“Saint” Nick D’Addario: Subway Santa

“Saint” Nick D’Addario: Subway Santa

♫ Drumming ♫ I’m Nick from D’Addario, how are you? Appreciate it! Thank you! Thank you! ♫ Cello playing ♫ Wow, thank you. ♫ Saxophone playing ♫ Thank you! I love you man. Yeah, you too man! ♫ Guitar playing and singing ♫ You want a black strap? Thank you so much. ♫ Guitar playing and singing ♫ I really appreciate y’all, man. No problem. Happy holidays! ♫ Music continues ♫ ♫ Guitar playing ♫

16 Replies to ““Saint” Nick D’Addario: Subway Santa”

  1. Rockin video! Wishin D'Addario and all those amazing musicians a Very Merry Christmas and great New Year! To y'all fantastic "subway" musicians, please keep make beautiful music and please keep sharing it with the world! Rock On!

  2. Love it! Happy Holidays to all of you! Thank you for supporting all of us musicians!
    (Now when is Santa coming to DC?). 😃🎄🎅🎶

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