Saint Anastasius I “Saint of the day”December 19 (365 days of Saints)

Saint Anastasius I “Saint of the day”December 19 (365 days of Saints)

Saint Anastasius was born in Rome AND LIVED DURING THE FOURTH CENTURY WHEN CONTROVERSIES INVOLVING DONATISM AND THE WRITINGS OF ORIGEN AROSE. He succeeded Pope Saint Siricius as bishop of Rome in 399. After he was elected pope on November 27, 399, Anastasius got involved in the conflict resulting from the spread of errors caused by the writings of Origen. He convened an advisory council that agreed on the condemnation or Origen’s writings. + Pope Anastasius’ papacy was marked by controversy, as he supported Saint Jerome in his work of translating the Scriptures into Latin, taking a stand against Rufinus of Aquilea’s more allegorical interpretations and translations of the Bible. It was also during his term as pope when he campaigned against Donatism in the church of Africa. Donatism was a doctrine of a Christian Sect in Northern Africa in the year 311 claiming that the validity of the sacrament depended on the character of the minister. Anastasius served as pope for only two years, but during that time he worked to combat the Arian heresy and he decreed that clerics should stand during the reading of the Gospel at Mass as a sign of reverence for Christ in the Scriptures. St. Anastasius was widely known as a very holy man who was detached from material possessions. His loyalty to the Christian Faith was sustained by his work prayers, study, vigilance, and humility. After Anastasius, it became traditional for priests to stand and bow their head as they read from the gospels. The life of St. Anastasius I reminds us that in our efforts to preserve God’s Word we must be willing to undergo the work of prayer, study, vigilance, and humility. . Opposition fades in the face of these activities He died in Rome on December 19, 404. He is buried in the Catacomb of Pontian Let us know the lives of the saints to serve as an inspiration and guidance going to a holy life please dont forget to click like and subscribe to my channel

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