Saint Paisios admonishes us (subtitled)

Saint Paisios admonishes us (subtitled)

The most fearful enemy of devil is not other
but humility. Let us hear our Lord that, demons are expelled
by praying and fasting. If he will bring us improper thoughts in our
spiritual work or anything else against the salvation of our soul we must oppose him by the salutary prayer within our minds with “Lord Jesus Christ,have mercy on me”
“most Holy Mother of our Lord , help me” Our soul should always
be thirst for the knowledge of the truth thirst for the forgiveness of sins,
thirst for the peace of conscience thirst for celestial joy,
thirst for the most beautiful thing to succeed in what? to unite with Jesus Christ,
to thirst for the Holy Communion to thirst for virtues obtainment, to thirst
when shall he arrive the sooner to the celestial kingdom when shall he exempt from
the vanity of the present world the sooner when shall he exempt
from pains , from sorrows , from troubles from the meanness that rules
people’s hearts. When shall we become free when shall we get rid of our passions
and finally our soul must thirst for the eternal joy thirst for the juncture with God to live eternally with saints. Because how much
is the time we shall live up to this earth? Oh my brothers in those times,
the love of most people will be chilled, there will be great sadness ,
nations assault,populations immigrations, great disorder , extravagance ,
negligence, disregard for the salvation of soul. Almost all people shall have willingness
to run for dinner tables , dances , festivities they will run to take pleasure
from earthly goods. People will be disputatious,
they will be very shiftless, they will be superlatively shiftless
in their Christian responsibilities. They will be willing to reprobate other people. Disbelief ,hatred animosity ,envy, broil will possess the first place in people’s life. Let’s stand with fear of God and be careful to the
fulfillment of our religion responsibilities,keeping all the virtues Let’s take care to fill our blood vessels
with oleum as long as our soul is in the body Our candle must glow, must be alight through
all our life, must be alight before we close our eyes. Our candle must be constantly alight. The vessels are the powers of soul which recieve the virtues. The oleum that we must drop in the vessels is the practice of all virtues. The candle that glows symbolizes
the mind that can recieve the Holy grace. The soul that will be enlightened shall enter
along with Jesus Christ in the kingdom of heavens I repeat this. The soul that
will have the candle alight,like the Five Virgins, and the time of death will come,the soul
shall enter along with Jesus Christ in the kingdom of heavens. But the soul which is darken
and impenitent by the sinful acts….(the tape stops) ….to say “Lord forgive me for my sins” Also, you must regard as saints all the other and only
yourself,only yourself must consider as a sinner and inferior of all no matter if other people might have sins.
We don’t have the right to see them as sinners We don’t have the right to judge them, we don’t
have the right to say anything against any sinner. Only ourself must consider as sinner and inferior of all. A person must talk when he has to (is necessary),
talk as much as he has to and talk as he has to. Faithful people must remain unshakeable during their life’s ordeals. Faithful and devout people are truly becoming Christ’s”carriers”,
when they fairly commune the immaculate Sacraments. They become Christ “carriers” and inside them God rests.
And He donates them all the goods for salvation. The faithful and devout human being has
nothing to fear of,neither evil persons nor adversities. He fears nothing because the reliance of
his hope to the Lord becomes a source of strength that reforms and intergrates the innerself
and also benefits and purges (cleans) society. Fear of God is the beginning of virtue,
fear comes from faith. The start of virtuous life is the constant
mind care for the study of the devine words. These words of the Lord
obligate us to recognize our own task, to choose His holy life as an example and to imitate all His virtues. The teaching of Jesus is light. The one who wish to coprehend Lord’s teaching in all its extent,
must believe in Jesus and must arrange his life according to life of Christ. Likewise, he ought to
repent sincerely for every offence. The possesion of temporary tresaurus is a vanity.
It’s a vanity. The soul that loves God finds rest there,
in God, and not in the vanity of the world. The soul can’t find rest by the
secular conviction, that is in luxuries, relaxations, welfare. The soul can’t find rest in there, that’s why we see people
who have all those, that they have no rest, nor joy. So in order to find joy and rest,
our soul must love God. In order to love God,
in order for one to love God, he must believe in His Gospel, the whole Gospel, not a part of the Gospel,
not some chapters of the Gospel but the whole Gospel. And in order for one to believe the whole Gospel of God,
he must be released from the material things In order for one to be released
from the material things he mustn’t love those. The person that is acquisitive is a slave of passions.
In order to suppress our passions we must become merciful. The merciful must give from what he has earned
of his own hard work, of his own sweat, not by iniquities Every merciful person must be righteous,
because if he is not righteous, he is blind he can’t see. He can’t see because it’s not right to steal and injure other people and make charities.The Christian must stand every iniquity by other people. The Christian not only must stand
iniquity with joy, but also he must offer his soul for his nearby. Then he becomes perfect,
then he becomes merciful, then he becomes a saint. I want my beloved brethren, to open my mouth and speak
for the great matter of humility, but i am afraid, as afraid is he who wants to speek for God
through human thoughts.Humility is a garment of divinity. The Son and Word Of God, our Jesus Christ wore this garment,humility,and came and lived here in earth and joined people. This garment He wore,the garment of humility.
This was His garment. All His life was humbleness By humility He covered His divinity,
by humility He covered His glory. Whoever wears this garment, humility,
he resembles Jesus, because with humility he wears the garment of Jesus.
The humble man , as it is known, is lovable to all. They bow to the humble man like a saint,
they all respect him. Even the wild beasts don’t bother
the humble man, they don’t mangle him. How many examples of saint people there are.
Every man, whoever he is, especially respects humility. Noone hate the humble man,
noone rebukes him, nor contemn him because the Lord loves him People have rest especially to those who love them. The Lord have rest to humble people. But unfortunately, people don’t love humility,
they don’t want to humble themselfs. They don’t want to humble themselfs and be lovable to the Lord,
but people love pride and become like satan. We have a lot of issues to talk about.A lot. So every Christian should be especially concerned,
should only care about those issues i will say. About God,what do most Christians know, today? About faith,what do people believe today? About obedience.
Where do people obay today,in God or in devil? About work.Where do Christians work today?
in the vineyard of God or in the works of devil? We have to talk about insisting thoughts(“logismoi”) Today, where are the thoughts of every man?Where are our thoughts? What are we thinking? What our mind works on? Because, the mind is one of the three sources of thoughts. To wit,the first source is God, the Holy Spirit
Who brings holy and sacred thoughts in man’s mind The second source is devil who comes, as it is known, even as an angel of light and seeds the unclean,sly,blasphemous thoughts in man’s soul. The second source is devil and the third is the mind
of man which produce the thoughts, either sly or kind So today, our thoughts in which
source lie by? In Holy, in satanic, or in our own? If the thoughts are our own, what do
they work on? God’s works or devil’s works? Another issue is joy All people desire joy and many people
look for it in places where there is no joy. Some people look for joy in lust,some other
in eating and drinking, some other in revelry, some other in money, some other
in exhibitionism and in many other things. They seek to find joy but is there joy in those things?
Is there joy in the wallet, as much as full it is? How many people have many wallets full
of money but still they don’t have joy? Another issue is the
peace of soul. Is there peace today? Take a look in the society.Wars,grouch,
lawsuits,quarrels,commotion,inside homes, into families everywhere there is grounch and quarrels. Where is peace? Another issue is prayer.
Who wishes for good things and who prays today? Another issue is the time of our life that God gave us and unfortunately the time runs out fruitless and unexploited. There are a lot of issues to talk, about desire,
anger, discretion, patience,verbiage. Unfortunately, today most of life is
spent with unnecessary words. About negligence, envy, desperation,silence About the examinations we give, because every day man sits down and writes in the paper the sinful works and the good works he made. You give every day examinations, and one day when the time is over, the papers shall be picked up and shall be examined by the teacher and alas to us if there are writen things
irrelevant with the subject of our salvation Also,we must know that God created the universe, that God is Almighty and He can create by His Word a new earth, a new sun, immediately,without materials This is the omnipotence of God.And don’t anyone say who made God,because God is uncreated, is timeless ,without beginning. What does this mean? that there is no beginning If we assume that this earth,
which stands in the air and rotates in it’s axis was let by God to free fall in the abyss,
where would it stop, where would it come to? Is there an edge? It would fall for ever,down,down,down,
it would continuously fall, with high speed from its gravity It would continuously fall,never reaching an edge
because there is no edge, there is no beginning So that’s how God is timeless
and lives everywhere. He is omnipresent,down in those deep places of the abyss and over and on the left and on the right,God is everywhere in this great huge chaos. Let’s be aware because wariness is one of the great virtues and every soul ,every Christian, every man has to be aware because in this world we give examinations as i said. We shouldn’t get traped in satan’s net
because this life is temporary but the future life is immortal it never ends and we will live there
for ever,either in joy, or in darkness with devils. I wish from my heart,all people
to accept with joy the words of the Gospel which was writen for us,
for all humankind so everyone to be saved no one to be perished and
all together to meet in His heavenly kingdom and glorify Him with His holy angels and all the saints.
Amen. I wish from my heart,God bless you,
educate you and give you strength, so never to recoil but have a high spiritual progress. I wish the grace of the Holy Spirit be with you in all your life.Amen. the 24 bells are ringed by one man,
except of the wooden.Those are ringed in holidays as you saw Also the water from the monastery is plenty
for the irrigation of the gardens and the trees.God’s goods are plenty. May His most Holy name be glorified.
For all His goods. Make a wish that God shall make us worthy
all of us to glorify Him for ever

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