SAINt JHN Teases His Collection 1 Album | Voodoo 2017 | Fuse

SAINt JHN Teases His Collection 1 Album | Voodoo 2017 | Fuse

Who’s gonna make a
better mask than me? Nobody Bring anybody. I’ll mask off. It’s a competition. Whatsup, my name is SAINt
JHN, We’re at Voodoo Fest, this is my PSA for all the
ratchets and strippers out there, this
goes out to you. Ya’ll should
listen to this. And I could make a mask
while we’re talkin’ right? I saw an incredible
costume in my set. I saw a girl, she
ain’t have on no top. That’s my
favorite costume. Cause she’s pretending
to be a ghost. She’s pretending to be
invisible and I’m like “I don’t see no titties”
and then I see em. It’s cool writing for
other artists, cause some of them are you heroes. People you grew up
listening to, lookin’ up to and then you go and you
write songs for them that are gonna impact people in
the same way these songs impacted you. Switching gears, it was
simple for me, the songs I wrote I wanted to
deliver myself. You see this? Basquiat! Basquiat, come see me! When you come see me live
it’s a hell of a show. I take my shirt
off and I’m sexy. If you wanna come see a
sexy man from Brooklyn take his shirt off and
dance for ya, dance a good song. You come on down
to Big Bubba’s. Look at the
colors on this. You don’t get this
type of pastel. This type of pastel
only come from Arizona. “Collection 1”, that’s
my first project. I think of music as
just an assortment. This is my first offering
so it’s “Collection 1”. Like Alexander Wang,
you just be goin to see Alexander Wang, AW ’18
you know what I mean? It’s just Collection 1
by SAINt JHN It comes out in
January and it’s cool. It’s gonna be really cool. They’re gonna like it. If you listen to music
with your ears, your heart and your titties
out, I’m the one. When in doubt wear silk. Love your mother, always
remember baby Jesus and take care of your friends. Believe in yourself Believe! Have a happy
Sunday morning. I know it’s Wednesday
night though.

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  1. I really need to know his age. He is very ambiguous, could be 20 or pushin 40. Regardless he’s dope I just want to know more about an artist then I probably need to know.

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