Saint Maud | “Ash Wednesday” | Official Promo HD | A24

Saint Maud | “Ash Wednesday” | Official Promo HD | A24

How long have you
been doing this? Just over a year. What were you
doing before? I worked in a hospital. What made you leave? It’s what God wanted. Hey, what’s
going on Katie? Come on, you can tell me. Back then I was so lost but now I am transformed. and soon everyone will see. Maud. He isn’t real. He’s everywhere. He’s physically in me. May the Lord bless and keep you, Joy.

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  1. Never been a fan of “religious horror” (the Exorcist as the one exception) but this looks pretty cool. A24 is always solid and the trailer has some great shots 👌

  2. A24: randomly pulls out a folded paper that says religious
    A24: pulls out a second piece of paper that says horror
    A24: bingo

  3. This is another one of those "You're lucky horror movies aren't about Muslims" situations. Were any REAL CHRISTIANS consulted at any point in the production of this movie? Yeah, I've read Victoria Nelson's chapter on "Faux Catholic" horror, etc., but outright propaganda isn't an excuse for a movie. Is anyone at A24 actually keeping Lent? Is there anyone in your organization who has ashes on their forehead right now? Give me one good reason why any Christian should give this joke five minutes of their time.

  4. hands down, this is one of the best films to come out in 2020. IT'S UTTERLY INSANITY! Can't wait for you to watch!

  5. A24 must have a hell lot of money 💰 for releasing so many movies these days , but will not complain as they are my favorite movie studio today 😽

  6. That ain't Maude at all. For one thing, Maude is not a "he", she is one fine woman. I know she looks like more than one woman, but trust me she's just one. They did get the horror aspect right now. And the constant flicking of a lighter, though to be more accurate with the real Maude they should have shown it near her rear end and the double-wide being evacuated every other day.

  7. We really need to know who the people behind selecting these movies for distribution at A24 are. How can they have such consistently great choices?!

  8. Yeah it’s a no from me. They most likely, nah probably got Jesus and God wrong in this film, like many films that always want to downplay him.

  9. Thank you, A24.

    Us horror die-hards have been starved for too long. You’ve been serving us with only the utmost original and truly terrifying content. Too long has this genre been made a joke of.. and this industry as well. I can’t wait for the day I see a spook job rival the Oscars.. I know for sure it will be flashing your logo. Theaters are thriving because such works of art deserve to be enjoyed on the big screen; You are reviving the cinematic experience. We all come out to see YOU.

    You guys are, without a doubt, the best in the game.
    All the love and luck, xxx.

  10. Ah. The classic, go-to "safe route" of religious horror. Sometimes I forget that Abrahamism actually has multiple branches lol

  11. A24 keeps pumping out these fart huffing “Horror” films

    A24 think because they have a few hits like The Lighthouse and The Witch everyone thinks they are the saviour of cinema lol please

  12. We Christian's are not like this, if this is trying to say Jesus possess people like demons do and is evil, this is a bunch of lies, not once have I been possessed by Jesus because he does not do that, he cures and blesses not evil things, only demons can do evil things

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