Saint Laurent’s $40,000 Dance Dance Revolution Machine

Saint Laurent’s $40,000 Dance Dance Revolution Machine

– All right, here’s the current situation. I’m in New York City, the big… the windy… the windy, big windy apple. And I saw a photo, (laughs) don’t laugh. I saw a photo on Twitter
of this DDR machine at the Yves Saint Laurent store and it looks like, it
was just like one photo. It wasn’t taken by a DDR player. It was taken by a friend of a DDR player. It’s like this one blurry photo. I don’t know any details about it. Nobody really does. We don’t know if it’s running software. We don’t know if it’s playable. We don’t know if you’re
even allowed to step on it. I actually don’t know if it’s still there, but I figured while I
was in New York this week it would be ridiculous
of me not to investigate this YSL Dance Dance Revolution cabinet. So, that’s what we’re gonna do right now. My God, wait, I see it. It lights up! Okay, okay. Okay. Wh- (laughs) I’m not getting good footage probably ’cause I’m just freaked out this exists. It’s like a chrome, artsy… (laughs) Saint Laurent DDR installation piece. I wonder if there’s any way that they’ll let us get
a closer look at it. Do you wanna go in? – “Yep.” – [Nick] All right. So, we walk into the store
and the thing that struck me right away immediately about this is that every single square inch
of it was 100% reflective. Like I’m talking perfectly
polished, basically a mirror, complete chrome, to the point
that the visibility on it was kind of low. From the back you almost can’t… – “What?”
– …see it. It’s so reflective that it’s
not until you step around it. God, that’s so sick! (customers chattering) – [Customer] That’s a nice gift. – [Nick] (laughing) So I think
the one major disappointment about this thing, and
it’s probably obvious, is that it was completely nonfunctional. The screen on it was not actuallyyyy running any software. I guess it was a pipe dream to hope that it was running something
playable, but instead it was just taking one of
those in-store displays and just looping a video,
which is… whatever. The thing that really struck me, though – after getting over the
heartbreak of it not working – is all of the very, very
specific machine-accurate details that they’ve built into the cabinet. There’s so many que… okay,
the rail actually has a… …a grip on it. (customers chattering) Wonder what step chart this is. Okay sometimes it’s lighting
up three arrows at a time, which is… (customers chattering loudly) This is the most fun-to-look-at
thing I’ve ever… (laughs) …I’ve ever been in the same room as. There’s actually… it looks like there’s some tubing running from the pads to the cabinet, but I can’t tell if it’s
for aesthetic purposes or if it’s functional. – [YSL Staff] Hi guys, how ya doin’? It’s cool, right? – [Nick] It’s amazing.
– Yeah. – [Nick] I’m a big player
of Dance Dance Revolution. – [YSL Staff] Uh-huh. – [Nick] So, actually a friend
of my mine posted a photo of this on Twitter and I
came while I was in town just to see it. Do you know who made this? – [YSL Staff] You know,
somebody from Paris. It was the design team for
the store from Saint Laurent. – [Nick] That’s amazing. – [YSL Staff] It’s cool though, right? – [Nick] Do you know if,
is it okay to stand on it? – [YSL Staff] No. – [Nick] No, yeah, I’m sure
you get that question a lot. – [YSL Staff] It’s yeah, ’cause
like it’s not a real one. – Right.
– So it’s like, ya know, yeah. – [Nick] There’s so
many details in it that make it seem real.
– Yeah, it’s very cool. It’s very cool. – [Nick] Yeah. God, that’s so tight. So, there’s no actual throw on it. It’s just a light. So if you were to step on it – which they’ve told us you can’t
do – it wouldn’t actually… there’s no… I don’t
think there’s any buttons. Like, there’s nothing
that it could register. It’s just solid. – So, I reached out to Saint
Laurent after seeing this machine in person and tried to
get any sort of hard details out of them about who exactly
specifically built this thing, why they chose a Dance
Dance Revolution cabinet. And I couldn’t really,
I heard back from them, but not with any concrete details. I was never really able
to get a clear answer about that stuff. But what I did do is I
showed all this footage that you’re seeing now to a friend of mine who
does something very similar to building things like this. He fabricates sort of
enormous, complex, big-budget things like this, specifically
light rigs of this caliber for large corporate clients. And he told me that he
would approximate the price of this thing as being
somewhere in the $40,000 range, and also said that,
because it’s Saint Laurent, they probably spent a
little bit more on it. They’re not liable to
pinch pennies, I guess. Another interesting thing
that he told me is that he didn’t think it would
be that terribly hard to take this machine and
convert it into a working, functional DDR cabinet. So, Saint Laurent, if you’re watching this and you’re just gonna
throw this in the trash when you’re done, please
give it to me and my friends and we will make it into a working, just the craziest-looking
DDR machine of all time. Which reminds me, the last
thing I need to mention is that while I was editing this video, images leaked from the
upcoming Japan Arcade Expo, where they’re about to debut,
to everyone’s surprise, the 20th-anniversary
brand new DDR cabinet. We don’t know if there’s
a new game running in it. All we really know is that
there’s a new cabinet coming and, bafflingly, against all
odds, this brand new cabinet that’s coming out is possibly even gaudier than the Saint Laurent cabinet. Here’s the only image we have of it. It appears to be a similarly super shiny, super crazy-looking cabinet,
but gold instead of silver or chrome or whatever. So, the dream of getting to
play on an extremely stupid and ornate DDR cabinet might be coming sooner than you thought. So, look forward to that in,
I guess, sometime this year. But yeah, I knew that
while I was in New York, I had to stop by and try
to find where this machine was located. And sure enough, it was still there and it was crazy-looking, and
I wanted to share it with you. So, if you enjoyed this
video, let me know. I know it’s a little bit, I was gonna say, “It’s a little different
from what I usually do,” but what does that even mean anymore? No two videos on this channel have anything to do with each other. Thank you for watching. I’ve got some other
stupid shit down the pipe. But yeah, let me know what thought of this and if you have any questions about it I will do my best to answer them, ’cause I just pored over this machine for an embarrassing amount of time, especially considering that
I did not buy anything. But yeah, thank you for watching and I’ll see ya next time. (relaxed jazz music)

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  1. Actually? By this point I would argue this is kind of what I would expect from this channel. It feels almost like a culture channel mixed with a game channel by this point; exploring the world documenting the smaller facets of gaming culture.

  2. It's a real shame that it doesn't actually work. Also, did you notice the cut in corners of the pads were loose and some were rotated?

  3. As a fellow dance game played, I can admit this machine is pretty sick. Though it could have run stepmania and have some sturdier bars.

  4. I love how within 30 seconds he starts using the word 'we' and it becomes obvious that this is a man who is in the DDR Fandom ™

  5. They need a red velvet rope or someone guarding the cabinet. I can already see that some kid running on the pad stomping on the pad or some random person come in the place spilling a drink on it. 😒😢

  6. not surprising it wasn't actually playable (heard as much from twitter regarding it) but I do hope someone can get ahold of it before they toss it when they're done with it and convert it to a working one (I mean it has a monitor in there so probably just need a PC and working pads, yeah??) I am super curious what the story is with the gold cab that konami is doing so we'll just have to wait for JAEPO this next week!

  7. Uh… this is a fake DDR designed for a store!? I mean WTF you can't event put youself on it and it's not running any DDR related softwares, this is rediculous! Who wants this?

  8. we have the next best thing now with the playable gold cabinet (for DDR A20). If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.

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