Russian Tour I Saint Petersburg

I don’t know what are we doing here Just give her a kiss Now is the time to to try and see where we are – On stage. – Let’s do it You stay in the centre that is first -Yeah -Then me sitting on the chair with the girl -next -He stands up and -OK Understand. Good It’s not that music It’s not that music Curtain down Oh, that’s the first one This one we know already -What do you know? -That this was the first one -No, it was not the first one! The next is going to be this one And guys, write down everything carefully – We also got the one that’s the first track Where is it? – Last question First music where? -This Is number three -No, that’s number three! You’ve played it already Bravo, Ross Attention please! So music starts Ira, we are ready ! I’d wanted to send greeitings to Sergei Lyubimov -Alexei Lyubimov -How do you know him? They were shooting a movie together Let’s go, kids Now I will gift this program Look, read it Shoot close up here Can you see? Sergei Polunin’s evening In Mariinskiy Theatre Thank you Sergei This is gift to you for your health honey from Bashkiriya Thank you Please come back to us -I will, of course -Now when we pass through please do not stop, ok? -Alright Thank you! Thanks We are in a hurry to catch a train Excuse me Robert Alvarez who’s life was saved by Captain Stevens In crossfire in suburbs of Kandagar I’m really sorry Leaves are not keeping up Till we meet next time. Thank you Passports So We have just done first show It was hard Emotionally hard and energy energy was really trying to stop us I think somehow But it was really just powering through it and getting and I really I just knew, I just had to get to the stage and do it People got ill but we did it It was good. Amazing audience Now we’re going from St.Petersburg to Moscow Moscow is very important, Amazing people are coming to watch and Zaryadye is amazing theatre Is going to be really Audience is around us and I love that If you concentrate you can do everyday shows so it’s fine It’s all in the mind You might die after a week but during that’s fine If anybody feels sick, they just will have to be sick They can’t come out -No, but is it really normal to perform everyday? Don’t you go crazy after a while? I mean physically, jumping and all – Well, no. What else to do ? You can either rehearse everyday Or you can dance everyday

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