SAINt JHN “Trap” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

SAINt JHN “Trap” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I’m performing in Russia, not because I’m
trying to perform in Russia. Because Russia is requesting me. Demand and I come. There’s like 4000 tickets sold out, something
like that, right, I’m like, “Okay cool. So who’s on the lineup?” They’re like,“Just you.” “What do you mean just me on the lineup?” “It’s just you. This is your show, they paid just to see you.” I said, “All right cool, what time we going
on?” “4 o’clock in the morning.” I said, “I’m going on at 4 o’clock in the
morning?” My nigga, 4 o’clock in the morning. They paid just to see me, they’re willing
to wait the whole night. I’m going on at 4 o’clock in the morning. This is ignorant. I get on stage, they give me 100 roses. 100 roses. 4 AM in the morning, shirtless black nigga
from Brooklyn, I’m lit. Nigga that’s surreal. They don’t even speak…This ain’t their first
language, might not be their second, or third language. But when roses drop, or when trap drop, they
going the fuck, like they going up. That’s surreal. I could tell you about other niggas I stood
next to that did cool things that you know on TV, but that’s surreal. Fallen is probably the only producer that
could…Really few producers that can put up on me and say, “I got some beats for
you”. I don’t really want to hear beats, I want
to develop the idea from the beginning. That way I can influence the beat, I can inform
the beat. Otherwise you playing catch up. You behind the whole time, right. Like if somebody brings you a finished idea
you’re trying to fit your idea within to their world. I want to build a world. We wanted a feature on the record. He was like, “Yo Lil Baby would be a great
feature”. I was like, “That’s fantastic, you can make
that happen?” He was like, “Yeah”. So Chubs made a call, and I had a good relationship
with Coach and so did Bigs, so it was easy. Like it’s super hood shit right? So she’s just in the moment, she does what
she wants to do. Because for me I, you know, I’m talking about
the only love I ever knew was trap. That’s the only thing I could’ve ever fallen
in love with, just my hustle, my ambition, trying to get somewhere. So her, she fits right in line with that. So trap, she do licks, she gets me. And I’m not saying I’m hustling in the streets,
I wasn’t saying I’m, I’m hand to hand, but I’m trap and this is my trap. I know that life of course, but I’m talking…My
trap right now don’t look like that. My nails are a lot less dirty in my trap. I don’t drink or smoke. Like those aren’t the things I participate
in. I like edibles. So if I’m sober or lit, I don’t know what
that is, it feel the same. I see some really encouraging things after
these shows. Yeah, a lot of fishing. It’s opulent. It’s excessive. It’s consistent. Like it’s every night, it’s bright lights,
it’s champagne bottles. It’s what you think it looks like in an
episode of Fast and the Furious’ scene, the Wolf of Wall Street, it’s impossible, you
know what I mean? Well it’s hard for people to always tell the
truth, so I try not to put myself in the circumstance where I expect you to be candid like 1000%
of the time. Tell me the good lies. You know what a good lie is? When I’m like this is a white shirt or a black
shirt and I don’t know which one look better, and in your mind they both look the same,
and you ask me, “Is the white one better?” And you go, “No, the black.” Because you know I want to hear that anyway,
but it’s all the same. That’s a good lie. We save time, everybody wins. That happens a lot, I mean I drive a Porsche. I like, you know, two seater, albino blue,
with the top off most of the time. That’s how I’m riding around listening to
the music. I’m painting the picture of me and multiple
people. We like sleeping in the middle tonight. It’s not just me in that bed. Do you get what I’m saying? Okay. Yeah so I came from, I grew up in Brooklyn,
East New York, and I bounced between Brooklyn and Georgetown, Guyana. My mom’s Guyanese. Grandmother’s Guyanese. My whole family’s Guyanese. Guyana’s in South America, but it’s a Caribbean
country. While being the only English-speaking country
on the continent of South America. So it’s a little confusing. So you think of it as an island, but geographically,
it’s in South America. But it’s part of the Caribbean Union, so Jamaicans
and the Guyanese, and Trinidadians and Bajans. We share a similarity, culturally and all
that. ’Cause all the guys that looked like me,
they came from the places I came from. Only thing they ever love was ambition. When somebody swinging a machete at you, and
they mean it? It’s not a James Bond movie, like it ain’t
cute. You get what I’m saying? You don’t get to skip to the next scene. I seen some real wild things. Like you ever seen somebody get real diced
up? I don’t mean…I don’t know how this just
turned into an episode of Odds but my nigga that’s not where I’m going with it. I’m just saying. The trap in Guyana. The trap in any third world country is way
more aggressive.

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  1. So happy he getting the recognition he deserves I been supportin him since 2017 3 below 🤘🤘

  2. First time hearing about this man & I gotta say, he’s got a cool ass aura. Interesting guy. Song is hot too, he’s going places

  3. Its a fucking dope track…prob the best track at the moment….been smashing it in england for the last 3-4 weeks …i need to see him live if he comes over here

  4. 😂🤣 another mfa rapping about a life he ain’t from . He should’ve called it “moonlight” or some . He ain’t no damn trapper

  5. Wait so it's "Only love a real ni**a knew was trap"!!
    I've been saying "Eenie meenie miney mo I trap" my whole life.

  6. remember when i heard this guy song i heard you got too litt last night and now he blowing up with trap im proud of you been turning up to these songs ever since 2018

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