Saint Germain Speaks on Freedom

Saint Germain Speaks on Freedom

I am grateful to Saint Germain for being with us. In the last hour he’s given me nine beautiful statements, which I’d like to read and then reflect on a little bit. I’ll read each one twice and then reflect on the concepts. First Saint Germain says: “Freedom inspires the soul to its victorious ascent and ultimate reunion with God.” Now, what is this freedom that inspires the soul? It is an inner flame. It’s also an eternal light that’s embodied by Saint Germain and his twin flame, Portia, and by other divine beings who have reunited with God and who, through their own striving toward oneness with God, have ensouled this eternal principle. They show us how to ascend and how to have our ultimate reunion with God by their beautiful example, by their lives lived to the glory of God, by their sacrifices, their givingness, their striving, their teaching and the light that they have anchored upon the Earth. This freedom that inspires the soul is such a powerful dynamic that when we have it, when we access it, it propels us unto our victory. We have to strive for that union with God because we know that there is no other course for us, that there is nothing else of complete value to our lives except love and that which helps us to reunite with God. Freedom is such a powerful dynamic that many wars have been fought for people to feel liberated from oppressors. And even if those wars have been tainted by the powers of darkness that sometimes begin those wars, the flame inside of the individual person, the flame of freedom inside of them, is what they feel is the purpose of their struggle. So they continue on until the end result is fulfilled and their freedom manifests —hopefully that happens. Unfortunately in this day and age, many of the wars we see are not inspired by this internal flame of freedom. They are inspired by greed for money, land, territory, oil and other resources in the earth. And the powers of darkness, typically now, in this day and age, are the ones inciting these wars and having people, good people on both sides, fighting each other. The second statement from the Master Saint Germain: “Sacred inalienable rights proffered (or offered) by the Creator are all meant to lead the individual to oneness in freedom’s flame.” Now, these inalienable rights were spoken of in the Declaration of Independence for the United States, and many other nations have followed suit and have their own constitutions based on higher values and eternal principles. These rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are meant to lead us to freedom’s flame and, again, to our oneness with God. If a nation does not offer these inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and certain freedoms—freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of choice, freedom of the press, freedom to bear arms, et cetera, those outlined in the United States Bill of Rights and in documents that other countries also have now—then we see problems manifesting and people rising up against their oppressors. Many of you came from Iran, from Persia, and you sought freedom of expression, of your choice of worship, your religion or your beliefs. So you were invested, in one sense, in this struggle. The sacred inalienable rights, when we understand them and meditate upon them, do lead us to an understanding of who we are, of our soulful nature, of the truth of our inner being, as well as the outer personality. And when we are locked into our soul, our spirit, our essence as the primary part of who we are and we focus on that rather than on the outer body temple and personality, then we get to the core of why we are here. We search for the answers, strive to understand who we are, what our purpose is, what our mission is, and that’s when we begin to find all the answers through spiritual teachers, books and friends whom we resonate with, who feel just like us. And then hopefully we find a community or organization that can facilitate our ongoing study and our practice in our becoming. Now, the oneness in freedom’s flame has many steps along the way. We may be free when we are a youth, in our teens to do some things without having to strive with a job, but then once we become an adult and we are on our own outside of our family, it takes a lot of energy and effort to make it as an individual; and then if we choose to have a family, to support and protect our family. So there are steps along the way to secure this freedom flame that we all tread, we all walk, that are important for us to master for our becoming. The third statement: “The self-determined soul must use individual liberties to help liberate the unfree and to serve the planetary soul.” We all desire self-determination— in other words, the choice to follow the path that’s within our hearts, our souls and our minds. We don’t desire that someone else tell us what we should be. We have the spark of light within us from God, and that eternal fire inside of us inspires us to follow the path that we are choosing. However, once we walk a spiritual path, we will also always use those individual liberties to help others, to liberate those who are unenlightened or unfree, those who haven’t yet begun to understand their true nature. And then if we work in consonance and in harmony with other spiritual devotees, we can help to serve the planetary soul—in other words, the souls of all mankind. We do this in our Hearts Center community through our broadcasts and our prayers, our songs because they invoke so much light that goes forth to serve many, many people and all nations. And we truly do love all mankind. We don’t have prejudices toward one group, one race, one culture, one religion, one people. We understand all are sons and daughters of God, no matter what nationality, race, creed, orientation, et cetera. We are all born of the one eternal Father-Mother God, and we’re all working toward planetary liberation and the liberation of the soul of every man, woman and child. It is our right, in a self-determined state, to really go for it and use the media that we have and use our talents and gifts to make divine liberation a goal so that every individual can pursue their inner direction, their divine plan, their holy mission in life. And the purpose of our Internet website and our broadcasts is to inspire people to go for it with the talents and gifts that they have, that God gave them in this lifetime. And I pray that we will always find an opportunity to inspire people to do their best, to follow their dreams, to realize their goals. The fourth statement: “Freedom, as an eternal manifestation of light and awareness of divine principles and values, is aware of the delicate balance wrought by the interplay of justice and mercy.” Freedom is an eternal manifestation of light; it is also an awareness of divine principles and values, and it is aware of this balance between justice and mercy. If we only have the letter of the law through justice and there is no mercy through the spirit of the law, there is an imbalance. So in a righteous system, there are checks and balances against the misuse of law, and also mercy and grace, through understanding that people are people—they make mistakes, maybe through ignorance, and if they’re enlightened, they won’t make those mistakes. That dynamic helps people to grow. So freedom, as an eternal manifestation of light, is actually an awareness of divine principles and values, and it is aware of the delicate balance wrought or manifested by the interplay of justice and mercy. The Shakespearean plays, which were actually penned by Saint Germain as Francis Bacon, as well as a few other of his writer friends, bring to our understanding these dynamics of mercy and forgiveness, as well as justice. So when we study these Shakespearean plays—as we’re doing now for the next three years—we will have keys to the development of our minds through a greater awareness of what these divine principles and values are, because Saint Germain, as Bacon, embedded them, encoded them, within the words of these plays. It’s a beautiful thing. The fifth statement: “License to act must be tempered by an internal integrated awareness, secured by following truth for it to be transmuted into the light of liberty and the flame of freedom.” So license is a type of freedom to act; in and of itself, though, it is not real freedom. It’s just opportunity to act, free will to act. It must be tempered; it must become wise by an internal integrated awareness within the soul, secured by following truth. We must follow the truth, the truth of God, the truths within righteous scriptures East and West, the truth within our own I AM Presence and Holy Christ/Buddha Self for that license to be transmuted into the light of liberty and the flame of freedom. Teenagers have a lot of license to act, but they’re not always wise; they make stupid decisions. And when we become adults, hopefully we become wiser and wiser and wiser and then we make better choices. Little children aren’t responsible for a lot when they are very young. Their responsibilities grow as they use free will wisely, as they learn in school and then apply the principles and values that they learn— both in school, in the home, in their sanctuaries, temples, churches, synagogues or mosques— about how to live according to the truth, the way and the life of a living teacher, such as Jesus or Gautama Buddha or Maitreya, Krishna and other divine teachers, the Divine Mother. So license can be transmuted into the light of liberty and the flame of freedom when it is tempered by truth, following that truth. The sixth statement from the Master: “To strive and even fight for one’s personal group or national right to self-determination and freedom to live beyond tyrannical control is a worthy cause. However, throughout the struggle, assess your motives to ensure that the means to reach your goal are justified and are aligned with other important principles and values, especially compassion.” I spoke a little bit about this earlier. If we have tyrannical dictators controlling a nation, they have to be stopped; they have to be overcome. We can’t allow them to control the people, their souls, their resources, the nation forever, because this isn’t God’s plan. God desires worthy leaders who are righteous. Once we begin the fight, if we do fight for freedom in this way—either for our individual freedom or for group or national freedom, for self-determination—we still have to live according to certain divine principles and values, and we must assess our motives. Can violence decay into unworthy warring, where we become animalistic and dark? It could. Many of the greatest leaders never had to use guns or armaments. They walked—Martin Luther King, Gandhi—and they stood in defiance of dictators and the tyrannical control of unjust systems. And through the power of the word that they spoke, they inspired others to walk with them, and eventually freedom manifested and those principles and values were restored through righteous laws. We have to be compassionate, even toward our detractors or those who are the tyrannical ones. We can’t hate them, because hatred only comes back to destroy us. We have to love their souls, even if we fight against the tyranny. Many of you are aware of what’s going on in Iran; the young people are trying to speak out to overthrow a system that they feel is tyrannical. And most of them were doing it peaceably, and yet even then, the forces of darkness working through the tyrannical ones were going out to kill the young people, and this is very unfortunate. When there is a groundswell of the Word to the point where it becomes so powerful and so tremendous, then the system has to change and has to go down. It’s like the crumbling of the Berlin Wall back in the late 1980s. It was a very powerful manifestation, because the time had come— the system was corrupt and it had to be overcome. The seventh statement of the Master for tonight, or for those of you in Australia it’s probably morning: “When the yoke of tyranny has stifled the soul or a people’s desire to be creatively expressive, it is time to force the hand of the oppressor—first through the use of divine reason and last through the power of divine will activated through all means required.” There is only so much injustice that a soul and a people can withstand before they have to rise up, because our soul desires to be creatively expressive. And if we can’t express who we are, then we’re not free; we’re not truly liberated. So we seek the opportunity to be expressive of who we are. And when that yoke, that burden of tyranny, has stifled one or many, many people’s souls and their desire to be creatively expressive, that is a time that they must work together to overthrow or to force the hand of the oppressor. Some of you may have seen the movies The Hunger Games, which are probably liked by young people more. And this, of course, is not a true story; it’s fantasy. It takes place at a time when all these sectors of society are controlled through one central government that is unjust and tyrannical. So it took a heroine, a young lady who could shoot arrows pretty well, to overcome the darkness of that system so that everyone could be liberated. I think there is a lot of darkness in those movies and it’s pretty sick, the first one especially, where young people are forced to kill each other. So the movies have a lot of darkness too. Yet the story line is such that it is about overcoming the oppressor, and finally, when the people have had enough, having to stand firm. Now, why is Saint Germain sharing all this tonight? Because I think a lot of you know that you stand for freedom and justice and overcoming tyranny in your own native land. And the more you invoke the light of the Christ, the Buddha, the Divine Mother and all the saints and ascended masters of heaven, Zarathustra, the more power you wield in your higher bodies to do that work at a spiritual level first. You may not be the ones who are going to go back and demonstrate physically. Your demonstration is spiritual power through the Word, and that’s why you are sons and daughters of God and advanced in your spiritual path, where you use the power of the spoken word to do this. It’s very, very powerful. And who’s to say how much the response of these young people is actually a response to your prayers. I think that it is a response—very wonderful. The eighth statement: “The glory of everlasting freedom and brother/sisterhood won through sacrificial love far outshines the temporal liberties that lapse into pleasure seeking and egoic living. So we should strive for everlasting freedom and brother/sisterhood. These are won through sacrificial love, and these far outshine the temporal liberties— the temporary or temporal— the fleeting liberties that lapse into pleasure seeking and egoic living. Sometimes when people are free they can then get involved in a lot of pleasure because they don’t have to strive so much. We see this in Western civilization, which has been perverted through the media and all manner of things, where people have a lot of material goods and so they don’t have to work as hard. And then they like those things and become attached to them and then just seek pleasure. That’s all temporary; we know this. The glory of everlasting freedom is much more powerful, and we should strive for that and give of our time and energies and love to secure that type of freedom for the long haul, for eternity rather than just what we can experience here on Earth in the short term. The final statement of the nine: “Freedom, truth and justice are holy brothers, just as liberty, wisdom and mercy are sacred sisters.” These are virtues that are godly and everlasting. Freedom, truth and justice carry the weight of this energy of the masculine aspect of God; and liberty, wisdom and mercy carry the energy of the feminine aspect of the Divine One. Yes, truth is also Pallas Athena, and justice is Portia, but for the purpose of this quote and this sharing from the Master, he is equating freedom, truth and justice with more masculine holy brothers, and liberty, wisdom and mercy with feminine, sacred sisters. Saint Germain is with you all throughout this cycle of Aquarius, which we entered right around the twentieth, about a week ago, and continues for the next three weeks. In four days we have another full moon and a lunar eclipse, an interesting time to be alive and observant. So I pray that all of you will find, throughout this week and this month, opportunities to be of service to the flame of freedom, to be joyful in how you work with each other and to just really be conscious and aware and helpful. To be helpful to others is a sign of one who has attained a certain level of understanding of the Holy Spirit. Now, I will address one question that came. I’m going a little over; I hope that’s okay. “If a person has forgiven another for a mistake, does the one who is forgiven go through the hardship of the karma of the mistake, or should they have no experience about it, especially knowing all this suffering is illusion and a dream?” Well, when you forgive, you are liberated. The other person still has the karma to balance. Yet when you forgive, the strings of attachment between you and the sense of injustice that you have of what that other person did are transmuted and you are liberated. So forgiveness helps the person that forgives more than it helps the person who is forgiven. When we forgive, it doesn’t balance the karma of the other person. No, they still have to balance their karma. What it allows is mercy and grace so that they feel forgiven and they can move on and strive to balance their karma. Now, there are exceptions to this. When Jesus forgave someone, he could heal the person through that flame of forgiveness: “Thy sins be forgiven thee,” and then they were healed. So he had the power, as the Son of God, to transmute the karma, but that’s rare. Most of us don’t have the power to transmute another’s karma; they have to do it themselves. But because those persons came to Jesus and asked for forgiveness, he was able to be the nexus for that transmutation. Now, can you be a nexus for that level? I think that the more you forgive, the more you help that person to become who they are and then they make quicker progress in overcoming their karma. So, yes, you are still helping them, yet forgiving them in and of itself doesn’t transmute their karma. They still have to balance whatever their karma is. So, thank for that question. It’s a good question, and I pray that the understanding will help you and others. I’m going to turn off my recording now.

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  1. We must remember to truly Forgive these people that trespass[ed] against us. We will see Justice-All really is well.💜 All the Glory be to God!
    Thank you so much for your Service & thank you St. Germain for choosing a wonderful Channel for Your beautiful messages! VICTORY OF THE LIGHT! 💜💜💜

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