже была история спб, и блин насколько ж из меня этот предмет выбил любовь к своему городу )) Сейчас "попутешевствоав" реально начинаю понимать что питер очень красивый.

  32. Питер – самый красивый и уникальный город в мире. Просто так. Я бывал в Питере много раз и всегда хочу посещать снова и снова. Просто так! Спасибочки Макс !

  33. Thanks Max. I am looking forward to my visit to St P. This will not be my first. Interested to see if the city has changed much since 2011.

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