Saint Mary’s College On Campus Housing Tour

Hi welcome to St. Mary’s. My name is Kim. I’m going to take you on a virtual tour around campus to see all the different housing opportunities offered to undergraduate students. And let’s go. So here we are in central campus, where all of the first year residence halls are located. There are six in total, five of which are traditional styles which are separated by floor by gender. In the traditional style halls you’ll be living in either a double or triple and you’ll be sharing a bathroom with your whole entire floor. In a suite style hall you’ll be living in either a single or double, with five other residents and you will share a common area and the bathroom between the five of you. First-year students will share a sink with their roommates and each be given a chair, desk, closet, and drawer space to store personal belongings. So here we are at the Agena parks where all the second years, transfer students, and some upper-class students reside. Along with the 3 Ageno park buildings there’s also the two Claeys buildings, Beckett, and Moore. Besides Beckett and Moore, all these residence halls have two doubles, two signals, a common area for each of the suites and then the shared bathroom for the six students. The difference between these buildings and Beckett and Moore is that Beckett and Moore have three doubles, a larger common space, and a bathroom share between the six people. Here we are at the lower townhouses and along with the upper houses, these are solely for upper class students. There are seven lower townhouses. Each one is presented with a full living room, a full kitchen, three doubles, a full bathroom, and 2 sinks for each apartment. Upper class students will receive the same amenities as other students as well in addition they will be given a full-size kitchen and dining table and furnishings for the common area. This concludes our virtual tour. Thanks for watching. If you do have any additional questions, feel free to contact the housing office. Bye! BYE!

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