Saint Epifanios Church, Ayia Napa | Cвятой Эпифаниос, Айя Напа

Saint Epifanios Church, Ayia Napa | Cвятой Эпифаниос, Айя Напа

Church of St. St. Epiphany is located 1.2 km east of the center of Ayia Napa. The church was built on a hill with a panoramic view of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. Saint Epiphanios is a chapel which is devoted to the Byzantine Bishop of Salamis. The chapel was built in 2011 on the foundations of an old church in order to save it. It is a small building with a wooden roof and an apse. The floor is made of glass, in order to be able to see the foundation of the old church. On top of the hill there is a large wooden cross towering above the cave. The cave was the first church on this site. Later, a small church next to the cave was built, but it was destroyed by an earthquake, and only the foundation remained from it. After a while the new church was built to the west of the cave, and the place of the old church built a chapel. The new church was built in 2006. It is single-nave, vaulted, with an apse. The church is completely painted with frescoes and has a beautiful carved iconostasis. Against the wall of the new church can be seen laid out on an old tradition monogram of Jesus Christ. Outside the church is surrounded on three sides by an open portico, which is supported by columns with arches. The walls between the arches and has white stone panels with relief crosses. Today it is a religious complex, consisting of the monastery of St. Epiphany, carved into the rock, the little old church with a glass floor and a new jewelery temple, which has become a favorite place for weddings. The large wooden cross above the cave, is clearly visible from the road connecting Ayia Napa and Protaras.

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