Saint Germain Shares Keys for Justice to Manifest Upon Earth

Saint Germain Shares Keys for Justice to Manifest Upon Earth

I, Saint Germain, stand in your midst, grateful for the words that you have invoked and spoken from the depths of your heart, with the richness of your spirit and intention, magnified by your Higher Self as it streams forth throughout the cosmos the sacred word, the light, the radiance of all that is beautiful, harmonious and God-born. In this hour there is a rumbling within the Earth. We have seen it, and the councils of the Universal White Brotherhood have been in session to determine what measures must be undertaken and initiated to safeguard liberty, freedom and justice for all, as well as the equality of opportunity to lead a life of awareness and presence toward the goal of Self-realization. We are determined that you, O mankind, shall be free in the light. And our determination extends unto you through the lives of initiates and sponsored teachers and activities that provide an impetus for you to make that Solar progress that you require in this lifetime. Blessed ones, as we survey the scene, as we take stock of what we see on the horizon, what we share with you this day, the seventh day of the month, is that an increase in the invocation and in the utilization of the seventh ray of freedom, justice and opportunity is one of the greatest means by which you may safeguard the platform of evolution upon Earth, whereby there is the opportunity for souls to incarnate and fulfill their destiny and for the seventh age, in all of its divine glory, to manifest through the lives of those whom we are sending to Earth to raise the consciousness of all peoples. There is not a magic word, a magic formula or some magic potion, dearest ones, that will do all of this in an instant. Yet through many conscious moments of connectedness with your Presence, of focus upon the Divine, of integration with your own Higher Self through your conscious efforts, there is gradual progress made. The engines of peace begin to move forthrightly within every nation and there is an overcoming of what seems to be those great obstacles that you face within the world from the forces of darkness and their strategies and plots, their plans and schemes to prevent you and all mankind from this Self- realization, this liberating energy of the seventh era and of your ultimate destiny of oneness with God within your soul. Yes, dearest ones, the utilization of this one dynamic of the light of freedom—the alchemical formula within the violet light, the violet-laser light, the violet flame and all of its transmutative and joyous properties—magnetizes more of heaven into Earth and alchemically produces the solution to every predicament. And when you accentuate the utilization of this gift of the sacred fire from Lord Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, from Arcturus and Victoria, from Portia and me, and from other great masters of light who have so utilized it for centuries and millennia, there is brought to bear within the Earth that divine magic, that holy magic of light that provides, through the nexus of your hearts, that solution, that opportunity for Self-realization and advancement. We have shared this teaching with you many times. And at times we have asked you to ramp up the use of the violet light in your prayer sessions in order to so qualify that light of the word with these essences, with this energy field, and you have done so. And you have seen the cosmic results in the Earth often, though many of these results are not always brought to bear within the physical realm. Often the energies are utilized in the astral plane, coalescing light to transmute the polluted and toxic elements there, the sewers therein of emotional turbulence and of violence and the perversities of life. We would not draw these to your attention too much, dearest ones, for even focus upon them draws them somewhat into your world. And yet we say that the violet light is that one cosmic, momentous energy, which, when invoked, works miracles both on the inner and the outer, within you and without you, within the Earth and without the Earth, in the lives of initiates and in the lives of the common man or woman. Therefore when you energize everything with this sacred-fire field of cosmic joy, it is as if you are cleansing, purifying, transmuting and transforming situations and engendering something new, powerful and dynamic in your world through the cosmic activity that enters into the equation, for we are there when you invoke that violet light with cosmic discernment and Christic discrimination. Yes, dearest ones, there is an interplay betwixt heaven and Earth and the use of this gift of the sacred fire, whereby the alchemical formulas of higher consciousness that we are aware of can be downloaded into the Earth through the nexus of your hearts, your minds and your spirits; through the sacred words that you invoke, the mantras that you give, the songs that you sing. Those of you who are sensitive know the energy of the violet light and what it means for the liberation of mankind. And yet many have never heard of this dispensation, this grace, this gift that I have borne to the Earth with beloved Portia, which we have offered mankind again and again through various activities, including the sacred Saint Germain Foundation— the I AM Movement and others. Blessed ones, when thousands can come together and invoke this energy in consonance, in harmony, in oneness, you will see cosmic results in the Earth, tangibly, with the overcoming of disease, death and destruction; with the annihilation of forces and forcefields deep within the astral plane, which at times the dark ones attempt to have surface and boil over to interrupt the flow of light and of life upon Earth in all manner of degradations and destructive activities. You see, dearest ones, even Jesus himself utilizes the violet light from the etheric octaves, from the ascended-master realms, in his healing work on behalf of mankind. And he sends cosmic rays through the mind of the Christ into this and that activity, into this and that situation in answer to the prayers of Christians worldwide to offset the dynamics of darkness, to transmute the veritable engines of war and the dialectics of evil. As you utilize the fiery, fiery, fiery flames of the violet light consciously throughout your day, there is a cosmic energy field born upon Earth through your awareness that liberates atoms, cells and electrons within you and within whatever you focus your attention upon. There is true liberation through spiritual
fire! There is dynamic integration by the energetic light of the Buddha, the mind of Christ, the mind of God manifest in every situation. You do not always humanly have to know the solutions, dearest ones, that are best and optimal within every situation. When you invoke that violet light, the divine solution occurs through the intelligence of the mind of God, because the violet light itself is intelligent, knows where it originates from and where it is leading to in terms of the solution it brings forth, which is dynamic, powerful and miraculous. Why, I would say that the seventh ray is the miracle ray of God, for in each and every situation miracles of light ensue, the glory of God is present, angelic intercession happens. And when this dynamic is manifest, the rainbow rays of God, in all of their glory, also come into manifestation, because the seventh ray invokes them all, you see, dearest hearts. You may invoke the rainbow light of your Presence and your causal body. And yet when you give those calls, prayers and invocations and songs to the violet light, it is as if the entire rainbow is then present as an umbrella of light and radiance over you, shining upon you and within every aspect of
your worlds. This is the glory of God. This is the energy of Spirit. This is the dynamic of God-power, God-wisdom and God-love in perfect balance, in all of its engenderings and manifestations through the seven rays of God. Now, dearest ones, beloved Portia comes forth this day, standing wherever any injustice manifests from the dialectic of materialism and duality. For even though there is no injustice in the universe, from one perspective, in the human domain there are injustices that occur when people without righteousness foist their issues, their perspectives, their dynamics upon others without their freewill acceptance, thereby preventing a cosmic interchange from manifesting in which there is equality, understanding, and true communication.  Therefore when you see, from the human perspective, a seeming injustice, invoke Portia there, invoke the light of the fiery aspect of the violet flame. And within that situation and within the very nexus of its core unreality, she will deliver her ray of divine justice and there will be the dissolution of violence and the energies of darkness. There will be the righting of wrongs, the harmonization of all that is inharmonious, the bringing to bear of the scales of justice so that inharmony, ignominy and all that is not true, not just, not holy will be consumed—cause, effect, record and memory. If you will engage in this one activity when you see an injustice, of invoking my beloved and her ray into that equation, you will see miracles manifest, although not always overnight. Yet truly, dearest ones, I assure you they will occur according to God’s holy timetable and, from heaven’s perspective, at the right time and place and with perfect accuracy, according to cosmic law. For you see, where Portia is invoked, the full weight even of the Karmic Board comes into play, karma is adjudicated, dharma is fulfilled, and there is the greatest opportunity for a new dynamic of harmony, peace and divine progress to occur within
the equation.  
Many of you call to me, and yet you forget my beloved, even though she was the cosmic being within the higher octaves of light who held the balance for me during my incarnations in time and space, dearest ones. So why not try her out? Yes, I say, try her out this day, every day. Call to Portia to even the scales of justice, to liberate the true realities of the divine world into the affairs of mankind. Where you have seen criminal activity, call forth justice for the binding of evil, for the binding and the negation of its effects in time and space. When you see candidates running for office who you know have no good about them or within them— only the desire for power and money—and who, through greed, would take, take, take from the peoples of their nations instead of give, give, give of their service and true, authentic love, call forth Justice to bind that activity; to expose it through all media; and to allow God’s will, wisdom and love to manifest for those who are the highest candidates and for the highest outcome to ensue. You see, when you give anything to God, God gives back unto you greater and greater magnanimous gifts, for you have surrendered all to God’s will. And therefore God’s will naturally is then allowed to manifest in your world. It is simply an equation of givingness and receiving, dearest ones: you give your all to God, God gives his/her all to you. And when you surrender every last vestige of your human selfhood, this allows every divine vestige of your Godhood to then descend into your world and play out in all of its glory and cosmic manifestations. Justice, justice, justice, I say.  Justice, justice, justice, today.  Justice, justice, justice, I pray. Come to Earth here and now, O Portia, in answer to this prayer. Even a short, simple focused ray of your intent in a call such as this brings
into play in your world a dynamic that is absolutely phenomenal. For the reason that you shout your fiats and calls at times is because you desire God to hear them right then and there. And so you must raise your voice, as the great orators of the past had to do, in order to get across to the dense minds of some the truth, the way and the life of the new way of liberation, harmony and peace. Now, blessed, ones, through this call that I have made, Portia has descended into New Hampshire, into the capitals of every state of this nation, into the capitals of all nations. And she is weighing the scales of justice in the lives of those both good and bad, from the human perspective, in order to bring about, through the violet light, an action of cosmic justice for the liberation of souls, for a new wave of cosmic activity to progress and to be realized by initiates and lightbearers upon Earth. And as you support her through calls to justice—here, there and everywhere—this activity will continue and grow and multiply, and the injustices that you have seen around the Earth will diminish and eventually disappear. Yet it will require constancy, attentiveness, deliberation and authentic love to make this action complete and proceed uninterruptedly day by day, twenty-four seven so that every injustice will be dissolved and consumed and only God-justice will then manifest in every situation. When many of you as children saw things that were unfathomable to your souls at that tender age, you cringed at man’s inhumanity to man, at what people could engage in and its results. And you sought a means of expression, of givingness to counteract the evils that you saw. This is why many of you entered the path of light—to save the situation, to save sentient beings, to save yourself within the greater context of this planetary dynamic. Well, you have the gift of the violet light. And when you utilize it, dearest hearts, I say that you have the solution! You have the answer to the inner prayer of your heart that you had when you saw those dynamics, when you saw the unleashing of violence, hatred and all manner of darkness within the world in wars, in violence, where higher technologies that were created in the West have been utilized, even though they were meant for the liberation of mankind from drudgery, strain and stress in the physical and to provide greater opportunity for their self-advancement on the spiritual path.
  We say that one of the greatest injustices that we observe from our octaves is the utilization of higher technology for war and for the incarceration of the souls of mankind, as well as of their physical bodies, in a matrix of death and hell, of destruction and inharmony. Therefore I beseech the Lords of Karma in this hour to allow the higher technologies—especially within the communications world, the world of the media, and in the military— to be utilized only for God-good! And I ask for anyone and everyone— nation by nation, corporation by corporation, individual by individual— whose motive, whose means is to utilize technology for darkness to be stripped of their opportunity to do so, by the laws of cosmic justice, so that harmony may ensue, so that the law of cause and effect may be accentuated and fulfilled in the immediacy of the moment, and so that peace, progress, love, and brother/ sisterhood may emerge. The Lords of Karma have heard my prayer, my request. They have stood, even in this hour, and given the word, “Yea, Saint Germain, we have heard you.” What this will result in, blessed ones, is temporary confusion in certain situations and areas, temporary manifestations whereby those at the cause and core of these issues will be held in courts of jurisprudence on the inner to have adjudicated what they have attempted to outpicture or plan to outpicture of darkness. And in many situations this will result in the dissolution of certain organizations, the passing from the screen of life, by the law of cause and effect, of certain lifestreams and the exposure of the truth to more of humanity. You see, everything will not always be hunky-dory, easygoing during these times of trouble, during this transition from one age to another. Yet I can assure you that if you are staunch and stalwart in your determination to hold the field of cosmic activity through the gift of the violet light; through your invocation of the sacred fire; through your deeper and deeper meditations upon your Presence, holding that concentration and focus upon your God as you allow your Higher Self to enrich the Earth through the cosmic rays that descend into the nexus of your heart within that time of silence and communion with God, you will hold the balance for this transition to occur with the least amount of inharmony, violence and planetary cataclysm. And by doing this, dearest ones, you will earn your stripes, you will receive our approbation and you will also move into the liberative field of cosmic beingness within your God Presence and your higher Buddhic and Atmic Self. Precious ones, this message is important to be heard by the souls of all mankind. And therefore due to the cosmic activity that has ensued during this twenty-four hour broadcast, it is so. The Lords of Karma are allowing my message to be deeply etched upon and within the souls of all mankind. Though they may not have heard it on the outer, they are hearing it deeply on the inner. Why, David has not even shared with you yet his experience of just four nights ago when he was with the soul of Hillary Clinton on the inner, speaking directly unto her in a loving and yet chastening way. He saw the soul of that one crying out in anguish for what she has done both in past lifetimes and in this one, expressing herself in such a manner that you would hide your face from God if you saw it, dearest hearts.  She was crying out for mercy, for grace. And yet the law of cosmic justice was being adjudicated even during this communique between our messenger and one who could, if the powers-that-be have their way, see her way through to her election as your next president.
  Now, we are not condoning or condemning one or another candidate, dearest hearts. We are simply sharing with you what at times goes on in the inner planes
of being. Through your calls, through the power of the word that you invoke, the effects of your words are carried forth on wings of light to every soul. And at times they reach even the very sensitive aspects of the inner person who is at the forefront of the consciousness of many peoples throughout the world. Did you know that even Mahatma Gandhi wrote a letter to Adolf Hitler, inscribing at the end “Your friend, Mahatma Gandhi”? How could he see himself as the friend of Hitler with all that would ensue? You see, he was the friend of the soul of that one. So I say that even our messenger and even you are the friend of the Higher Self, the soul of those whom you may consider enemies. Therefore have no enemies. Love all with the selfless love of the arhat. Send only the finest streams of divine kindness, presence and understanding to every lifestream. For, as Melchizedek has warned you, when you have even an iota of rancor or judgment in your voice, in your intent, in your words, there is the discoloration of the vibration that you emanate with that red light of anger and inharmony. Be at peace within yourself and you will engender peace throughout the world. Speak loving words to anyone and everyone with whom you disagree, from the temporary aspect of your own human consciousness. And in that sense and space of perfect peace, you will engender a higher outcome, a dissolution of dissonance, argumentation and inharmony. And there will ensue the perfect solution by that communication of love and reverence with each and every soul. Yes, blessed ones, there is a solution. God is the solution! You, your Higher Self, is the solution. The violet light is the means for that solution to manifest, by God’s grace, within your world because of the frequency of freedom within it to liberate everything unto its highest essence, perfectionment and divine glory.
  Long ago, before my incarnation as Francis
Bacon, as I told you once, I saw my destiny. I saw that in a future time I would be given this gift as an ascended being, having fulfilled my destiny of offering this solution to mankind. And I was in awe of the possibilities that would manifest. Though not seeing every manifestation of its buoyancy, joy and alchemy fully realized in Mater, I was swooning in the divine bliss and holy ecstasy of knowing that God would provide a means, a way out from human suffering, liberating mankind from the after effects of karmic activity, of all manner of injustice and inhumanity between men, women and children upon Earth. Yes, I saw it, I felt it, and I knew in that moment that God had answered my deeper soul prayer. And even now, dearest ones, he is answering it through you and what you do daily to invoke the light, to see to its realization in your life, in your world, in your dharma. Keep on keeping on invoking the light, and the engines of peace will manifest and be oiled by the love of your hearts in this dynamic. Lest I wear out my welcome, I will bring my talk unto you to its conclusion now and simply say, as I have said many times, that love is the key to the energy of the violet light and all of its graces manifesting and working its alchemy through you. Love is the key. When you have love, even if you cannot visualize the violet flame perfectly and even though your mental mind at times is erratic and cannot completely focus on one situation, that love is the dynamic, the means and the vehicle for the violet flame to do its perfect work of self- transformation and actualization of higher consciousness. Therefore be loving in the expression and the givingness of the violet light and it will work for you, I say, even though you will not always see its immediate effects in your life. Love is the key to perfect alchemy. Remind yourself of this, dearest hearts. Love is the key to higher alchemy. Love is the key to advanced alchemy. However you say it, it is true. Remind yourself to be loving. Choose to be love in every situation, and that love will make the difference. That love will provide the keys to any soul through the teachings that you present, the example that you share, the life that you lead. Now I raise my hands in blessing unto all of you and project an accelerated action of the violet current and stream of light into your souls for greater soulfulness to manifest, greater enlightenment to ensue, greater harmony to be known, greater peace to flow within and through your lives. Remember my simple exercise, to rub your hands and see the violet light in a sphere, a living sphere of energy, and to use that energy in any situation—for healing, for alchemy, for grace to manifest. Your belief, your faith, your acceptance is the key to its manifestation. And it is so, by God’s grace through you. Later in this two-hour session, another master will come after you invoke the violet light for a full thirty-three minutes in prayers and songs. And we will see what we will see in terms of dispensations and other graces that will come your way, dearest hearts, through this manifestation of holiness and God-glory. I AM your Saint Germain. I love you, even as Portia loves you and abides with you this day. Live in that grace and live eternally. I thank you.

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  1. I daily invoke The Violet Rays/Flames Decree and can attest to its Power! And You can never wear out your Welcome…LOL Can't get enough of Your Teachings! Beloved St. Germain… YOU Are The Most Incredible, Amazing Being, other than The Christ! I idolize You…but I still don't understand Shakespear… even though I study "The Mysteries." Sorry..Thank You Both Unendingly…GOD BLESS.

  2. Beloved St. Germain I Forgot to Thank You for The Gift of You and Your Gift to our World, The Violet Rays. There are no words in existence that suffice!

  3. Thank you for this message/teaching💗
    It was synchronicity that you brought up the electoral candidates. I was feeling uneasy about it, but you have answered my concerns.

  4. Anly this i love you oll thank you people of light i belive i pray thank so much saint germain peace love am with you oll day and night thank again what a blessing to here you every day love for oll

  5. Saint germain is fallen angel (demon ) , his master is maitreya ( antichrist ) . Jesus Christ is our savior !

  6. I have scene a violet light and wondered what it was. Usually when I close my eyes. Thank you. Injustice my daughter murdered. Deputy bf killed her said she killed herself. Sheriff also covered up investigation…invoking justice. Portia Bring Justice.

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