Saint of the Day — St. Maximilan — March 12th

Today is the feast of Saint Maximilian of Thebeste. Born around the year 275 in what is modern-day Algeria, Maximilian was a Roman citizen. Maximillian’s father was a Roman soldier and so at age 21 he too was required to join the roman army in the year 296. During the third century Catholics were hesitant to serve in the Emperor’s army because of the cult of idolatry Surrounding the Emperor. Surprising fact Maximilian would be required to wear around his neck a medal of the anti-christian Emperor Diocletian. When the Roman recruiting agent asked Maximilian to received the Roman seal he replied “I already have the seal of Christ my God, I will not accept the seal of this world.” When threatened with death for refusing to enroll in the army Maximilian replied, “therein lies my glory.” The official sentence of the crime read “whereas Maximilian has disloyally refused the military oath. He is sentenced to death by the sword.” St. Maximilian is the patron saint of conscientious objectors.

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