Saint of the Day — Cuthbert — March 20th

Saint of the Day — Cuthbert — March 20th

Today we honor the feast of Saint Cuthbert. Born around 635, Cuthbert heard his calling when, as a boy, he saw a vision of the soul of Saint Aidan carried to heaven by angels while he was watching his sheep. When he learned that his vision occured at the same moment of Aidan’s death, he traveled to the Mailros abbey to become a monk. In 659, he was asked by Bishop Eata to help him establish a monastery at Ripon, where it is said that Cuthbert met an angel who was sent to test his devotion. In 664, St. Eata sent him to be prior at Lindisfarne, to introduce Roman customs to the community. Cuthbert spent much time evangelizing the people of Lindisfarne, until he received his abbot’s permission to live as a hermit in 676. A few years later, he was called from his retirement by a synod of bishops in Northumberland and was involuntarily elected the bishop of Lindisfarne. He spent the last two years of his life administering his See and caring for the sick while working numerous miracles of healing. Saint Cuthbert died in 687. He is the patron saint of Northumbria.

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  1. I had the great good fortune of visiting the Durham Cathedral and seeing the grave of my beloved Bede and, as a wonderful bonus, the grave of Cuthbert with its nine altars.

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