Saint of the Day — Nicephorus — March 13

Saint of the Day — Nicephorus — March 13

Today we celebrate the fest of Saint Nicephorus. Born in Constantinople around 758, Necephorus was from a noble, strictly orthodox family. Despite being nobles, his family was antagonized for their steadfast support of the teachings of the Church concerning images and their opposition to Iconoclasts. Nevertheless, Nicephorus entered the service of the Empire, becoming the cabinet secretary. Shortly afterward, he withdrew from his position and founded a monastery near the Black Sea until he was recalled back to the capital to become patriarch of Constantinople. His rule as patriarch was met with much animosity. Hostility rose against him when he made the controversial decision to reinstate a priest who married Emperor Constantine VI to Theodota, despite the case that his current wife, Maria, was still alive. Additionally, Nicephorus was a rigged opposer to the reinstatement of Iconoclastic priests and policies that were presented by Emperor Leo V. After a failed conversation with Leo to change his mind, Emperor called a synod to give Nicephorus a chance to argue his position. Nicephorus, however, paid no attention to the summons recognizing that the synod was going to be filled with bishops friendly to iconoclasm. With this act of defiance, the synod commanded that he should no longer be called patriarch and Nicephorus soon found his house surrounded by crowds of angry Iconoclasts who shouted threats and later made several attempts to assassinate him. Realizing the position he was in, Nicephorus notified Leo that he deemed it necessary to resign as patriarch. He was then arrested and banished to the monastery he founded near the Black Sea, where he spent the remainder of his years in prayer until his death in 829.

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  1. People always fighting to live not in accordance with God's Law. What good has it ever wrought? God help us all to desire that which You desire.💝

  2. The amount of noise in this video is totally over the top, and is incredibly distracting.

    We already have boxes showing images changing sizes and location while the images zoom around within them. Isn't that enough in a 2 minute summary of a mans life (which is generally going to be all over the place)?

    It's too much to add images blurring and regaining focus (sometimes twice), whatever those retro film scratches or flaws are, a weird gradient background over everything, and on top of everything else, overlaying massive film burns that at times whir by. It's fine that you're able to do these things as a video editor… but each of these mentioned in the latter paragraph is a film ERROR that was eliminated by having BETTER and more expensive equipment and materials. IMO they are completely spastic and distracting.

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