SAINt JHN Tries ASMR, Whispers the Meaning of “McDonalds Rich” | Mind Massage | Fuse

SAINt JHN Tries ASMR, Whispers the Meaning of “McDonalds Rich” | Mind Massage | Fuse

Hi, I’m Saint Jhn and this is weird as f—. [brushing] [sizzling] [buzzing] Sshhh! This is kinda cool.
I’ve never done this before, but I like it. I only wanna talk
in my whispering voice. Oh, I’m supposed to
tell you about myself. I’ll be right back on. [plastic crinkling] This reminds me
of my song “Roses”. Strippers give me roses. Just like this. That smells good. [plastic crinkling] Just like that. Mom, please don’t watch this. Ow. I pricked it. I grew up in Brooklyn,
East New York. I grew up bouncing
between East New York and Georgetown, Guyana. I super poor. My mom thought
it was a good idea to send us to
go over there with my aunts and
uncles and my dad I think I’m bleeding.
I don’t know. Nope. I wrote this song, “Roses” and put it on my first collection,Collection One.It’s pretty cool. I shot a black and
white video in LA. There were nuns on fire. It was in
an insane asylum. I think that’s pretty cool. One of my favorite songs
ever in life, period, ever, ever, ever is Gyptian “Hold You”. It’s dancehall. My favorite type of music is dancehall. It comes from me
growing up in Guyana. All I wanna listen to
is Spragga Benz and Buju Banton. This is usually
for nipples, but I’m not gonna put it on
my own nipples. You crazy? [ice clattering] I feel like a kid
playing with ice. My next project comes out–
my next collection is calledGhetto Lenny’s
Love Songs for Christians.
It’s pretty ignorant. First song I’m gonna
release from it is called “McDonalds Rich”. It’s where I grew up. Was brought up. All the hustlers around me thought $100,000 was a billion. They found out quickly
it wasn’t. It’s kind of an ode
to having not a lot, but acting like it. I definitely feel like this is something
fromAmerican Psycho.[plastic crinkling] For whatever reason,
everyone on Instagram like to ask me
what’s my skincare routine. Today I’ll let you know. Strippers and cream. [spraying] Wow. [spraying] Okay, here goes nothing. This is strangely satisfying. This shaving cream
smells like tree ass. I had to clean up. My hand is still
a little bit wet. I gotta…
[blows] [blows] Look,Ghetto Lenny’s
Love Songs for Christians
come out in March. It’s sexy, it’s ignorant. It’s my next collections. When I make these collections,
I think of music as collections. Because my first project
wasCollection One.It’s really cool. I have a lot of
different songs on there. One of them is “I Heard You Got Too Litt Last Night”. Now, this next collection, it’s even hard
to describe it, think about it.
Think of this. If me and a stripper
got married, you’d have to play this
at our wedding reception, the whole project. You’re gonna like it. I hope so. Really, this has
been fun. Real fun. I’m an addict now.
Thanks, guys. [chair sliding] I didn’t fart.
That was the chair. Ssshh!

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  1. Mano, aqui no Brasil tem muitos canais de Asmr. E eu acreditava ser imune ao ASMR
    Mas acho que me enganei hehe
    Trabalho simples incrível, abraço!

  2. Would you please change that table? It sounds so loud whenever the put smth on top of it. Thank u for this vids, love ❤️

  3. Bro its so crazy to me that ive been following him grow and i alreay know if he keeps doing interviews like this hes gonna blow up

  4. This video convinced me to click the bell & turn on notifications!! One of the best ASMR vids from Fuse, and its been getting better 👍🏽

  5. I have an idea instead of them just whispering. Why don’t y’all just interview them whispering so we can hear an asmr type interview you know what I mean?

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