SAINt JHN Talks Growth and Evolution From The Artist Lounge

we got jazzy back here takuji sweater
she’s getting compliments from our new guest the ghetto lenny kravitz as he
likes to refer to himself not my words these are his this is st. John ladies
and gentlemen we Pierce of course of course
see we’re sharing he’s such a gentleman who’s a ladies man
st. John have you ever performed onstage with your shirt on I’m just wondering
you know you won’t see it you had your shirt off I had it on for the first Bob
and it’s cold as hell out here might I add it’s not cool when I get started Oh st. John he explained his music to me
once as a designer’s collection right so like the first album he called it
collection one right and the second project collection actually so because I
believe in collections right collections are like full spectrum full scope if
Alexander Wang was coming out with his aw 18 aw night scene to be a full
collection but I’m about to put on my winter collection this one is called
ghetto Lenny’s love songs for Christians so what’s the bridge between Lenny’s
love songs for Christians ghetto Lenny’s love song for Christians it’s ignorant and I’m not jewel jewels just heard the
new record brand new record it’s called white parents are gonna hate this but I
believe I believe in great quality I believe in premium goods Yeah right I
come from that space premium goods at an affordable price so these premium goods
that you speak about on the album that white parents are gonna hate what are
some of the premium goods that we’ll be able to find on that project Oh like
song titles with a Glee so this is McDonald’s rich white parents are gonna hate this let me
see if I could remember more titles is a song called high school reunion okay
it’s nice it’s a pleasurable song you guys might be familiar with in case
you’re not aware group song one of my favorite songs by st. John is three
below zero three below zero is that song like I think broke streaming records for
you I mean was that with me I mean it does let’s put it in context right so
collection one my first collection would just mean for the first time you never
met me right you’ve never even heard my name no no no no that’s important to
know right I want that to be clear collection one has a hundred million
streams but we never met that’s what that’s what’s interesting
so for me when I go home and I’m like look at these 100 million streams I’m
like you got a lot more work to do kid yeah you ain’t do enough cuz watch jazzy
didn’t know jazzy ain’t no why you ain’t no Jenna we gotta fix this I don’t want
there to be any miscommunications alright tell me the Cologne you gonna
let me rub it on you just take some you like me yo st. John’s a mess I love
having you out here I care for you soon right I kept very soon very soon very
soon thank you for having me why not take my shirt off

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