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Solana practice spiritual practice it’s natural it’s what we’re accustomed to all beings of some level they are practicing for something to improve to get better to get closer so practice fisk entirely natural for us if you have some aspiration then you must practice to approach that to get closer to density also in spirituality so many thousands millions of people practicing so I always begin by asking them what are you trying to get to what is your goal what are you trying to reach and many times the common answers are I’m trying to get to God or I’m trying to get to my the pure being and trying to realize myself easy but this so that where is yourself if you’re not yourself now where were you they said yes we know I know that I’m myself but I don’t feel that I am the self like I could be dreamin Mahadeva Sriman ma dy animal demon Mahdi you want to make use of the practice but you don’t want to depend upon the practice but that is that big yeah it is but I have no doubts that the practice itself just it does help me to slow down and the amount of practice is okay I use an example like for instance if a child young child one year old or something they just start to get too used to walking okay and maybe they fall down they fall down and then they use a chair to get up and once they’re up on your feet again they let go of the chair and then they walk again practice is like holding on to this chair making use of this support get back your balance and move on but as you get more mature more skilled at working with the body you won’t need to have anything to get up is it what is the purpose of the sadhana can it just be a purpose in itself just to practice every day because you like the practice some people fall in love with a sadhana and they keep this they do this all the time to do it you see but they never read it reflects deeply about it why am I doing this sadhana for for what the purpose and Who am I who is doing the practice even perhaps you don’t even ask this question for me this is a very important question if you are practicing for something it means that is not with you already it means that you are in a process a developmental process you’re developing something to get better at something you see this is fine but I want to know what is the goal of your salon of your practice what is the goal what is your goal something to do for the rest of your life what is it must be some something if we are merely practicing something but you’ve never considered while you’re practicing it I call it a kind of blind religion sometimes we’re doing this with all of life in every area of life we find ourselves thinking a certain way outing a certain way but we’ve never considered it why I’m doing this thing I’m studying very hard but why I’m working so hard of working every day are but for what purpose and I’m finding I’m surprised at the result that sometimes people don’t know why they’re doing it I think I can’t doing to to become so familiar with the new habit and so I can drop the habits that it’s not serving me anymore ah you know because I think I can see that part of me it’s beyond all the habits but I can see that they have it to operate in my life quite strongly some habits and with solonite it breaks this our habits in a way so it make it easier to just let things go you know but this letting go of things it can be a lot more natural somebody for instance is walking with a limp they walk with a limp okay and they can spend a long time practicing to not walk with a limp okay just to walk and be to appear to do not have a limp but another one may have a limp and just say you know it’s not important actually this limp is just something that’s taking place in my body it’s my being is not limping and so they don’t have to spend time trying to correct a limp in the same way sometimes we have our life that seems to be needing to be retrained and to be we guided we learned this from our parents from our ancestors from our peers you know how to you know you have to work at yourself easy but you have said already but I see that there is a place within me that sees you that good habits or bad habits and I’m beyond this thing yet they continue to function I think it’s okay for them to continue to function I tell you if you are not invested in the functioning if you’re not watching and being involved in the functioning the functioning will become dysfunctional it’s not even affecting you maybe other people might speak about it to you but really because if it’s not registering in your mind that you are being dysfunctional or that something is not behaving properly it’s out of your registration you’re not you’re your beingness is not suffering this you see but when you begin to identify with that you bring in another psychological quality that you don’t need and then you have to work to get rid of this quality stay in the original place as the observer of both extremes of bad quality or of upgrading your quality to better quality you can keep on doing this all your life you see but some just recognize that you can let your life unfold just the way it is unfolding and that that is not a significant thing what is important is that I remain true to what I am I am NOT this body this is not a curse against this body this is a recognition with an observation that this body the instrument through which I can taste experiencing is important but is not the evidence of my being it’s not the essence or the definition of what really I am and something rests completely in that which is already itself where is this sadhana for a being so now I is for the mind if you identify yourself as body mind you will need some sadhana myself I would also encourage some sadhana if I see that you are strongly identified with with the mind so strongly that it will not be easy to refer to you other than as this body mind then I might might like myself advice you know then practice this sadhana good for you until you are able to go beyond this identification and you will see that you don’t need any sadhana to be who you are if I say this to some people now it will not be useful for them because they could not accept this advice they are to strongly identify with the wheel of progress and with themselves as a progressive being and so it would be completely inappropriate to offer this type of advice but for someone like yourself who is able to see this then I tell you ok sadhana who is the sufferer who mr. sadhana who practices who is the practice of sadhana using is it the beingness is it the body or is it the mind


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